Chapter 591.1: Lilian’s Scheme (1)
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Little Tyrant Doesn't Want to Meet with a Bad End Chapter 591.1: Lilian’s Scheme (1)

In an underground wine cellar suffused with the rich scent of alcohol, Roel stared at the wine barrel before him in disbelief. He was stunned for a brief moment before he quickly cast a spell to illuminate the surroundings.

Light suddenly filled the room, making him squint in discomfort for a brief moment. The words inscribed on the wine barrel appeared even more vividly under the light, verifying that what he had seen wasn’t just a product of his imagination.

He immediately shot to his feet.

After a few moments of thought, his shock was slowly replaced with solemnity. He headed deeper into the wine cellar to check on the other oak barrels—they had different vintages, but the place they were brewed was the same.

<Product of Tark Stronghold>


Roel fell silent.

The first wine barrel might have just been a coincidence, but the fact that the other wine barrels were made in the same place cemented the reality for him. He was left with no choice but to acknowledge a shocking fact.

He was in Tark Stronghold, the Theocracy’s fortress housing over a hundred thousand elites and many high transcendents that had suddenly disappeared years ago.

Roel’s first reaction at having found the missing fortress was not delight but fright, for he knew the context behind its sudden disappearance.

Shrouding Fog was the most powerful member of the Six Calamities that Roel had encountered thus far. It was a monster that he wouldn’t want to confront even now that he had reached Origin Level 2.

Yet, it couldn’t be clearer that he was currently inside its domain.

Damn, I was transported straight into its belly? Roel was rendered speechless.

Even though the Six Calamities were lacking in intelligence, it would be foolish optimism to assume that Shrouding Fog wouldn’t notice their presence in its domain.

Most likely, they had been able to elude Shrouding Fog’s notice thus far because he had only activated Silver Devourer for a few short seconds, and his and Wilhelmina’s conditions were too poor to catch its notice.

The two of th

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