Bramble Bear King
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Zhan Long Bramble Bear King

Opening up my map, I could only see bits and pieces of the areas around the village because of my level restrictions. Beyond that, it was empty. Contemplating for a while, I finally decided to head North-East.

That was a little further away from Straw Dog Village, and there were also lesser players. If I get KS’ed as this special healer class, I’ll probably die out.

Looking at my skills tab, [Hemostasis]’s experience level reached 77/100. Just a little more, and I can level it up. Level 2 [Hemostasis] can recover 100 HP in the blink of an eye, and my survival capabilities will thus drastically increase.


Carrying my sword out of the village, I took the path out of the Straw Dog Village area. I cut through the Hyena area, continuing into the dense forest. After 20 minutes of walking, I finally reached the place I didn’t dare to challenge – the Wild Bear Forest. Inside were bears of all kinds, all levels 5-7. Looking at my level, it wouldn’t be incorrect to say that I was forcing myself to take unnecessary risks, but I had 23 Blue Potions and should probably be able to fight prolonged battles.


I charged straight at a level 5 Black Bear. I swung my sword and took care of it in 30 seconds, healing myself four times. I spent 20 MP on one bear, which was acceptable. I went on to find another target.

A level 4 player killing a level 5 mob grants a little experience penalty, but the leveling rate was still half decent. In about an hour, another Black Bear fell, and I reached level 5!


The Black Bear uttered a terrifying cry and erupted into a grey hand guard. Picking it up, I realized I could use it.

[Black Bear Arm Guard] (White Equip)

Type: Cloth

Defence: 3

Required Level: 4

Wearing the White hand guard, my defense rose to 9. When I looked up, a level 7 Grey Bear was growling, its claws inviting me. It was looking me straight in the eye, which only spelled one thing – certain death.

With the sword in hand, I slowly advanced and looked around. There weren’t any other mobs or players within 50

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Novel Notes

Hi all that's the end of Zhan Long. Thanks for all the support!
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