Chapter 155.1 Almighty Dragon (1/2)
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Indestructible God King Chapter 155.1 Almighty Dragon (1/2)

In the Demon Suppressing Temple!

Wang Ke, Zhu Yan, and the Heavenly Wolf Sect disciples looked at Monk Jie Se with shocked eyes.

"Hey, hold on! This plank is too thick! It's different from the previous ones! Yes, yes! Thinner! And you, the tenon joint is not like that! The Demon Suppressing Temple will be different if you put it like that! Don't touch it! Stop! Leave that half Buddha statue alone! That wasn’t destroyed by the lightning, leave it alone! Just like that!" Monk Jie Se gave instructions to Wang Ke's men.

Zhu Yan pointed to his head with a circling motion and asked, "Wang Ke, is something wrong with this monk?"

"I think he suffers from OCD. He wants to repair the Demon Suppressing Temple to the exact same state it was before!" Wang Ke replied, feeling strange.

"That's beyond compulsive! Even the thickness of the planks have to be exactly the same! It's just a roof! Is he going to bake the exact same tiles too?" Zhu Yan commented sarcastically.

"There's no need for that! I prepared extra tiles after the previous accident!" Monk Jie Se said.

"Oh? The previous accident?" Wang Ke asked.

"Yeah, more than a year ago! Some crazy guy bombed the temple! I went out for a short while, and the temple was razed to the ground when I returned. The Buddha statue also fell. Come on! Even a rat visiting the temple would leave teary eyed! The Chief Monk specifically instructed me to guard the place and watch the blood demon; the explosion almost got me fired!" the monk raged as he recounted what happened, gnashing his teeth while he spoke.

Wang Ke was stunned by what he heard. So the lunatic that restored the temple to its original state was you, Jie Se! No wonder you insisted that my subordinates repaired it to the same state it was before.

"Wang Ke, I remember you saying that the Demon Suppressing Temple was blown to the ground. Could it be…!" Zhu Yan asked curiously.

Monk Jie Se's expression changed, "Wang Ke, were you the one who bombed my Demon Suppressing Temple?"

So, I found the culprit!

"No, of course not. No way it's me! Why would I be bored enough to bomb your temple?" Wang Ke immediately denied.

But the moment he finished speaking—a cry came from outside. "Wang Ke? How thoughtful of you! Hahaha, you blew up this old temple! And now you’re hellbent on repairing it to the exact same state it was before? Hahahaha!"

Wang Ke: ".................!"

"Wang Ke, was it really you?" Monk Jie She scowled at him.

"Who? Who dares to stain my good name?" Wang Ke stepped out of the temple angrily. Zhu Yan and the monk followed him.

And then they saw She Tianba holding an umbrella, swollen with arrogance.

"She Tianba?" Wang Ke was shocked to see him.

"Hahaha, Wang Ke, I bet you didn't expect to see me!" She Tianba chuckled.

"What is happening? Is our journey being live streamed? We wore mourning clothes and took a secret route. How is it that everyone knows we’re here?" Wang Ke grumbled.

"Wang Ke, you haven't answered me yet! Tell me, were you the one who bombed my temple a year ago? Yes or no!" the monk asked with bubbling rage.

"Oh? Another monk? Zhu Yan, what's with this monk?" She Tianba asked.

"Quick, leave!" Zhu Yan kept signaling to She Tianba with his eyes.

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Damn. There's a whole bunch of Heavenly Wolf Sect disciples inside the temple! And this Monk Jie Se is obsessed with enlightening demons. You need to get away now!

"Haha, Zhu Yan, fear not. I returned like you wanted, following the markings you left behind. This time, I’m going to have my revenge!" She Tianba's voice was filled with hatred.

Wang Ke stared at Zhu Yan and asked, "Zhu Yan, this is the fourth wave! The fourth wave of people eager to take your life! How much trouble did you make! You even left markings along the way?"

Zhu Yan's face blackened. "She Tianba is after you!"

"Me?" Wang Ke was a little stunned; he then turned to look at She Tianba.

"Of course. Who else would I be after? Wang Ke, you shall die today! Just like a year ago! Humph, you failed to kill me at this Demon Suppressing Temple last year. Today, in the very same place, I will make you suffer what I went through! If not for the blood demon's seed that revived me, I would have really died!" She Tianba exclaimed with anger.

Monk Jie Se's anger was initially aimed at Wang Ke. But She Tianba’s words made him raise an eyebrow as he looked at the demon.

"How dare you, demon! So, it's you!" Monk Jie Se said with a chilling voice.

"Uhh? Little monk, I'm speaking to Wang Ke; you have no right to talk!" said She Tianba to cut the monk off.

"This is Monk Jie Se from the Blood Temple, a powerful cultivator from the righteous faction. He can defeat me with a single blow!" Zhu Yan said with helpless laughter.

I made signs so you could make your getaway! Are you blind? This big shining bald head! Can't you see?

"Monk Jie Se? A powerful cultivator from the righteous faction?" She Tianba's face sunk.

"Amitābha. A year ago, the blood demon under the Demon Suppressing Temple escaped because of my carelessness, which almost caused a catastrophe in the Ten-thousand Great Mountains. I was filled with guilt, as the cunning blood demon would be hard to find once he escapes. But look here! Well, well, well! I didn't expect you to deliver yourself to me, blood demon! This must be a blessing from Buddha himself!" Monk Jie Se laughed out loud.

She Tianba's face froze. Damn, what's with this situation?

"I asked you to leave! But you refused to listen!" Zhu Yan shot She Tianba a stare.

"So what?" She Tianba talked back, "I didn't release the blood demon intentionally. Little monk, Wang Ke is the one who blew up your temple! You should go after him!"

But Wang Ke immediately defended himself, "That's why I got my men to help repair the temple! Besides, Master, you can't blame me for this!"

Monk Jie Se turned to Wang Ke. "Are you saying you have a justification to blow up my temple?"

"Of course not. It's just that the temple was abandoned when we arrived! How could we ever know there was a demon suppressed underneath! And you! It’s fine if you want to leave for a while, but you should at least leave a sign while you’re away! You’re also responsible for this!" Wang Ke said to push the blame far from him.

"Leave what sign?" the monk said with a frown.

"At least something that reads 'Private Property. No Explosions!'" Wang Ke answered before he kept on explaining himself, "How would I know that the blood demon was under this place? Back then, She Tianba was after my life! I only acted in self-defense! I only survived because I detonated my flying sword! Saving someone's life is worth more merit than building a vast temple! I saved three lives when I detonated my sword! Tell me, if you were in my shoes and had no idea that the old temple was restraining the blood demon, wouldn’t you have done all in your power to save those lives too?" Wang Ke explained.

Monk Jie Se frowned a little.

"There's a saying that ignorance can be forgiven. You can't blame me!" Wang Ke continued persuading the monk, "You could blame me for acting rashly if I detonated my flying sword after seeing some warning displayed on the temple. But you didn't do that, so how can you blame me? I didn't know anything! Also, if you want to find someone to blame, She Tianba should be your top priority. I wouldn’t have detonated my flying sword if he wasn’t going after our lives! His actions provoked the blood demon’s escape! Look, don't you think you should blame She Tianba instead?" Wang Ke said.

Monk Jie Se listened to Wang Ke's reasoning. Hmm, that makes sense.

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