Chapter 592.1: The Miracle Child (1)
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Little Tyrant Doesn't Want to Meet with a Bad End Chapter 592.1: The Miracle Child (1)

No one could refute that Lilian was a prodigy.

Her talents went beyond just her transcendent abilities to other fields, such as painting, music, mathematics, literature, and so on. This equipped her with a vast spectrum of knowledge to interpret the world around her, which was why she would always try to switch her perspective whenever she encountered an incomprehensible situation.

Nora’s letter, from a military perspective, was a farce. It was such an unreasonable request that one would think that she was ridiculing Lilian, which was why Audrey had viewed the request in contempt.

However, Lilian thought that there was something amiss about it.

Nora Xeclyde, the successor to the Saint Mesit Theocracy, had never expressed strong aversion toward the Austine Empire. She was the type of person to see the bigger picture and prioritize humankind’s benefits above her personal feelings, not to mention that their relationship had been improving over the past year.

It didn’t make sense for Nora to send such a letter at this juncture to antagonize her.

So, Lilian tried casting aside her initial prejudice upon seeing the letter to analyze Nora’s intent, and she swiftly noticed many key details.

“Something is off about the letter.”

“What do you mean, Your Highness? Is this letter not from the Theocracy’s princess?”

“No, this is indeed a handwritten letter from her. Her request for help should be sincere as well. It’s just that… she seems to be hinting something to me.”

“Hinting?” Audrey blinked in confusion.

As straightforward as Nora’s letter was, her tone was vastly different from those she had previously used in her official letters, which was rather jarring to note, as Lilian could tell that this was Nora’s handwritten letter.

After some consideration, Lilian could only think of one possibility.

Nora must have intentionally altered her tone to tell her that there was more to the letter and that her goal was not just a simple military operation. It was just that she couldn’t pen it down in the letter lest the ne

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