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Zhan Long Creating a skill

Walking back to the village entrance, I stopped for a while only to get pushed from behind by berserkers carrying their battleaxes. These people are too excited to kill Grass Dogs, aren’t they?

Having Strength that doesn’t match up to others, I resisted the urge to do the same.

Looking at the stats menu, I realized the system gave me ten stat points at level 1. I put them all into Strength. That’s right, this is my fighting style. I’ll fight the world with my ability as a healer to heal and my Strength to fight. This is the proper way to succeed!

I’ll have to take it slow and wait patiently. I can’t steal the mobs that the berserkers, swordsmen, etc., with stats all added to strength, are killing. I’ll look around the village and see what quests I can get. Then I’ll kill the Grass Dogs; that’s killing two birds with one stone!

In the small village, a well sat right in the middle of the plaza. Beside the well was bits and pieces of stone. Each stone was separated from the rest, but together, they lined up to form a brilliant formation.

I took a good look for 5 minutes before realizing – it’s the Seven Star Style! There’s no mistaking it; this is the formation of the Seven Star Style. Previously, while training under the old man, I had to learn the way of the Seven Star Style while wielding a sword, which gave me heaps of suffering. In the game, there was a Seven Star Style! This can only mean one thing – between the game designers, there must be an actual sword master. If not, there’s no way the Seven Star Style was implemented.

As if magnetized to it, I couldn’t stop walking to the footstands, facing the shining light’s mysterious form. Spontaneously, I drew my sword and started slashing.


Although I’m a healer, I added all 10 points into Strength, which gave me a decent physical strength boost. The sword was unsheathed, and it carried sword energy. I have not felt this since so long ago; who knew it would be in a game that I felt this familiarity with the sword again?

My heart beat furiously. Damn, i

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Novel Notes

Hi all that's the end of Zhan Long. Thanks for all the support!
If you all would like a new novel, you can go check out Apocalypse Gacha!