Chapter 592.2: The Miracle Child (2)
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Little Tyrant Doesn't Want to Meet with a Bad End Chapter 592.2: The Miracle Child (2)

Noyce Fortress was exceptionally quiet at night. The strict military order compelled the soldiers to practice self-discipline, which was how they became humankind’s elites in the first place.

The soldiers standing on the distant fortress walls, lit by blazing torches, had their eyes firmly focused on the vast prairie before them, not slacking off in the slightest. The marching sounds of the patrols were unified as one, reminiscent of soldiers in a military parade.

Lilian nodded in satisfaction at this sight before turning her attention toward the stars.

A feeling of discomposure was not something to be shrugged off for a high transcendent. Intuition, from a certain perspective, was a higher force than one’s senses. Often, when a high transcendent felt unnerved, it was a sign that something huge was going to happen. It was not always on the mark, of course, but it rang true at least half of the time.

That was why Lilian didn’t shrug off her intuition and instead walked out of her room to investigate her surroundings.

With a quick glance, she could tell that the fortress was operating as normal. The distant prairie looked peaceful as well, with no signs of an army invasion. It was highly unlikely that the fortress would face an attack tonight.

What else could my discomposure be about? Lilian pondered grimly before turning her sights to her own body.

For a period of time now, she had felt like her mana would suddenly flow off without any reason. She had raised this matter with Audrey, though she neglected to mention that her mana didn’t just disappear into thin air but was instead consumed by something else.

She had never experienced such a situation before, and there were no records of this, either. Even so, she was certain that it wasn’t just her imagination, and she had her guesses as to why this was happening, too.

Lilian looked at the vast night sky with eyes brimming with worry. She subconsciously placed her hand on her womb while pondering this question.

Her child had been her only reason to live on e

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