Chapter 590.1: Where Are We (1)
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Little Tyrant Doesn't Want to Meet with a Bad End Chapter 590.1: Where Are We (1)

Transplant rejection was a dangerous side effect of organ transplants that could endanger a person’s life. Even Origin Level 1 transcendents like Wilhelmina dared not confidently claim that they could overcome this ordeal.

Yet, she still decisively chose the second option of the two solutions Roel proposed, for she knew that she had to recover as quickly as possible.

The second solution had a lower chance of success, but it was also likelier for her to make a full recovery. It would be less likely for her to suffer a relapse from the organ rejection in the future. With her enhanced constitution as an Origin Level 1 transcendent, she should be able to make a full recovery within a few days.

More importantly, she would be able to greatly lessen Roel’s burden that way.

Indeed, Wilhelmina wanted to hasten her recovery for Roel’s sake.

On the one hand, while the two of them had remained safe thus far, it was clearly unwise for them to continue to remain powerless in a foreign environment. On the other hand, she noticed that Roel had been concealing his condition.

The truth was that Roel’s condition hadn’t improved in the least.

He had been trying his best to maintain a composed and leisurely front so as to not worry her, but there were still minor details that he was unable to conceal—for instance, the temperature of his fingers.

His hands were cold, even more so than the severely wounded Wilhelmina. His heartbeat was also faint, weaker even than that of ordinary mortals.

He was already toeing the boundary of life and death despite looking fine on the surface. In contrast, Wilhelmina was well taken care of. She had to quickly recover so that she could put his mind at ease and take care of him.

With that being said, there were some things she didn’t want to change.

“Can you continue holding onto me?”

“Is that the encouragement you want?”

“Mm. I-I feel more assured that way, s-so…”

Roel couldn’t help but smile as he watched the nervous Wilhelmina raise a rather adorable request, though it wasn’t much of a su

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