Chapter 168.2 Roof Sealed, Great Fortune (2/2)
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Indestructible God King Chapter 168.2 Roof Sealed, Great Fortune (2/2)

The Snake King suddenly raised his head when he saw Wang Ke about to leave.

"Wang Ke, what about me? Am I still going to stay here?" the reptile asked angrily.

Damn it. Those workers took your money to have fun in town. Am I going to stay here to look after your construction site for nothing? Do you know how much dust is floating around this place every day? My nostrils are getting blocked, and I can barely open my eyes.

Wang Ke was surprised by the serpent's question. "Snake King, haven’t I fed you well every day? The Dragon Gate Assembly will be a grand event tomorrow. You should stay here and watch; you might just get some dragon Qi!"

The Snake King wasn’t having it. "Why don't you stay and watch instead? I don't want to be here and let people look at me. Do you really think that dragon Qi is that easy to get during the assembly? Demonic beasts from the Miasmic Sea will come out whenever dragon Qi erupts, but they would often be injured or killed!"

Wang Ke replied, "What are you afraid of? The cultivators will give me face; they won’t make things difficult for you! You’ve put in a lot of hard work watching over the site. Take as much dragon Qi as you want tomorrow; that would be your well-deserved pay. If any cultivator tries to trouble you, no matter the faction, just tell them my name!"

"What's the use of telling them your name? I…!" —Halfway through his sentence, the Snake King realized something.

Telling them Wang Ke's name can really be useful! Strangely useful, in fact! Damn it, can I absorb as much dragon QI as I want tomorrow? Is it really possible…?

"Okay, enough talk. I have an urgent matter to attend to!" Wang Ke said before leaving the site in an instant.

The Snake King fell silent as he saw Wang Ke leaving. Am I lucky or unlucky?

And so, Wang Ke rushed to Wang Clan Manor in the Dragon Cultivation Town.

Once he entered the manor, he went straight to the courtyard where Zhu Yan was.

Inside the courtyard—Zi Bufan sat by the stone table and sipped her tea. She looked at Wang Ke with a poker face.

"Parlor Lord Zi, it’s been quite a long time since we’ve met!" said Wang Ke as he made a courteous approach.

He had previously instructed his subordinates to make a good show of hospitality in the event of powerful cultivators visiting. Wang Ke was quite satisfied by the results; his subordinates even brewed Zi Bufan a pot of tea.

"Wang Ke, where is Zhu Hongyi?" Zi Bufan asked with a chilling voice.

Back in the Qing Capital, Zi Bufan had requested Zhu Hongyi to escort Zhu Yan to the assembly. She didn't expect that Zhu Hongyi wouldn’t be around, which annoyed her.

"Parlor Lord Zi, how did you find your way here?" Wang Ke asked curiously.

Not even Mo Sanshan himself could not find Zhu Yan back then. How did Zi Bufan manage to come here directly?

"Humph! Answer my question!" Zi Bufan shot him a stare. She seemed furious.

Wang Ke immediately sensed trouble. This is not good. If a woman blinded by love loses her sanity, consequences will be unimaginable. She will tear down my entire manor if I don't answer her properly!

After taking a deep breath, Wang Ke thought, Zhu Hongyi, this is all to protect both my safety and my possessions, sorry.

"Parlor Lord Zi, sigh, you can't really blame Parlor Lord Zhu. He has to deal with some difficulties!" Wang Ke sighed.

"Hmm?" Zi Bufan frowned.

"All of us can see that you love Parlor Lord Zhu, including himself! Most importantly, the method you’re using is problematic. You are pushing him away instead of drawing him to you!" said Wang Ke.

"What do you mean?" Zi Bufan asked.

"What I mean is, you can meet him in private. No matter what you have in mind, it would make things easier for him. If you express your love so openly, he won't be able to take it!" Wang Ke explained.

"Why can't he take it?" Zi Bufan asked.

"You need to know that what he’s doing is not an actual rejection in front of all those people!" Wang Ke replied.

"Uhhh?" Zi Bufan was at a loss.

Not an actual rejection?

"It's possible that he had no interest in you at first, but he may have had a change of heart after so many years. It's just that he's already stated in public that he doesn't want to get together with you. To suddenly backtrack and change his attitude would make him lose face! He's a man, and a man loves his pride. You should give him more room to breathe. So, if you want to look for him, do so in private! This approach might give you a pleasant surprise!" Wang Ke said.

"Is that so?" Zi Bufan asked with a slight frown.

"Of course!" Wang Ke continued persuading, "When you demanded Zhu Hongyi to escort Zhu Yan to this town, did you ever consider his perspective? You didn't even give him a chance to reject you; you left immediately after making your demands, as if you were commanding him. Who could ever tolerate this? If it were you, and a man tried to order you around, would you be willing to obey?" Wang Ke said.

Zi Bufan contemplated, lightly biting her lip.

"That's the reason why, Parlor Lord Zi. Go talk to him after the assembly is over! After all, this matter is between the two of you. It wouldn't be good to make yourselves a laughingstock for others to gloat about!" Wang Ke said to comfort her.

"Who dares to laugh at me!?" Although Zi Bufan sounded angry, her voice lacked her usual intimidation.

"If your mutual love is long-lasting, why drown yourself in despair? Don't mind so much about the short-term lack of time together with him! Giving in to your emotions will only make things worse. Take it slowly!" Wang Ke consoled her with a smile.

Zi Bufan looked at Wang Ke weirdly. Huh? You're starting to sound pathetic.

If our mutual love is long-lasting, why drown myself in despair? I understand the poetic value, but why does it feel like the phrase sounds off when it comes out of your mouth?

I was so angry just now, and now I'm not? How frustrating!

Wang Ke secretly heaved a sigh of relief, noticing how Zi Bufan's anger was fading.

"Come, Parlor Lord Zi. Zhu Yan is inside this room. Please take him away! This will be considered as me fulfilling Zhu Hongyi's orders," Wang Ke said.

I'm finally sending these two jinxes away! Thank goodness!

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