Chapter 778 - Triumphant Return
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Zhan Long Chapter 778 - Triumphant Return

Chapter 778 - Triumphant Return

“Kill Witch Moon?” Wolf asked in the team chat. 

I nodded firmly, “Old K, you’re bait. I’ll grab her and you guys kill!” 

“Yes sir!” 


Old K spurred his horse faster and raised his battle axe, dashing straight for Witch Moon. With his attack power, he had no reason to fear Witch Moon, but in terms of overall battle power, Witch Moon’s strength was a level higher than his. 


Witch Moon smiled mischievously. With a sweep of her blade, she easily parried Old K’s [Savage Jump Slash]. Closely following it, she threw a pierce. “Pu Chi!” It punctured Old K’s chest armor. She then rammed him with her shield and “Peng!” hit him in the face. His expression a mixture of embarrassment and surprise, Old K quickly retreated. Witch Moon then commanded, “Kill him!” 

Knights and swordsmen surrounded him from all sides, their blades glowing with skills and combos. If all of their attacks hit, Old K would be a goner. Witch Moon dashed forward with her own sword as well. At that moment, Old K activated his [Oppose the Heavens]. His health no longer dropped. Furthermore, he sliced his battle axe right into Witch Moon’s shoulder. Then, using his battle axe as a hook, he latched himself onto Guildmaster Witch Moon and smiled, “Little girl, let’s see just where you plan on running!” 

“You f*cker!” 

Witch Moon was stunned by his move. She suddenly leaned over on her horse, dragging herself out of the blade’s entrapment. She then threw another slash at Old K and turned around to run. By then, she was captured by my [Dragon’s Hook]. “Shua!” Witch Moon was dragged right to my side. Wan Er’s [Blade of the Death God] activated while she was midflight, ramming right into Witch Moon’s shield! 





Then, with another cut from me, Witch Moon’s health soon dropped to critical. I could see shock throughout her expression. She clenched her teeth and a golden light spread out from her shield. It was a special skill! She then slid out of our grasp, stepping right across the bloody grass. She then leapt up, stepping onto One Second Hero’s shoulder for support and jumped into the sky, landing right on her own horse. “Charge and do not look back!” 

“What the f*ck, she didn’t die even after all of that?” Wolf gasped. But there was no time to go after her again, we were in the middle of a clash. 

I sent out the Ancient Heavenly Tiger to pursue Witch Moon. It wouldn’t rest until Witch Moon was dead, but more likely than not, the tiger would die first. There was still an advantage in controlling Witch Moon’s movements. At the very least, we would decrease our losses by quite a bit. When that girl used her full might, it dealt enormous damage towards [Zhan Long]. 


Dashing forward, I watched as the Steel Blade Horsemen clashed against the enemy. I slashed my way through the Beautiful Moon Cavalry, straight towards the ranged players from [New Moon]. Under the barrage of spells and arrows, our horsemen were falling. The rest continued their charge. Behind us, Dong Cheng, Dancing Forest and the others were right up against the cavalry, forcing them to attack while dodging. This battle was a complete fight to the death! 

 In the guild chat, I hastily typed, “Li Mu, call a thousand of the Steel Blade Horsemen to help protect the ranged players!” 

Li Mu nodded, “Wang Jian, let’s head out!” 

Wang Jian replied, “Yes sir!” 

Dust rose behind us. I lead the [Zhan Long] troops into the chaos. Layers upon layers of blood covered my battle robe. The stink of blood filled my nose. There were others who couldn’t bear the odor, but they had no choice but to press on. 

The climax of the battle was still ahead and would not be changed by anyone’s determination. It was as though the entire plains had been dyed in blood! 

Every few minutes I would receive battle reports. [Judgement], and [Prague] had already suffered losses of over 70%. But, as before, they continued the bitter fight and controlled the enemy’s forces. [Enemies at the Gate] on the other hand only had around three thousand people left. [Blood Contract] had less than a thousand. Han Bei Song was leading a ragtag group of soldiers. Any way you looked at it, [Zhan Long] was in a much better condition. We had brought 27,000 people. Between the Zhan Long Camp and the Valiant Bravery Camp, we still had around 11,000 people left, putting our losses at around 60%. 

Seconds and minutes passed by and in the blink of an eye, twenty minutes passed. The players from [New Moon] were fighting like crazy under Witch Moon’s command, doing everything they could to put pressure on [Zhan Long]. Within twenty minutes, the Zhan Long camp had lost three thousand players. Only a strong few were left. As I lead a group of players with only half of their health remaining to charge out of the enemy forces, I could see Witch Moon leading a team in pursuit. Motherf*cker, not only did they have more people than us, but their entire situation was much better than ours! 

I was afraid that this time, Witch Moon was determined to fight us all. She didn’t care about losing equipment or dropping a level. There was no limit to the number of times that her guild’s players revived. There were many who had died four or five times already. As this battle of attrition continued, it was no wonder that Zhan Long was falling behind. The most critical part was the fact that another branch of elite cavalry had rushed over to reinforce the enemy troops. It was some guild called “Wen Quan Corp” that was ranked eleventh in the Japanese guild rankings. There were around five thousand elite horsemen attacking Zhan Long from another front. 


“F*ck….” Old K shuddered. A flash of despair passed through his eyes as he said, “Our entire army’s going to be decimated today!” 

Wolf clenched his teeth, “There’s too many of them…” 

I trembled with anger and determination, “Don’t give up, not until the very last second…” 

Right then, Qing Qian pointed towards the north and said, “Look, there’s people coming in from Pan Long Peak, and they’re coming in fast!” 

Everyone looked at where she was pointing. Masses of horsemen were charging forward, all wearing the same insignia on their shoulder. I could see the crimson flag beside their IDs above their heads. An enormous weight lifted from my chest. They were finally here—— [Legend]! 

