Chapter 591.2: Lilian’s Scheme (2)
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Little Tyrant Doesn't Want to Meet with a Bad End Chapter 591.2: Lilian’s Scheme (2)

In the Austine Empire’s Noyce Fortress, Lilian Ackermann quietly stared at the envelope on her table with a frown. Her maid, Audrey, carefully prepared the dining table while keeping an eye on her liege’s movements.

It was already late at night, but the fortress walls remained well-lit. It was another peaceful night for Noyce Fortress.

‘Peace’ was not a word one would have associated with Noyce Fortress, which was why Audrey felt particularly proud of her liege for having turned things around in this godforsaken place. However, as a maid, she couldn’t help noticing that her liege was having an awfully late dinner.

It had been hours since sunset, and even the sentries had had their dinner. Yet, the fortress’s highest commander had not taken a bite. Audrey felt compelled to say something about it, but the document Lilian was reading seemed to be very important, having come from the Theocracy.

The Saint Mesit Theocracy had been a rival to the Austine Empire for a thousand years now. Even Audrey herself had once viewed them as her nemesis, but the events over the past year changed her mind.

Around last year’s New Year, the evil cultists launched a surprise assault on the Ascart Fiefdom, alarming all of humankind.

On the one hand, it had been many years since the evil cultists had shown such astounding arrogance as to wage war against a high noble, particularly one from the Theocracy. On the other hand, the incident led to the disappearance of a crucial figure—Roel Ascart.

The disappearance of Roel Ascart was a huge calamity to Lilian Ackermann back then, for he was the father of her child.

A year ago, Lilian was contemplating going through her mentor, Chris, so as to evade the Austine Empire’s surveillance to inform Roel that she was bearing his child. Yet, before she could put her plan into motion, she received news about his disappearance instead.

To make things worse, she had been in the midst of a battle when the news reached her ears. The news was simply too much for her to bear, especially since she hadn

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