Chapter 168.1 Roof Sealed, Great Fortune (1/2)
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Indestructible God King Chapter 168.1 Roof Sealed, Great Fortune (1/2)

One day before the Dragon Gate Assembly—

'Roof Sealed, Great Fortune!'

A banner with four massive, red words was displayed on God Wang Tower. All the workers heaved sighs of relief. Urged and watched by Wang Ke, all the workers pushed themselves to the limit; finally, they completed the roof before the Dragon Gate Assembly.

Although they had just finished up the bare bones of the tower, it wasn’t a bad milestone after all.

Wang Ke stood at the third floor's open porch and said to the workers, "Good job. Thanks for your hard work! We finally sealed the roof! Everyone will receive a bonus later!"

"Thanks for your generosity, Clan Lord Wang!" the workers shouted in excitement.

Wang Ke said loudly, "The Dragon Gate Assembly is tomorrow, which is an opportunity for members of many cultivation clans to break their glass ceilings and become successful. We must not interfere with their chance at changing their lives for the better. I will set an example by laying low and staying quiet, which I hope you do the same, so we can give those hardworking, immortality-seeking cultivators the right environment so they can succeed! And so, I've decided to give you three days off. You can make the most of this time and use the bonus I’ll be giving you to enjoy yourselves in the Dragon Cultivation Town. As for the assembly’s venue, let us free-up the place for the incoming candidates!"

"Sure!" all the workers agreed.

"Be sure to resume work after your three-day leave. Now, please go ahead and line up to receive your money!" Wang Ke said.


All the workers rushed to the accountants for their bonuses.

"The roof is sealed? Wang Ke, are you really going to continue building the tower?" Zhang Zhengdao wondered.

Wang Ke looked at Zhang Zhengdao and asked, "Of course. Why waste so much effort if I wasn’t going to continue? Oh yes. I told you to go and scare off those who bought the insurance plans. There might be a fierce clash between the righteous and the demonic factions… Better not make me lose any money, eh? How have you managed so far?"

The latter's face froze. "This.... this...!"

"The Dragon Gate Assembly is tomorrow! Don't tell me you haven't done this? Even my tower's ceiling is complete. What have you been doing all these days?" Wang Ke questioned his partner angrily.

"I did scare off some of them. I even tried to disguise myself as a demonic disciple to threaten them by knocking their lights out. A group has already left, but twenty or so refuse to believe me and are determined to stay!" Zhang Zhengdao answered with a helpless smile.

Wang Ke stared at Zhang Zhengdao and said, "Twenty of them? I will lose two million pounds of spirit stones if they die tomorrow!"

"Well, things might not go that way! What if they don't fight tomorrow?" Zhang Zhengdao raised the possibility with a smile.

"Nonsense! They will surely fight tomorrow!" Wang Ke objected angrily.

Damn. Even the Demon Sovereign is here in the flesh. I can foresee that it's going to be extremely chaotic tomorrow. I will cry if I lose two million pounds of spirit stones tomorrow!

"Zhang Zhengdao, you failed at your job. The payout money we’ll be handing out is going to come out from your commission if those people die. You will have to cough up everything you took so far!" Wang Ke said in a fit of rage.

"What? How can you say that?" Zhang Zhengdao retorted with a stare.

"Why can't I? Such a simple task, and you can't do it? Why should I still keep you around?" Wang Ke said angrily.

"But what can I do if they refuse to leave?" Zhang Zhengdao was also fuming in anger.

"Damn, don't you know how to threaten people? If that doesn't work, you can kidnap them! Knock them out, then drag them out of town! Keep them somewhere safe and release them after assembly is over. That solves the problem, right?" Wang Ke answered.

Zhang Zhengdao's jaw dropped. "Wang Ke, I'm sure you were a robber in the past! That must be why you can do this kind of thing!"

Wang Ke rebutted, "You were the robber, not me!! Robbers kidnap to harm people, but we’re actually saving people! We are saving them, you understand? Saving someone's life is much more meritorious than building a vast temple! Don't you understand this?"

Zhang Zhengdao's face blackened in frustration. Damn. Threatening and kidnapping become acts of mercy when they come out of your mouth. How poisonous is your heart!

Wang Ke turned and said to his Second cousin-brother, "How are things on your side?"

"Clan Lord, all five hundred Brocaded Guards have successfully enrolled in the immortal sects. After some arrangements, they followed some cultivators back to their sects!" Second cousin-brother reported respectfully.

The reprimand continued. "You see? Look at how my Second cousin-brother does things! Humble and steady! He properly finishes his tasks without claiming credits for himself! Such a generous and faithful person! Now, look at you! What have you been doing?"

Zhang Zhengdao's face froze in frustration. I can't do anything about it!

"What are you looking at? Why are you still standing here? Go and do your job! You really want me to lose money until I die? Bro, please let me live!" Wang Ke said in frustration.

"Damn, most of them are at the Golden Core Stage! I can't kidnap them on my own. I can’t do it if you don’t get someone to go with me!" Zhang Zhengdao said angrily.

"You must be joking! I'm a proper businessman! How could I ever commit misdeeds like kidnapping? You must have been looking at the wrong person!" Wang Ke replied with a stare.

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Zhang Zhengdao's face turned black. Damn you! You're throwing all the dirty jobs to me!

"I remember what you said back then: You will follow me to earn money, and I can give you all kinds of tiring and dirty jobs!" Wang Ke repeated their old agreement.

The latter was stunned. Don't tell me you can read minds!? That's what I was thinking… You were able to hear my thoughts?

"Get going! Now!" Wang Ke urged him.

Zhang Zhengdao could only turn around and get on with that dirty task. He couldn't blame it all on Wang Ke; he also felt he did poorly. I spent months trying to convince them to leave, but I failed. Does this mean I'm incapable? Wang Ke's words were harsh, but he's giving me time to make up for it!

Right after Zhang Zhengdao left—Wang Ke heard someone speak directly into his ears.

"Yo, Wang Ke, you look so high and mighty nowadays!" It was a woman's voice.

He was taken by surprise. Oh no, why did she come ahead of time?

The woman’s chilling voice sounded in his ears again."What are you waiting for? Come and see me now!"

"Okay, okay. Right away!" Wang Ke replied anxiously.

He leaped off the building and went toward the Dragon Cultivation Town.

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