Chapter 154.1 You’ve Got the Wrong Person (1/2)
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Indestructible God King Chapter 154.1 You’ve Got the Wrong Person (1/2)

Outside the Demon Suppressing Temple!

Zhang Li'er led her juniors in pursuit of Mo Sanshan.

Wang Ke immediately ran back into the old temple. His men were still lying unconscious; he quickly checked on his men and felt relieved when he found out they had only passed out.

"Amitābha. Don't worry, they will soon wake up!" said Monk Jie Se as he tapped between their eyebrows. They began to wake up one after the other.

Then, Wang Ke looked at the Heavenly Wolf Sect disciples and asked, "Ehh, what is it with you guys? Why did you come to trouble me after some taunting from Mo Sanshan? And he even followed you in secret?"

They were also lost, though. "We... We don't know either!"

"He shouldn't have acted that way. An Astral Infant cultivator like him can basically do whatever he wants in the open. Why lurk in secret?" Wang Ke said, feeling suspicious. He turned around and looked at Zhu Yan.

"Why are you looking at me? I'm also a victim!" Zhu Yan said, feeling annoyed. Damn it. I was almost captured once again!

"Zhu Yan, they said you’re a troublemaker, and they are right on the money! I'm so damn unlucky for being forced to protect you!" Wang Ke complained in frustration.

"How did I cause any trouble? I didn't do anything, did I? What trouble did I cause?" Zhu Yan retorted angrily.


The Heavenly Wolf Sect disciples drew their swords; Zhu Yan's face froze before he shrunk to a corner.

"You are still in denial? Just look! How many days has it been after we left the Qing Capital? First, we found this naggy monk who wants to enlighten you. I had to help you to take him on, right?" Wang Ke asked with angry eyes.

The monk's face froze in astonishment. If you want to scold Zhu Yan, go ahead. Why do you have to add an adjective before my name? You are the naggy one!

"Then, new trouble comes your way! Murong Luguang and his juniors want to kill you! I helped you again and took them on, didn’t I?" Wang Ke continued his questions angrily.

Zhu Yan was dumbstruck, Things really seemed that way.

"Wang Ke, why didn't you kill him? And you are actually protecting him?" the Heavenly Wolf Sect disciples questioned with a frown.

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Novel Notes

Dear IGK readers, 

It's been one and a half years since I started IGK, and I think it's safe to say now that it's not doing well. 

After some careful thought and discussion with my wife, I have come to the decision to stop working on IGK and focus on my other commitments, e.g., my studies and other part time works.

The last chapter I will publish will be 192.2.

Thank you for your supports thus far, especially my dear patrons! Sorry to disappoint those who love this story very much. I've really been enjoying it so far and I do feel reluctant to let it go, but circumstance calls for it.