Chapter 777 - Cornered
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Zhan Long Chapter 777 - Cornered

Chapter 777 - Cornered



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Old K spat on the ground and said, “Those shameless b*st*rds. They’re clearly using their division troops to whittle away at our energy and then crush us in a final blow. They’re cowards! Do those Port City players have even a shred of honor? Are they willing to go to any lengths for the sake of victory? Do they not care about the lives of their brothers and sisters?” 


One Second Hero laughed. “It’s understandable. Port City has less than half of Tian Ling City’s population. Not to mention the fact that they have less than a third of our territories for grinding levels. They’re already extremely pressed in resources. Victory, for them, is even more important than honor. Not to mention the fact that it’s a very logical strategy. That is their advantage over us.” 


I gripped my Dragon Reservoir Sword and said, “No more gossiping, all of you. Prepare for battle. If they’re sending out their divisions, then they’ll only be giving us their heads. We won’t give in even half a step. Otherwise, [Prague], [Judgement], [Enemies at the Gate], and [Blood Contract] will all feel the impact! Seeing as Witch Moon is trying to test our perseverance, then why don’t we show those [New Moon] players just how long [Zhan Long] can hold out!” 


Fox raised his musketeer and laughed, “That’s right! Our [Zhan Long] men exceed in endurance!” 


Dancing Forest couldn’t help but smile, “Can the [Zhan Long] women also endure for a long time?” 


Fox smiled mischievously, “I understand, after all, that’s the number one trait for a Queen…” 


“What are Queen traits?” Dancing Forest was puzzled. 



Fox continued, “The three traits of a queen, Courage, Attitude, and Innocence…..” 


Dancing Forest’s face turned green, “What the f*ck, I’m not talking to you anymore.” 


Everyone broke out in laughter. It seems like nobody was particularly worried about the thousands of enemies that awaited us. As long as we were all together, there’s no enemy too great, nor mountain too tall. 




“Kill! Kill!” 


We could hear the jeers from the [New Moon] soldiers. As predicted, they had gathered together a dozen or so divisions who were prepared to attack us. Their presence was practically overbearing. There were at least fifteen thousand troops. Just in terms of numbers, that was enough to alter the course of battle. However, their battle power was far weaker than that of the Beautiful Moon Knights. I was confident that our Steel Blade Horsemen could easily handle them. 




I raised my Zhen Yue Blade and shouted, “Do not charge, hold your positions. Ranged players, attack!” 


Hooves stomped in unison. Close to ten thousand [New Moon] horsemen were charging at us at once. [Zhan Long]’s horsemen were setting up their shield formations. They raised their blades and prepared for the impact. Dancing Forest, Dong Cheng, Xie Lie, Fox, Thousand Suns, and General Lian Po brought their ranged player teams forward and launched their attack. That way, they could bring the enemies into range more quickly. 


“Prepare [Scatter Shot]s!” 


Dancing Forest raised her bow and shouted, “Release!” 


Close to seven thousand people from the [Zhan Long] camp let out a rain of arrows en masse. I could hear the [Scatter Shot]s slamming against the armor of the [New Moon] players. Large groups of people would be instantly stunned. Dong Cheng then commanded the mages to activate their [Lullaby], [Magma Lance], [Lightning Eagle Formation] and other spells to deal large amounts of damage. There were around three thousand who managed to break out of the firenet, only to charge straight into a dense thicket of [Magma Lance] and [Lightning Eagle] spells. Our musketeers also let loose quite a few [Magma Bullet]s, exploding their targets. The splash damage was shocking. 


In the end, when a group of New Moon Knights finally arrived before our shield formation, they were all left in critical health. The Steel Blade Horsemen quickly switched to the offensive and rammed their shields into the enemy. “Peng peng peng!” I could hear the shields ramming into each other. Closely following that was the sound of metal cutting through flesh. It was as though the [New Moon] players had gone crazy, charging straight into the line of fire. Even as their comrades fell all around them, they continued forward, stepping upon their corpses and ripping into the [Zhan Long] frontlines. Three to five of them would overwhelm a single Steel Blade Horsemen until they could bring him down. They were incredibly determined. 




Old K roared and threw a [Whirlwind Slash] into the crowd of people. He then used a [Savage Jump Slash], cutting down all the players left with critical health. After a few slashes and cuts, he leapt back onto his horse and continued guarding the lines. Now that he become an experienced veteran, even a D level technique like Old K’s would eventually rise up to A. It is truly worthy of praise. 


I led my horse and roamed the frontlines, killing enemies left and right. Once the cooldown for my [Flame Halberd] had finished, I immediately activated it in the most clustered areas. Either way, I could easily get rage points. Each time someone hit me, my rage rose, filling up in minutes. Thus, in the eyes of a Drunken Sword Style player like me, this kind of chaotic battle was the perfect environment. Any one of my special skills was enough to make my enemies beg for mercy. Otherwise, gathering together Battle Reflux Style equipment sets such that you can hold your ground in a battle was the true path of a king. Otherwise, no matter how high your attack was, you still wouldn’t be able to defend against a barrage of arrows and spells. 




