Chapter 775 - Witch Moon
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Zhan Long Chapter 775 - Witch Moon

Chapter 775 - Witch Moon

“Get ready, they’re coming!” 


I pulled out my Dragon Reservoir Sword and rushed forward on my Flying Scythe Horse. I glanced back at everyone. I could tell that the [Zhan Long] Steel Blade Horsemen were getting nervous. After all, the army before us was many times greater than us in numbers. Whether it was in terms of common sense or in military strategy, we should be leaving. But we couldn’t. If we did, it’d be the equivalent of admitting defeat in our own territory. Tian Ling City could not afford to suffer such a great humiliation. 




Li Mu smiled and said, “They’re finally here!” 


I looked into the distance at the massive army and asked, “How much time is left on the cooldown for the Purple Flame Dragon Chain?” 


“Ten minutes!” Li Mu answered.


I smiled. “I still have three minutes left on my [Defeat the Dragon] skill. Later on, whoever I grab, you curse them to death. Li Mu, Matcha, Wan Er, you three come with me. I’ll go after the top ten players in the JBN Rankings. Li Mu, you target, Matcha attracts the firepower, and Wan Er, you help me in killing!” 


Wan Er nodded, “Understood. Do not spread out too much, we’ll meet up right after the first impact!” 






The sounds of fighting filled the air. The Port City players came at us like a raging flood. The impact of two million people charging at us was terrifying. Furthermore, the frontlines were made up of the most elite soldiers in Port City, and they were almost on par with our own. Of course, their equipment was far weaker than our Black Flame and Deer Cry sets. 




In the sky, Frost Forest pressed his dragon forward until he was right before the [Judgement] formation. Energy gathered around his blade, and with the support of his troops, he immediately killed three of the Frost Battle Ram Knights. A small hole appeared in the defense lines. Furthermore, all of the players that Frost Forest was leading were mounted on dark battle horses. It was the Dark Knights, riding on mounts that were Level 110 Saint Tier. They were only slightly lower than our Steel Blade Mounts in terms of level, but they beat us in numbers with over 120,000 of them! 


It looked like Frost Forest was set on fighting us to the death. Over ten thousand of the Dark Knights spread out on the plains and charged at us! 




I rushed forward and cut straight into the crowd of horsemen. While they were strong, they still couldn’t defend against my blade. In the blink of an eye, I cut down a dozen of the Dark Horsemen with my Zhen Yue Blade and Dragon Reservoir Sword. Li Mu, Wan Er, and Matcha followed closely behind me. 




“D*mm*t, just die already!” 


Among the crowd of Japanese players, one of the squad leaders from [Casualty] raised his battle axe and swung it at me. He was a Level 134 Berserker, with the ID ‘Goto Aono,’ and he was ranked seventh in the JBN Rankings. He looked like he was pretty strong! 




The battle axe was wrapped in flames and twirled through the air, striking one of the Steel Blade Horsemen off of his mount. A savage smile spread across the Berserker's face as he rushed forward, leading his army of horsemen. Their impact force was incredibly fierce, pushing back One Second Hero and Yue Yao Yan’s squads. 



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I dashed forward, approaching Goto Aono. He looked over at me and immediately instructed a team of a dozen horsemen to go after me. They all activated [Brave Ram] as they tried to obstruct my path. Unfortunately for them, I was not one to get stunned by an attack like this. “Peng Peng Peng.” I withstood their attacks and darted towards Goto Aono. His attack power was truly fearsome; he could not be allowed to continue living! 




Goto Aono roared and swung his battle axe. The blade was wrapped in flames, it was the [Flame Axe] skill! 


I didn’t even bother to dodge, and instead raised my Zhen Yue Blade to parry the attack. “Keng!” Sparks flew and I lost four thousand health in that one strike. Using that same movement, I swung my Dragon Reservoir Sword at him, dealing 18000+ damage. Shock overcame his face as he retreated, “You… you’re?! You’re that b*st*rd Xiao Yao Zi Zai…” 


“Can’t you read my ID?” 


I smiled and swept out my Zhen Yue Blade, forcing him to retreat several steps. Despite my threat, he didn’t seem to fear death at all. Relying on his advantage in numbers, he swung his battle axe at me again, cutting away another 7000+ health. He then gripped his battle axe and forcefully pushed himself upward, leaping from his mount as he threw a [Burn the Enemy’s Boats]! 


I carefully observed his movements and surged forward. I easily blocked his battle axe with my Zhen Yue Blade. Then, with a light tap of my Dragon Reservoir Sword, I crossed both of my blades and “Peng!” made a successful “Skill Break” pop up in the air. Goto Aono was immediately put into a stunned status. Before I could deal another blow, he shouted, “Shield me!” 


How could I give him any chance to escape? I immediately opened my palm and activated [Defeat the Dragon]! 




While Goto Aono had tried to escape, he was immediately grabbed to my side. His face turned green once he realized his fate. Li Mu appeared at our side. He immediately thrust his palm out, dealing the curse. Wan Er quickly followed the attack with her [Blade of the Death God]. Goto Aono’s reaction speed was truly quick. “Keng!” His battle axe blocked the first attack. He then swung his axe once again towards Wan Er’s hip. Never would he have thought that Wan Er had already learned the [Concealed Spirit] skill. In the blink of an eye, she disappeared, and the attack fell into thin air. The next second, the beautiful little miss gently landed on the hilt of his battle axe, her slender snow white legs right before his face. By the time he looked up, Wan Er had already thrown a kick! 




