Meeting the goddess again
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Zhan Long Meeting the goddess again

Entering the training grounds, I could see two people sparring in the distance. Their swords clashed repeatedly; what’s more, both were not using the fake competition-use swords; they were using swords like Xiao Hei – plain, heavy, large swords!

One of them was wearing black outerwear, his appearance looking very imposing. His lips slowly formed a smile. Just one slash of his blade rendered the opponent’s attack useless. He carried the aura of a winner. There’s no need to think hard about it; this person is my employer, the legendary CEO of Tian Xi Corporation!

Wang Xin brought me to the front, shouting: “Director Lin, I’ve brought the person I introduced!”

The person stopped his blade, turned around, and smiled. “Leader Wang! You’ve arrived at last. Let me see this person you’ve personally recommended. You’ve praised him a lot, now show me what he’s made of!”

Wang Xin pointed at me, saying: “This is the person I’m talking about – Li Xiao Yao. Xiao Li, this is the CEO of Tian Xi Corporation, Li Tian Nan; you should introduce yourself.”

Lin Tian Nan looks at me, eyes devoid of any feelings. He extended his hand and smiled. “Young One, nice to meet you!”

I stretched my hand out in return. “Nice to meet you too!”

Luckily, no excessive strength was used when he shook my hand. If not, it would have been a blood bath!

The person in white beside Lin Tian Nan looks at me and smiles arrogantly. “What can someone like him do?” he says.

Leader Wang smiled and answered: “Once you test him, you’ll find out.”

Lin Tian Nan consented, saying: “Li Xiao Yao, this is my third brother, Lin Feng. Third Brother, why don’t you test this guy’s skills?”

Lin Feng nodded his head, walking forward with his sword in hand. “Do you know how to use guns effectively?”

“Of course, I’m experienced in long-range and near-range combat.”

“Can you use a sword?”

“Yes, I’m experienced!”

“Good, then let’s see your sword skill.”

Saying that, Lin Feng raises his broadsword, eyes full of contempt. The two bodyguards brought a large cement tile

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Novel Notes

Hi all that's the end of Zhan Long. Thanks for all the support!
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