Around ten thousand Earth Bane Oxen were charging down the slopes. These were the most elite horsemen under [Legend]’s command. Leading the charge was a beautiful general riding on a white horse; it was Enchanted Painting. She swung her sword and smiled, “Charge! [Zhan Long] those pitiful b*st*rds are about to be decimated….” 

Xuan Yuan Feng was visibly surprised, “To be able to force [Zhan Long] into such a position, these Japanese players are not as simple as they seem…” 

“Hurry up and attack, cut the small talk!” 


In the end, before either [New Moon] or [Wen Quan Corp] could deal the finishing blow on [Zhan Long], [Legend] came charging in. Obviously, [Legend]’s most elite knights had a battle power that matched their name. There was no way that the dispirited players of [New Moon] could possibly hold against them. As for that 11th ranked [Wen Quan Corp], naturally they were not on par and were immediately massacred. I quickly ordered the Steel Blade Horsemen to assist in the charge, dealing a pincer attack from the front and the back. This time, we had a much better result. In a short ten minutes, [New Moon] was defeated. Even Witch Moon had died under Enchanted Painting’s blade. 

On the map, I could see countless green dots emerge from the distance. It wasn’t until then that I truly let out a sigh of relief. The main forces of the Chinese Server had finally arrived. [Hero’s Mound], [Vanguard], [Appearance Alliance], [House of Prestige] and all of the other guilds appeared. Most of them were surround the back end of the enemy’s formation, flanking their soldiers.  Even Not Ordinary from [Thousand Mound] had appeared. He lead 30,000 Greedy Wolf Raiders to charge an area with several second rate Japanese Guilds. In that moment, I was actually starting to think that the Greedy Wolf Mounts looked a bit cute. 

[Legend], [Hero’s Mound], [Vanguard] and the others must’ve already discussed this. Enchanted Painting would bring an army of 10,000 to provide reinforcements for us, so that our armies wouldn’t be completely decimated. Afterwards, the main forces would be able to easily turn the tide of battle, killing off all chances for the two million Japanese players to react to the encirclement. I could tell that this was the work of Fang Ge Que. His debut as the Commander of the Chinese troops had truly displayed the sharpness of his wit, and the lives of hundreds of thousands of Port City players sacrificed to showcase his skills! 


As the great battle continued, I reorganized the [Zhan Long] forces before entering into the fray. Either way, this battle was a learning experience. Everyone here needed to get as much battle experience as possible before the country battles begin. 

The enemy troops collapsed under the pressure from both fronts. The death of Frost Forest, Witch Moon and the other famous Japanese players already signaled the defeat of the Japanese troops. It felt as though the Japanese pirates were once again invading the Chinese shores, except this time, we massacred them all, leaving no mercy. 

The battle had lasted for a whole seven hours. Finally, after bringing out five million players, the Chinese server managed to completely decimate the two million man army that the Japanese had brought to shore. This was truly a battle worthy of being recorded into Destiny’s history. 

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After the long fight, I could tell that the [Zhan Long] players were extremely fatigued. The [Legend] guildmaster Fang Ge Que held a fan in his hand as he walked over. I could see quite  a bit of blood dying the ends of his battle robes. It looked like he also killed quite a few of the enemy. As he looked at the exhausted faces of the [Zhan Long] soldiers, he smiled, “Let us allow [Zhan Long], [Judgement], [Prague], [Enemies at the Gate] and [Blood Contract] to be the first to sweep the battlefield. Once you are done, we will sweep up the rest!” 

Discontent and disappointment rose up among the players from [Run like Fire]. Rumor shouted, “Everyone here fought hard and lost blood in this battle. What gives them the right to sweep the battlefield first?” 

Fang Ge Que smiled lightly, “Because that is what I believe to be fair and just.” 

Not Ordinary then said, “But, isn’t that too unreasonable?” 

Enchanted Painting smiled coldly, “[Zhan Long], [Judgement] and the other three guilds, for the sake of holding the enemy off, were nearly decimated in battle. Did you suffer the same kind of losses? Besides, you can clearly see that in total, [Zhan Long], [Judgement], [Prague], [Enemies at the Gate], and [Blood Contract] lost 29,000 players total, but had managed to kill a million of the enemy’s troops. They had killed half of the Japanese players here, and they were all the elites. All we had to do was finish what they started. I’m afraid it would be inexcusable if we tried to take their accomplishments, isn’t that right?” 

Mu Xuan smiled, “Save face while you can, Vice commander Rumor, please be more prudent. After all, everyone here respects you so very much right now.” 

With that, Rumor shut up. To top it all off, Fang Ge Que’s achievement was undeniable proof of his capability as a commander. Even as a vice commander, Fang Ge Que could still easily strip him of certain privileges. 


I sheathed my Zhen Yue Blade and said, “Brothers, sweep the battlefields. Pick what you like. After ten minutes, return to the city and rest. Happy New Years everyone, happy hunting!” 

Everyone from [Zhan Long] grinned from ear to ear. We had finally won this hard earned victory. Losing equipment and dropping a level was all worth it for this moment. 

In reality, we only swept a small portion of the battlefield. We still left most of it to [Legend], [Hero’s Mound] and the other guilds. After I returned home, I glanced at the clock. It was already eleven at night. Dong Cheng sent a message, “Brother Xiao Yao, call Wan Er and tell her that I’m almost here. I even brought some food….” 

“Oh, you’re coming over this late?” 

“Yup, what would happen otherwise?” 

“Alright alright, if you’re coming then come. Our chef is on vacation, so we really don’t have anything to eat.” 

“Ok, wait up for me!” 


That evening, Dong Cheng returned home and brought lots of delicious food. Once we were all full, we went for some much desired sleep. 

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