Xiao Yao takes on the world
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Zhan Long Xiao Yao takes on the world

The next day, at 11 a.m., there was still an entire hour before ‘Destiny’ officially opened. I ate a boxed lunch early and sat in the bedroom with glasses boy, just waiting for time to pass. What’s more, I managed to squeeze out all the details from glasses boy. This guy is an online site operator who opened several black market stores and earned upwards of 10000RMB monthly. He paid 3000000RMB to study here at Liu Hua University because he wanted to become educated and talented. No matter how I look at it, this guy seems to want to play here for four years and rot to death after graduating like me.

On the desk, there was a Destiny magazine that was distributed, which included a lot of information about the game. I took a quick look, but nothing stood out. However, the game had one master designer, four executive designers, and 150 other designers. One of the executive designers looked extremely familiar – it was Lin Cheng!

My body trembling a little, I sat there dazed. Don’t tell me it’s that old geezer.

I quickly pulled a chair out and opened Tang Gu’s computer. “Hey, glasses boy, let me use your computer for a while,” I said.

“Ah, what’s wrong?” Glasses Boy was shocked and said: “I’ll let you don’t be so sudden next time though. What’s wrong with you, Li Xiao Yao?”

I opened a browser and quickly searched the web using the keywords ‘Destiny’ and ‘Lin Cheng.’ As expected, the information appeared. Lin Cheng was the principal designer of Destiny. There was also a picture of him with that always-smiling face. I laughed in disbelief – it was that stupid old geezer!

Glasses boy looked at me, surprised. He said: “Oh, what’s up? This Lin Cheng, you know him?”

I nodded my head but didn’t say anything. How could I not know this guy? From 14 to 19 years old, I was always by his side, constantly practicing and training my body. Who knew this geezer would run off to game design and design this super popular game?

Knitting my eyebrows, I said: “Glasses, this Destiny is a game, right? Why did they choose this old man to

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Novel Notes

Hi all that's the end of Zhan Long. Thanks for all the support!
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