Chapter 776 - [New Moon]'s Strategy
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Zhan Long Chapter 776 - [New Moon]'s Strategy

Chapter 776 - [New Moon]'s Strategy

“It’s the Beautiful Moon Knights!” 


Wang Jian clenched his teeth, “Level 114 Saint Tier Mounts. The [New Moon] guildmaster Witch Moon is the daughter of the Japanese Branch Manager. I heard that they were able to create the Beautiful Moon Knights using an enormous amount of resources. They’re one of the top cavalries in Port City. Our strongest enemy has finally arrived!” 


I quickly turned my horse around towards the Beautiful Moon Knights. Based on our initial estimate, there were over three thousand knights. Witch Moon was the flirtatious girl standing at the very front. I could see mischief and competition in her eyes. She gripped a long sword in one hand, and her reigns in the other. She was coming for [Zhan Long]. Thinking about it, she probably already felt hatred for us after we had killed 15,000 of [New Moon]’s players. 


“Steel Blade Horsemen!” 


I raised my Dragon Reservoir Sword and shouted, “All Steel Blade Horsemen, follow me. We’re going to go and meet the elite horsemen of [New Moon]! Let’s see what all the fuss is about. Li Mu, take the Valiant Bravery camp and lead them against [Casualty]!” 


Li Mu nodded without any hesitation and said, “Go ahead, be careful!” 


“Will do!” 




I urged my Flying Scythe Horse forward. I then opened my palm and helped Wan Er onto the horse as I passed by her. She hugged me tightly from behind and said, “Do not underestimate the enemy. The Beautiful Moon Knights all have mounts that are on the same tier as our Steel Blade Horses. Plus, their equipment doesn’t look to be any less special than ours. We have to fight with everything we have!” 




Among the Steel Blade Horsemen, [Zhan Long] had only lost around three thousand players in the midst of battle. In terms of numbers, we did not have the advantage. Wang Jian and the others helped Dancing Forest, Dong Cheng, Thousand Suns, and Xing Lie and the other ranged players onto their horses. If we had both impact force and ranged support, then at least half of our mission was complete. 


My Flying Scythe Horse accelerated forward. I quickly changed direction, pointing my sword directly at Witch Moon. Just how capable was this Level 137 beautiful knight, having built up a guild as large as [New Moon]! 


“Prepare for battle!” 


As I shouted the orders, Wan Er gracefully slid off my horse to find her target. I raised my Dragon Reservoir Sword and threw a [Seven Star Fragment Slash], right at Witch Moon! 




Witch Moon stiffened slightly, her mouth forming a small “o.” Despite the surprise, she didn’t panic at all, and lightly tapped on her horse, making it charge forward. This swift move had allowed her to dodge my [Seven Star Fragment Slash]. Quickly following the move, I threw my Zhen Yue Blade out, letting it spin through the air. The first twirl pierced right through Witch Moon’s chest! 




Witch Moon raised her blade in front of her chest and parried my sword. She and her horse were forced backwards by the impact, and in the midst of it, she even received some damage. I could see surprise flash in her eyes. She probably never would’ve thought that there would be an attack so fierce! 


I opened my hand and threw a [Defeat the Dragon] out! 


My intentions were too obvious however. I was there to defeat the king and Witch Moon knew that. In another quick turn on her horse, she dodged my special skill. My heart fell slightly. This Witch Moon’s maneuvers were truly on par with the top ten in the CBN Rankings. Killing her would not be an easy task. I had indeed underestimated her.


In the blink of an eye, we were right before each other. I sheathed my Dragon Reservoir Sword and held my Zhen Yue Blade in both hands. Witch Moon didn’t give in the slightest bit and threw a [Skyshaker Stab] at me. 




Sparks flew out and flames roared around us. I stiffened as I felt my sword vibrate from the impact. Witch Moon let out a surprised yelp as my blow nearly knocked her off of her horse. She then ducked against her horse and charged forward, avoiding a slash from Old K. She was incredibly skillful and nimble! 


During a charge, it was near impossible to turn around and chase after an enemy. Thus, I continued leading the cavalry in our advance. I swung my blade, cutting down the Beautiful Moon Knights one by one. Despite that, it was clear that the Beautiful Moon Knights were nearly on par with us. [Combo]s and skills were continuously thrown out on the battlefield. Each time a Beautiful Moon Knight threw a slash, a flash of moonlight would shine. Not to mention the fact this battle was fought underneath the moonlight. Is it possible that they were drawing strength from light of the moon? 


The second this realization dawned upon me, I immediately knew that our intel was not as comprehensive as we had initially thought. Just in this initial impact, we had already lost over a hundred Steel Blade Horsemen. We had never once met a situation like this before. While the Beautiful Moon Knights had a lower defense than us, under the moonlight their attack power had far surpassed the Zhan Long camp! 


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But, the arrow was already notched on the string and there was no turning back. All we could do now was continue fighting. The more we killed, the less enemies we would face! 


With a jerk of my blade, I activated the [Halberd Flame] special skill and charged straight into the most dense part of the crowd. Afterwards, I raised my blade and shot forward like a whirlwind, activating [Sword Tempest]. All of the Beautiful Moon Knights were immediately plunged into critical health. I looked back and shouted, “Qing Qian, kill them all!” 


