Chapter 590.2: Where Are We (2)
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Little Tyrant Doesn't Want to Meet with a Bad End Chapter 590.2: Where Are We (2)

Roel finally breathed a sigh of relief. The load on his heart was finally lifted. He rested his back against the icy-cold wall while listening to her steady breathing. He felt good despite not being in the best of conditions.

He had faced far too many close shaves with death over the past few days, but he had managed to pull through all of it together with Wilhelmina. Now that her safety was finally guaranteed, he could turn his attention to other matters.

Where are we? Roel wondered as he examined the surrounding stone chamber.

The two of them had been transported out of the desert into this narrow space under the effects of Shrouding Fog’s Silver Devourer, but this knowledge did little to answer the question of where they were. In any case, he wasn’t too optimistic about their plight.

Based on what he had felt when they were first transported into this place, he deduced that it could be an independent space, but that would have to be verified. Since Wilhelmina was out of danger, he thought he should try exploring the area.

He had long noticed that, on his left, there was a section of the wall with a slight hint of discoloration, which he deduced to be a door. He had refrained from approaching it thus far out of safety concerns, since it was likelier for them to encounter threats than helping hands.

It was still risky for Roel to explore the area in his current state—he was in a worse condition than when he first entered this space—but there were reasons compelling him to do so, such as food and water.

High transcendents were freed from mortal limitations, capable of surviving even without consuming sustenance as long as there was mana in the environment. However, water was still necessary for them, particularly when they had lost a great deal of blood.

Roel had sustained many severe injuries from the earlier battle, and he even severed his own heart later on. Similarly, Wilhelmina had bled so much that she was bound to be running dry by now. It was too torturous for them to continue going without water, a

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