Chapter153.3 Mo Sanshan, The Gossiper (3/3)
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Indestructible God King Chapter153.3 Mo Sanshan, The Gossiper (3/3)

"But he's going to kill me!" Wang Ke said anxiously, "What should I do now? Master, you are the cause of all this; you can't just leave me to die in his hands!"

"Me?" Monk Jie Se's face froze.

What has this got to do with me?


At that moment—the coffin burst open amidst the fiery flames. Zhang Li'er glowed with a reddish hue as she walked out clad in a beautiful dress.

"Zhang... Zhang Li'er!" Wang Ke said anxiously.

Zhang Li'er had already left the coffin before Murong Luguang began his rampage.

"Wang Ke, time to settle the score!" Zhang Li'er said with a chilling voice.

"The score? I don't owe you anything! Why knock my subordinates out? How did they ever offend you?" Wang Ke asked angrily.

All his men inside the temple had passed out.

"I'm not the one who did that!" Zhang Li'er replied.

"Who else then?" Wang Ke asked with a raging tone.

You were the only ones inside the temple. Who else can it be?

Monk Jie Se interrupted them, "Amitābha, there's still Zhu Yan!"

"Zhu Yan?" Wang Ke raised his eyebrow.

Where’s Zhu Yan? Wasn't he hiding inside the temple? Where’d he go?

"Save me, Wang Ke, save me!" a cry for help came from a treetop.

Everyone turned and saw a man in black who had captured Zhu Yan. The newcomer was trying to take Zhu Yan away, but he got careless and Zhu Yan called for help.

"How dare you, demon! How dare you steal someone under my watch?" Monk Jie Se stared at the intruder and was about to act.

But before the monk could move—the man in black looked shocked when he saw the monk.

"Hall Lord Mo, why are you holding onto Zhu Yan?" Wang Ke asked.

That man in black froze on the spot, then turned to look at Wang Ke.

"Wang Ke, who did you say I am?" the man asked with a hoarse voice.

"Hall Lord Mo, you incited Murong Luguang to act against me, and now you came to steal Zhu Yan? What an inhumane way of doing things! You’re an Astral Infant cultivator; why don't you just snatch things in the open? I can't defend myself against you anyway! Why sneak up and take my people? You are really too much!" Wang Ke chided the man in black.

"Wang Ke, how can you be so sure that I'm Mo Sanshan?" the black-robed man raged.

"You did change your shoes this time! But look at your hand. That Rolex, no, I mean, the storage bangle on your wrist, you had it last time!" Wang Ke replied.

The man in black looked at his storage bangle, then he angrily flipped back his hood. Damn it. This Wang Ke is a freak! How is he able to expose me every single time!

"Hall Lord Mo, did Wang Ke speak the truth? You urged our Eldest apprentice-brother to go after Wang Ke? All to kidnap this man in secret? What’s your agenda?" a Heavenly Wolf Sect disciple asked with a glare.

Murong Luguang was currently at a critical junction of his breakthrough. Green flames shot out in all directions before he entered a somewhat meditative state.

"Me? I'm also…!" Mo Sanshan looked at Zhu Yan in frustration.

"Mo Sanshan, were you the one spreading rumors about Wang Ke and I? How dare you tarnish my reputation?" Zhang Li'er glared at Mo Sanshan.

"Zhang Li'er, there's no way I’d spread rumors about you! It's all Wang Ke’s doing!" Mo Sanshan immediately explained himself.

Damn it. Wang Ke told me everything back in the Zhu Cultivation Town, saying that you’ve been wooing him relentlessly.

"Wang Ke has denied it! You are the one who kept on spreading rumors about us! How dare you lie to me?" Flames surged from her body as she was seething.

"It wasn’t me!" Mo Sanshan insisted in frustration.

A junior disciple commented with a frown, "Hall Lord Mo, you were saying a different thing when you returned to the Heavenly Wolf Sect and urged our Eldest apprentice-brother to chase after Wang Ke! You said that Wang Ke took a hundred hits from the demon in order to save Zhang Li'er, and that their relationship alone could even move the sun and the moon! You also said that Wang Ke could even take Zhang Li'er away from our Eldest apprentice-brother! That's why he came rushing here to confirm facts with Wang Ke!"

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Mo Sanshan's face looked extremely black. This Murong Luguang! Why did he tell you everything? I was only goading him! Don't you realize that?

"Mo Sanshan, so it really was you! How dare you slander me and insult my reputation!" Zhang Li'er shouted as flames burst from her body.

"Listen to me! Listen! It's not my fault; it's all because of Wang Ke!" Mo Sanshan cried out in shock.

Cranes' squeaks could be heard from afar all of a sudden.

"Squeaaaak! Squeaaaak!"

The beasts swooped down one after the other—

Each of them carried a Golden Crow Sect disciple.

"Eldest apprentice-sister, we realized you were here when we noticed the clouds, so we immediately rushed over. We finally found you! Thank goodness! We’ve been searching high and low for you!" a Golden Crow Sect disciple exclaimed.

"You were searching for me?" Zhang Li'er asked with a frown.

The same junior answered, "Yeah. We weren't worried about you initially. The juniors who returned to our sect told us you were safe with Wang Ke, but Mo Sanshan later relayed some intel, saying you went after Wang Ke for revenge and died in the Qing Capital. That's why we rushed here to look for you!"

Mo Sanshan's face turned even blacker. Yes, I'm undeniably the one who arranged the information to be sent over. But back then I was certain that you had died!

"Mo Sanshan, so it was you after all! You did all this!" Zhang Li'er shouted furiously.

"Hold on! Listen to my explanation!" Mo Sanshan cried out.

"All Golden Crow Sect disciples, heed my command! Set the Pyro Formation, and kill this scoundrel who tarnished my reputation!" Zhang Li'er shouted.


Zhang Li'er soared into the sky before she swooped toward Mo Shanshan like a meteor.

"Hold on! Listen to me!" Mo Sanshan was still trying to get a word edgewise.


The treetop was blown up by her flames.

"Eldest apprentice-sister, you reached the Astral Infant Stage? Nice!"

"What's so nice about it? Our Eldest apprentice-sister just broke through, and she's still unstable. Quick, get into formation; don't let Mo Sanshan hurt her!"



A furious battle broke out in the sky.

Mo Sanshan left Zhu Yan behind in frustration and sped toward the horizon.

"Don't even think of running! You crook! Stop there!" Zhang Li'er roared.


And so, Zhang Li'er led her juniors in hot pursuit of the Hall Lord. They quickly disappeared into the distance.

Wang Ke watched them leave and felt troubled, "So, it was Mo Sanshan all along? The guy’s no good! I knew he was not up to any good the moment I met him!"

All the Heavenly Wolf Sect disciples gave him strange looks. Did Mo Sanshan spread rumors about you? Do you think we’re blind?? You and Zhang Li'er's affair... We've seen it with our own eyes! You two slept together… Naked! You even took off her bangle! You called her wife. Even so, you still deny your relationship with her? How can you be so shameless?

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