Chapter 154.2 You’ve Got the Wrong Person (2/2)
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Indestructible God King Chapter 154.2 You’ve Got the Wrong Person (2/2)

"Humph. That's right; he's going to break through and reach the Astral Infant Stage. By then he will truly become the East Wolf Hall Lord. Wang Ke, you will no longer be called Deputy Hall Lord when that happens. Enjoy while it lasts!" a junior disciple warned angrily.

Monk Jie Se interjected all of a sudden, "Amitābha. I feel the need to stand up for Wang Ke. You Heavenly Wolf Sect disciples are really ungrateful!"

Wang Ke was taken aback by his reaction. All the Heavenly Wolf Sect disciples gave the monk strange looks. You really don't see yourself as a stranger when talking to us, huh?

The monk sighed and continued, "I heard you guys say that Murong Luguang was stuck in a bottleneck and could not advance beyond the Golden Core for a very long time. Why do you think he overcame that bottleneck just now? Wasn’t it because of Wang Ke? Wang Ke made him feel extremely envious! So, he enraged him to the point that he managed to break through! Wang Ke helped in Murong Luguang's breakthrough, while all of you respond with ungratefulness. Not expressing your gratitude can be overlooked, but you went further and made things difficult for Wang Ke! What an ungrateful bunch!"

All the righteous disciple’s faces froze. Our Eldest apprentice-brother is breaking through because Wang Ke angered him?

Wang Ke had a doubtful look on his face. Hey, monk, was that praise or are you just being sarcastic?

"Look at Wang Ke! And then look at yourselves! Not only did Wang Ke help Murong Luguang to break through, he also tried to persuade me to treat him. He is being thoughtful to Murong Luguang in every way, yet you still want to slander him? Sigh! What degenerating morals! Not even the Heavenly Wolf Sect is safe from such decadence!" The monk placed his palms together and sighed.

All the Heavenly Wolf Sect disciples: "...........................!"


Murong Luguang was so furious that blood sprayed out from his mouth.

All his followers stopped arguing. Murong Luguang's blood would be drained if they continued.

"Master, thanks for speaking up for me! " Wang Ke thanked the monk with a weird look on his face.

"Amitābha, a monk doesn't lie! I'm only stating the truth!" Monk Jie Se nodded.

Then, Wang Ke instructed his men, "Since Master spoke up for me, I can't just pretend I didn't hear it. Although there's nothing between Zhang Li'er and me, lightning bolts destroyed the temple because of her breakthrough. I will bear my part of the responsibility to repair it! Come, all of you! Open your umbrellas and repair the roof!"

"Understood!" His men replied before immediately getting into action immediately.

"This old temple is very particular when it comes to its materials. You will need to get the camphor wood in the forest over there!" Monk Jie Se pointed to a forest nearby.

Wang Ke looked over. This monk really loves to go all out, huh? Oh well, I have to do it since I’ve already promised him I would; just repairing the roof won't take too much of our time.

"Quick, go and cut down some trees to process the wood!" Wang Ke urged.

Wang Ke's subordinates immediately took out their umbrellas and headed for the forest.

"Wang Ke, you are really generous!" Monk Jie Se laughed.

"It's only my duty!" Wang Ke nodded.

The monk felt compelled to share more Buddhist teachings with Wang Ke. The latter immediately sensed trouble. This monk is coming to annoy me again? And so, Wang Ke quickly pulled Zhu Yan over.

"Master, why don't you chat with Zhu Yan some more? Baptize him with your Buddhist teachings, and you’ll be filled with merits! Let me head out to hit the loo!" Wang Ke said before running away.

"Wang Ke, why did you drag me down? I don't want to hear him talk!" Zhu Yan cried out in shock.

But Wang Ke had already gone into hiding.

"Amitābha. Put down your murderous weapon and become a Buddha on the spot! Boundless is the ocean of suffering; repent and find salvation!" Monk Jie Se looked at Zhu Yan and smiled. The demon shivered. Damn it. He's saying that again. I don't want to kill myself!

Just when the monk was about to continue, his face turned grim. He swiftly stretched out a hand and caught something.


He caught a stone before looking out the window in surprise.

Zhu Yan quickly went somewhere to the side and hid, just when the monk was distracted by the attack. Monk Jie Se frowned as he stepped out of the temple. He reached a massive tree behind the temple.

