Chapter 169.1 A Little Discussion (1/2)
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Indestructible God King Chapter 169.1 A Little Discussion (1/2) (Teaser)

The decennial Dragon Gate Assembly was considered an extremely grand event for all the people in the Ten-thousand Great Mountains.

Why? Because this was the recruitment day for every immortal sect! That was the day when cultivation seekers would have a shot, turning from a carp into a dragon.

Still, why did the immortal sects recruit new talent primarily from the mortal zone? It was all because the mortal zone had no spiritual Qi. Mortals who still thrived, cultivating martial arts in harsh environments, were considered to be greatly talented.

As for those cultivators residing in cultivation towns, they had most likely missed their chance to be scouted; after all, most of them stepped into the Innate Stage when they were much older. Even if they managed to break through to that level, the immortal sects would see them as untalented; recruiting them was seen as a waste of resources.

The young clan members in cultivation clans were nurtured with spirit stones from an early age. Furthermore, having their elders as guides, it…