Qing Qian had just activated [Unrivaled Spirit] and was fighting with several Beautiful Moon knights.  She stepped forward and whirled into the air, throwing a [Grip of the Firefox] as she raised her hand. At that moment, twenty other Beautiful Moon Knights knelt to the ground in a pool of blood, as there were fiery claw marks left on their backs. 


Old K quickly rushed forward, leaving a [Whirlwind Slash] in his wake and killing a Beautiful Moon knight who only had half of their health left. Dong Cheng Lei raised his battle axe and charged straight into the crowd of people. I could see a pretty mage standing at his side. It was Dong Cheng Yue. She gripped her Deer Cry Staff and cast spell after spell into the crowd of people. Dong Cheng Lei raised his battle axe and stood guard for his sister. Nobody could stand against this sister brother duo. 




“Ka Cha!” 


I swept my Zhen Yue Blade through the hip of a knight, bringing out 23,000 damage. The knight’s eyes widened, as though he could never imagine that another man’s attack would deal that much damage. But once he saw the golden letters above my head that declared my position in the top ten rankings of the CBN Battlenet, a flash of understanding appeared in his eyes right as he died. 


“Continue forward!” 


I strode forward, leading the cavalry in the charge. After we smashed into the Beautiful Moon Knights formation, [Zhan Long] didn’t manage to get much of an advantage. The Beautiful Moon Knights’ attack power was just too high. Each slash they dealt gave at least ten thousand damage. They were all critical attacks. Even the Steel Blade Horsemen couldn’t completely defend against them. There was no way we could take this kind of damage. 


Furthermore, as we continued charging, we looked around only to see that behind the Beautiful Moon Knights was an army of horsemen. After killing several dozen players, I started to feel a chill run through my heart. All twenty thousand of their cavalry had revived and were now right before [Zhan Long]’s formation. If we continued this charge, there may be no return. All I had seen were the Beautiful Moon Knights, and none of the others. That was my greatest miscalculation. 


I clenched my teeth and firmly commanded, “The front row is now the rear, and the rear is the front. We are charging back and meeting up with the other brothers of [Zhan Long]. Prepare the frontlines!” 


Everyone shouted their agreement and began to make the turn. Matcha, Yao Yan and Meng Yao were the first to charge out of the crowd. Some of the [New Moon] players looked like they couldn’t bear to attack them. It wasn’t until the girls unleashed their barrage of attacks did they awaken from their illusion. They all clamored, saying they should keep the girls in Port City. 


I rushed forward, and soon reached the frontlines and continued my violent rage. My Ancient Heavenly Tiger roared and pounced into the crowd while Wan Er’s Purple Kirin Dragon flew above our head and spat flames at the enemy troops. The dragon’s armor of scales was thick, even after several [Battle Axe Throw]s, it had only lost 40% of its health. Killing it would not be an easy task. 


Along the way, the path was covered with the corpses of Steel Blade Horsemen and Beautiful Moon Knights alike. This was a battle of honor. The Chinese server and the Japanese server were using their full might. Frost Forest and Witch Moon most likely understood the fact that their time was short. They must deal as much damage to us as possible in as quick amount of time as they could, otherwise when the main forces from the Chinese server arrived, they would suffer even greater losses. 


But, the gods are always playing tricks on man. No matter how hard Frost Forest and Witch Moon try, our five guilds would be able to hold them back for two hours without a problem. We would do whatever it took! 




When we arrived back at the [Zhan Long] formation, all of the Steel Blade horsemen returned to their positions. I did a quick survey of our numbers. This time we had lost over fourteen hundred of our knights, over half of the entire cavalry. Thankfully we still had our core players. Old K, Matcha, Qing Qian, and Wan Er were all on the frontlines, there was no need to be afraid of Witch Moon’s attack. 


As I had expected, the Beautiful Moon Knights quickly caught up with us. Witch Moon raised her blade and seemed to be giving orders. However, I was too far to hear just what they were. Several clerics suddenly appeared and began reviving the Beautiful Moon Knights one by one. Step by step, they pushed closer to us. 


Wolf shuddered, “What an intelligent woman. Witch Moon is not a simple person. With that one move, she managed to prevent the fourteen hundred [Zhan Long] players outside of our formation from reviving. This is a huge loss for us!” 


I gave a nod, “Tell everyone to hold off on reviving. Otherwise, they’d only lose another level for nothing. They just need to patiently lie in wait for the perfect opportunity to resurrect.” 


“Yes sir!” 




Right then, Battle Thunder appeared among the crowd of New Moon players. With a savage smile, he said, “[Zhan Long], the number one guild in the Chinese Server. Looks like they’re just all talk. Just you wait, the real pain is now!” 


Witch Moon strode towards our formation and smiled, “Battle Thunder, have you not suffered enough punishment? You’re actually going to underestimate your enemy at a time like this? Besides, [Zhan Long] isn’t the number one guild in the Chinese Server. [Legend] is. Even [Hero’s Mound] is stronger than [Zhan Long]. Do not look down upon your enemy, but do not fear them. Do you understand?” 


Battle Thunder was a man among men, but he respectfully gave this girly guildmaster a nod, “Little miss, I understand…” 


Witch Moon looked over at us with a playful smile on her lips, “Have our divisions attack first. The Beautiful Moon Knights need twenty minutes to rest and reorganize. At that moment, we’ll deal the finishing blow!” 


“Yes milady!” 


“Yes milady!” 

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