Nine main classes
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Zhan Long Nine main classes

In the afternoon, I was on the phone with Lin Tian Nan. The content was pretty simple – he’ll let me get close to Lin Wan Er to protect her. Moreover, I will eliminate any male in the school who tries to lay their hands on her, no questions asked. If not, I should inform him immediately. Of course, he purposely stressed the last sentence, which was never to hold any feelings for Lin Wan Er. At the same time, he felt Lin Wan Er would look down on me anyway, so there was no need to bother. This hurt me a fair deal.

Liu Hua University’s dorms were fairly decent. Each room was supposed to be shared by two people, and blankets, daily necessities, and other commodities were given to us in a set. Sitting in the large bedroom, I finally realized why Leader Wang was so uptight about the school fees – there was no way this school term cost anything less than a few ten thousand.

At dinner time, I went to the female dorm alone. Not long after, Lin Wan Er came down, followed by a girl in a green dress. She was at least pretty enough to steal a few glances in a large crowd. Too bad she’s standing next to Lin Wan Er, who was far beyond comparison. From afar, I thought: this girl made friends too recklessly!

After the two girls stopped before me, Lin Wan Er glanced at me before saying: “Come on, let’s go eat!”

I kept my mouth shut, saying nothing at all. My status here constantly reminded me that I wasn’t part of the wealthy families that could send their children here. I was hired to be a bodyguard for her.

Surprisingly, the beautiful girl beside Lin Wan Er looked at me strangely. She extended her hand and said with a smile: “You must be the Li Xiao Yao that Wan Er talked about, right? She has told me everything. I’m her roommate, Dong Cheng Yue. Nice to meet you!”

I shook her hand, nodding and smiling. “Nice to meet you, Dong Cheng1.”

“How old are you, Xiao Yao?” Dong Cheng Yue suddenly asked.

I shivered a little: “21…”

“Considering how you look, that can’t be true, right?” she asked mischievously, her head slightly til

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Novel Notes

Hi all that's the end of Zhan Long. Thanks for all the support!
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