Bramble Sword
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Zhan Long Bramble Sword


The sword entered the mud as I quietly sat there, thinking about what to do. The beginner village boss, huh? It looks like it’s hard to find. I’m surprised no one has killed it yet. It indeed has to do with my exploration in the deep jungle. This Bramble Bear King surely must be the Grass Dog Village’s strongest monster. Once it’s killed, it’ll surely drop loads of great items, so I must not miss out on it.

But what should I kill it with? Surely, I can’t use this body with second-rate fighting skills and one piece of cloth armor to kill it.

I looked at the sky, then back at the Boss. Slowly, my willpower gathered, and I made up my mind. Mm, it’s not like it can’t be killed. I’ll need to use the landscape. The Bramble Bear King’s body is huge, and its legs aren’t long. This should also limit its attacking style. Perhaps I could use that big hole in the tree on the right and hide inside. Maybe then, I can slaughter this Boss.


Standing up, I hesitated briefly before deciding to go through with it. Whatever I say, I shall do.

Just then, a low voice came behind me as I got up.

“Hi, friend. Do you plan to kill that bear king on your own?”

Damn, there are people now.

I took my sword and turned. Five people were about 30 yards away from me, all levels 8-10. One of them had a team leader symbol on his arm. He was level 10, which was pretty rare.

[Western Tyrant] (Novice Swordsman)

Level: 10

His name was quite aggressive. Behind him, there were four other people. Two were level 9 magicians; one was a bald barbarian shaman, and one was a musket-wielding knight. This team feels a little weird. Or it's more like this team doesn’t have a healer!

Western Tyrant walked up, looked at me, and laughed heartily, saying: “Dude, you’re something. A healer is wielding a sword, hoho. How much strength did you add, having this much arm strength? Whatever it is, even if you can wield a sword, you can’t kill a level 10 boss solo.

I looked at them without saying a word.

Western Tyrant continued: “How about this? Y

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Novel Notes

Hi all that's the end of Zhan Long. Thanks for all the support!
If you all would like a new novel, you can go check out Apocalypse Gacha!