Sword Tempest
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Zhan Long Sword Tempest


My head went blank as I trembled with excitement. Finally, the noob goes pro! The game let me make a skill. Damn, that’s cool. If I equip a sword, I gain a 10% increase in attack damage. This skill is a little too strong. Although my attack right now was only 6-6, and a 10% increase would amount to nothing, later on, the effects would be monumental when I gained more strength and power. This buff is so good. What’s more, my weapon later on should be sword-related; if not, this skill would go to waste!

After pondering for a long time about what exactly I should name this excellent skill…

My mind flashed, and a name popped out – Sword Tempest!

This name is perfect. After you wield your sword, a massacre follows. This is only but the path of the sword. It’s the opening to the fight. I’ll use this!


System Notice: Congratulations, you have successfully named the skill. You are the first to create an SS skill in the entire server. Do you want to disclose your identity?

I immediately smashed the ‘No’ button. I must stay low-key. Low-key, not for fame or showing off, but to protect my life. Since olden times, those who are famous have always received jealousy. Once my identity is disclosed, who knows how many times I’ll get murdered? I’m not scared of publicity but instead scared of getting beaten. It’s pretty alright, being like this, a level 1 healer. The pros won’t even bother disturbing me. This feeling is simply spectacular.


System Notice: Congratulations, player xxxx has understood the SS skill – [Sword Tempest]!

Currently, the whole server was chaotic.

Very quickly, an icon of a sword flashed in my Skills tab. My first ‘obtained skill,’ also my second skill, was a SS grade skill. The other was the healer skill, [Hemostasis]. It was D rank and, indeed, the lousiest healing skill. However, it’s still decent, as I can heal myself.

[Sword Tempest] (SS): While wielding and using a sword, your attack power is increased by 10%. Does not consume any strength. It cannot be leveled.

[Hemostasis Lvl

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Novel Notes

Hi all that's the end of Zhan Long. Thanks for all the support!
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