Bodies piled up in pools of blood. They were practically growing to the height of a man. Once mounts died, they disappeared, meaning all of the bodies before us had been players. When close to ten thousand of their horsemen had died, [New Moon]’s archers, mages, musketeers and other ranged players were finally within our reach. A group of monks carrying shields tried to hold off the Steel Blade Horsemen, as they relied on their damagers to whittle away at our numbers. 


Thankfully we had our own healers at the rear of our formation. Rays of [Heal]s flashed in the air. Killing a Steel Blade Horsemen was not an easy task. After a few minutes, [New Moon] changed their battle strategy and began to focus their firepower on each knight. There would always be at least ten ranged players focusing on one Steel Blade Horsemen. Very soon, they couldn’t take it any longer and finally fell to the ground. Once a horseman fell, the knights would use [Blade Rush] and tear into our frontlines, and then with [Sword Break]+[Flying Sword] they would cut through our lines, messing up our rhythm! 


“Hold your positions!” 


I raised my bloody Zhen Yue Blade and Dragon Reservoir Sword as I charged into the crowd of enemies and said, “Healers, revive the dead Steel Blade Horsemen. We have to hold our position. There’s still forty minutes left. All we need is to hold on for another forty minutes!” 


As I said that, I felt doubt creep into my heart as I looked into the distance. [Judgement] and [Prague] weren’t much better off. Besides [Casualty], they were also up against the top dozen or so guilds in the Japanese Server. I could just imagine the amount of pressure on them. 




One Second Hero pulled out an arrow from his face and grimaced, “We clearly had a much easier time killing the [New Moon] players at Pan Long Peak. What’s going on, why are these f*ckers so hard to kill now!?” 


I looked into the distance and said, “Because of Witch Moon…” 


“That’s just one woman, can she really have that much influence?” One Second Hero smiled, the scar on his face also rising up, “I can make her call me Honey just by taking off my pants, hmph!” 


I smiled back, “Hmph, if you take your pants off now and run over to Witch Moon and get her to call you honey, I’ll immediately let you into the Zhan Long Hall!” 


One Second Hero rubbed his nose, “What, I was just joking. Don’t take it so seriously. Guildmaster, your one problem is that you take things too seriously. You need to loosen up, otherwise you’d have even more female fans….”


Dancing Forest waved her hand and said, “Xiao Yao already has enough beautiful girls who like him. Any more and the heavens will unleash its fury upon him…” 


Li Mu was around three hundred meters away and laughed, “That’s right, Little Dance is completely right. Xiao Yao has way too many fans!” 


Wolf shouted back, “Li Mu, how the f*ck did you hear that? Are you actually properly leading the Valiant Bravery Camp!?” 




We continued holding off the enemy for another twenty minutes. There were over seventeen thousand corpses lying before the [New Moon] army. Practically all of the players in the division had died. [Zhan Long] had lost quite a bit as well. So many of our Steel Blade Horsemen had died that our formation was loose. Thankfully, Meng Yao quickly lead a group of a hundred Horsemen forward in a charge. Otherwise, the consequences would be dire. 


“He he…” 


Old K raised his bloody battle axe and huffed. He looked like he had just dragged himself out of a puddle of blood. I was no better. My white battle robe was completely dyed red. Furthermore, it was ragged and covered in bullet and arrow holes alike. Motherf*cker, my Hidden Dragon Armor’s [Thousand Layer Cliff] had already reached a 200% increase in defense. I wasn’t afraid of death at all, however we had lost too many [Zhan Long] members. A lot of players had died twice and were still fighting. I quickly gave the command, telling all players who had died twice to stop reviving. Their mission was over. I did not want [Zhan Long] to be crippled by this battle. 




I looked into the distance and saw that the Beautiful Moon Knights were making their final preparations. They were BUFFing each other, getting ready to charge. I could see Witch Moon wiping her blade, glaring at the [Zhan Long] formation with deep hatred in her eyes. 


I raised my Dragon Reservoir Sword and roared, “Do not retreat. We are not cowards! The worst that can happen is we die here! Gather up your courage and focus. We are [Zhan Long] and we will dominate the world!” 


Everyone cheered and whooped. Quite a few of the Steel Blade Horsemen who had died revived once again. When we gathered together two thousand of our cavalry, I felt something rise up in my throat as I looked at the crowd. For the sake of this battle of honor, [Zhan Long] had sacrificed too much! 




Hooves beat against the ground, making the earth tremble. Witch Moon raised her long sword and shouted, “Ranged players, charge with me. We’ll overwhelm them in one charge! [Zhan Long] is at its death bed. No matter what, they are too weak for us. Kill them all!” 


I clenched my teeth and raised my Zhen Yue Blade before my chest, “Steel Blade Horsemen, charge with me. We must maintain our advantage in speed. Ranged players follow behind. We’re fighting to the death today!” 


Wan Er nodded in agreement, “Good. All forces, advance. Otherwise we’ll be stuck on the defense!” 


Everyone quickly dashed forward together. Two thousand Steel Blade Horsemen accelerated together. Even as our armor cracked and our blades dulled, nobody shirked their duty. Each had a fire in their eyes and courage in their hearts. 

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