He also saw a black-robed figure standing beneath the tree. That man flipped back the hood covering his head—it was the man that Zhang Li'er and her juniors chased after: Mo Sanshan.

Mo Sanshan returned?

"You’re Mo Sanshan? You threw me a stone to lure me out? Aren't the Golden Crow Sect disciples after your life?" Monk Jie Se wondered.

"Zhang Li'er just broke through; her cultivation is still unstable. It only took me a short while to lose them, then I came back!" said Mo Sanshan after taking a deep breath.

"Oh?" Monk Jie Se was astonished.

Why lose your pursuers to come back to this place?

"I didn't expect to see you here! I know the gold dragon is sealed inside Zhu Yan's body. Your plan for the Dragon Gate Assembly is extremely important! I wasn’t planning to interrupt your plans! I was just too curious! That's why I came to take a peek!" Mo Sanshan explained.

"You say, this…?" The monk was puzzled.

Mo Sanshan continued with a helpless smile, "I knew you would definitely keep an eye on Wang Ke as he was appointed to deliver Zhu Yan to the Dragon Gate Assembly; that's why I didn't do anything to Wang Ke in the open! Still, I took my chances. I've been observing along the way, and didn’t notice anyone following Wang Ke; that's why I took the risk to see the gold dragon! I sent Murong Luguang as a distraction so I could secretly take Zhu Yan away! I promise! My only intention was to take a look at the gold dragon; I will return it afterward! I didn't expect to see you by Wang Ke's side all this time! I only realized that and embarrassed myself when I saw you just now. I'm really sorry about that! I didn't mean to disrupt your plans!"

But Monk Jie Se's eyes widened in confusion. "What... do you mean? Why are you apologizing to me?"

"Uhh? Weren't you the one who told me about your arrangements for the Dragon Gate Assembly?" Mo Sanshan was also confused by the monk's reaction.

"Do I know you?" the monk asked awkwardly.

"You... don't know me? You…? Hold on! Don't tell me you’re not him!" Mo Sanshan said in great frustration.

Damn! Did I get the wrong person?

"This monk has been guarding the Demon Suppressing Temple for many years. I’ve never seen you before! I only learned that your name is Mo Sanshan from Wang Ke's mouth; why did you return here to explain all of this to me? I don't even know you!" Monk Jie Se asked in astonishment.

Mo Shanahan's face twitched, while keeping his eyes trained onto the monk for quite a while.

Sh*t. Did I really get the wrong person? You’re being sincere as you apologize, but you don't even know me?

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"How can it be... You look exactly the same as him? Are you twins?" Mo Sanshan asked in disbelief.

"Amitābha, I don't have a twin brother! I'm Jie Se from the Blood Temple! Who is this person you say that looks exactly like me?" Monk Jie Se wondered.

Mo Sanshan: ".....................!"

Mo Sanshan was filled with rage. He could have left right after capturing Zhu Yan, but then he saw Monk Jie Se's face. That's why he had given up the opportunity to run away. But in the end…

He somehow embarrassed himself greatly by apologizing to someone he didn't know? What the hell?

"You haven't told me! Who’s the one who looks exactly like me? Monk Jie Se asked again.

Mo Sanshan kept his eyes fixed on the monk. I really want to go and beat the crap out of this monk! However, Monk Jie Se's face kept Mo Sanshan at bay, cooking in his own anger. The latter turned around and disappeared into the forest.

"Amitābha. Are all the Heavenly Wolf Sect's cultivators so weird?" Monk Jie Se muttered to himself. Then, he returned to the temple.

Shortly after Mo Sanshan and Monk Jie Se left—Wang Ke walked out from the loo beside the tree.

He had only planned to take a leak, but he ended up overhearing Mo Sanshan and Monk Jie Se's conversation. He probably avoided Mo Sanshan's detection because he was in the potty room. After all, scanning what was inside would sting the eye.

"Mo Sanshan, the geezer… Does he really have some connection with the demonic sect? But, to think someone like yourself, an intel expert, is struggling with blindness? How could you go for the wrong person? Anyhow, did you even apologize to that monk? How did you even get promoted to become head of intelligence?" Wang Ke muttered to himself doubtfully.

After adjusting his pants, Wang Ke returned to the Demon Suppressing Temple, still puzzled about what he had heard.

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