Goto Aono’s face was smashed in, and his two front teeth flew out. Li Mu and I surrounded him from both sides with a barrage of attacks. Like that, the Berserker ranked seventh in the JBN rankings was killed! 


After we killed Goto Aono, I immediately retreated. One of the enemy’s flag bearers called out, “Are there any healers around? Hurry up and revive Goto Aono!” 


However, once one of the healer girls slid off the horse and opened her hand to cast a revive, her mouth formed a small O in shock, “Mr. Flag Bearer, we can’t…. We can’t revive him. The system gave a notice that for the next 179 minutes, we cannot revive Goto Aono. What’s going on?” 


The flag bearer glared over at us and cursed, “Motherf*cker, it’s one of their special skills. Kill them! Avenge Goto Aono!” 




I quickly cut through the crowd of people. “Keng!” I parried the flag bearer’s blade and smiled. “This is our territory, we are the ones who make the decisions here!” 


Shock and frustration flashed across the flag bearer’s face. Before he could react, he took a whole round of [Combo] attacks from my blade. After [Strength of a Thousand Men] was unleashed, he immediately fell and could not revive for the next sixty minutes! 


Seizing this opportunity, I charged out of the formation. Solely based on my high defense and ability to not be stunned, I did not take any of the Dark Knights seriously. I lead Matcha, Wan Er, and Li Mu through the battlefield. I kept my health up through fighting, with my 20% [Drain], my health never fell below 50%. Even if I was attracting fire from [Flying Sword]s and [Battle Axe Throw]s, they were not an issue. 


In the distance, I could see Wang Jian, Old K, Bai Qi and Dong Cheng Lei all busy fighting the enemies before them. They were also attracting quite a bit of fire, decreasing the amount of impact that their fellow Steel Blade horsemen were taking. Those kids all had incredible weapons, not to mention the Deer Cry Set. In terms of stats, they had the clear advantage. Afterwards, Darling Duck and the others would immediately heal them so they could continuously fight without fear of death. 


Slowly, [Zhan Long] was gaining the upper hand in the battle against [Casualty]. It was to the point where Meng Yao was able to lead a squad of knights in a charge to counterattack the enemy! 


The other guilds weren’t faring as well, however. [Prague] and [Judgement] were still locked in a fierce battle. Especially [Judgement], which was fighting head on against the cavalry that was personally lead by Frost Forest Rams. In those ten minutes alone, over a thousand of the Frost Ram Knights had died in battle. Meanwhile, the enemy seemed to be coming at them in endless waves. This unending stream of reinforcements was whittling away at our energy and morale. 




“Will you guys be able to hold your position?” I messaged Ye Lai. 


He quickly replied as he swung his battle axe, “At the very least, we can hold our position. Din't worry. It’s jst two hours. We can do it! 4” 


He had been in such a hurry to type that he had even made a typo. It looked like the situation was dire on their front. 


As Li Mu was fighting, he looked over at me and said, “Looks like their situation isn’t great. We’re losing too many people too quickly. Especially over at [Judgement] and [Prague]’s front!” 


I nodded, “Let’s reorganize the Steel Blade Horsemen’s formation. Once we do that, we’ll advance forward. Right now, the only way we can utilize our greatest advantage is by charging our cavalry. If we just use them for defense, it’ll be too much of a waste!” 




A few minutes later, a branch of seven thousand Steel Blade Horsemen appeared on the frontlines of [Zhan Long]. Under my command, they charged out all out once with incredible speed and force. The Japanese players immediately took the hit. Soon after, when we reached full speed, we were like a blade, slicing through the chaos between the two sides. The Japanese must’ve never thought that we would switch to the offensive with such a disadvantage in numbers. They must’ve been thinking that we’d gone crazy. But once the Steel Blade Horsemen revealed their power, that thought was immediately banished! 




Leading the cavalry at the very front, I raised my Zhen Yue Blade and activated my special skill —— [Zhen Yue Battlesong]! 


“Hua La!” 


A deep blue energy wave exploded in the air, sending out waves that spread out over the entire formation. Every Chinese player within a thousand yard radius of me had their base attack power increase by four thousand points. I had carefully chosen a clustered area with as many Chinese players as possible. The effect was immediate, and a completely new killing frenzy began. 




These precious ten minutes were also our greatest opportunity. Not just [Zhan Long], but all of the other guilds were beginning to launch their counterattack. I could even see the cavalry that fought the Frost Forest Rams were trying to defend against the surge. Despite that, we couldn’t be held back. Ye Lai lead a group of Frost Ram Knights who were in critical health in a counter attack, killing a whole group of Dark Knights! 


In ten short minutes, we had managed to kill over fifty thousand of the enemy’s troops! 


Increasing base attack by four thousand points was already a fairly crazy stat. It was basically an incomparable stat, and so naturally nobody could defeat us. Those ten minutes were the Port City Knights most devastating nightmare! 




However, ten minutes quickly passed by, and the stat disappeared. Our disadvantage in numbers was once again sticking out. Even worse was the fact that a group of people had appeared on our left flank, the weakest point in [Zhan Long]’s formation. I could see three thousand Japanese troops in the distance. All of their mounts were the same silver color. There was a beautiful female knight leading them in the front. It was Witch Moon; The guildmaster of [New Moon] had appeared. She was ranked second strongest in the JBN Rankings, and she was leading three thousand of her Beautiful Moon Knights against us! 


This was the prelude to a pincer attack. It was just as Frost Forest had said, the true battle had just begun! 

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