Chapter153.2 Mo Sanshan, The Gossiper (2/3)
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Indestructible God King Chapter153.2 Mo Sanshan, The Gossiper (2/3)

"Amitābha, you don't know about it yet?" Monk Jie Se was a little surprised.

"Jie Se, why are you such a busybody? These are family matters; why are you meddling! You’ve created so much trouble for me!" Wang Ke complained.

You are so damn annoying! It took me so much effort to convince Murong Luguang to leave, but you’re pulling him back again?

"I just want to help you out a little. Besides, what's there to hide?" Monk Jie Se asked, feeling confused.

"Bullsh*t! It's not a matter of hiding or not. You are interfering with other people's disputes, and you’ll get struck by lightning!“ Wang Ke scolded him.

"I'm going to be struck by lightning?" Monk Jie Se looked unhappy all of a sudden.


A bolt of lightning struck the Demon Suppressing Temple.

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Wang Ke: "...................!"

Murong Luguang: ".......................!"

The lightning really listened to you?

"This must be a coincidence, right? I said it would come, and it really came? Why don't you come again!" Wang Ke said with a weird look.

"Booooomkrak! Booooomkrak! Booooomkrak!"

Next, eight lightning bolts bombarded the old temple in succession. The roof exploded into pieces, and smoke rose from the building.

Clouds started to dissipate after those nine lightning bolts.

Wang Ke looked at the disappearing thunderclouds and said in shock, "I didn't know I had a prophetic mouth! I said ‘strike,’ and lightning struck!"

Murong Luguang and the rest also looked at the dark clouds in a daze. They really did strike when Wang Ke spoke! But the lightning bolts didn't hit the monk!

While everyone was amazed by the lightning—the monk realized something and his eyes widened.

"Wang Ke," Monk Jie Se cried out, "Your wife was fried!"

"Your wife is fried!" Wang Ke cursed back.

"Really, look! Your wife was fried, for real!" the monk pulled at Wang Ke and cried out.

The latter looked in the direction the monk was pointing and saw that all his subordinates had been knocked out. Meanwhile, the coffin at the center was on fire.


The flames burned brightly; those lightning bolts had struck the coffin. And now, the coffin is on fire.

Murong and the rest rushed to the entrance and looked inside curiously.

Wang Ke's wife? Wang Ke's wife was fried? What just happened?

Seeing that a huge fire was started, Murong Luguang and his juniors were stunned. What happened? Wang Ke's wife is in the coffin?

"It's burning! It's burning? Is she going to die?" Wang Ke cried out in fear.

Zhang Li'er was still inside the coffin! Plus her weird illness causing feathers to sprout all over her body… I’ll be in big trouble if she dies here!

"Wang Ke, isn't your wife dead already?" The monk was puzzled.

"Bullsh*t! Put out the fire, quick!" Wang Ke said warily.

Just when Wang Ke was about to jump toward the coffin, a cry came from the inside.

"Wang Ke!" The voice was filled with anger.

The voice was music to Wang Ke’s ears. Nice! She's still alive, and she woke up?

Murong Luguang's face contorted. "That... is Zhang Li'er's voice? Wang Ke, how dare you say you have nothing going on with Zhang Li'er?"

"The one inside is Wang Ke's wife?" Another Heavenly Wolf Sect disciple looked at Wang Ke in disbelief.

Wang Ke said there was nothing between them. So, how is it that the one inside the coffin is his wife? If he calls her wife, how is that 'nothing'?"

The juniors turned their eyes to Murong Luguang, noticing that the latter had already unsheathed his sword, his face dark.

"Wang Ke, you need to give me an explanation!" Murong Luguang said coldly.

"What is there to explain? We are innocent, haven’t I said it already? It's all Mo Sanshan's rumor mongering; why would you believe him!" Wang Ke defended himself with an angry look.

Murong Luguang was agitated nonetheless, but he tried his best to suppress his anger because more secrets could have been hidden from him.

"Wang Ke, where’s my storage bangle?" Zhang Li'er berated from her burning coffin.

"Ahh, it's with me. Here! You were unconsc... Uh, no, I helped you guard it since you were asleep. I didn't touch any of the contents!" Wang Ke answered as he looked at the brightly-burning flames.


Wang Ke didn't dare say it. I can't tell her I took her money while she was knocked out! Wouldn’t that be taking advantage of her helpless state? Some pressure can be averted if I say you fell asleep.

Although Wang Ke did feel less pressure, Murong Luguang became more stressed.

Why did you take off her storage bangle when she was asleep? Do I even need to let my imagination connect the dots?

"Quick, give it back now. All my clothes are there! Do you wish to die? How dare you touch my bangle! I’ll take your head if anything is missing! Quick, I need clothes now!" Zhang Li'er's raging voice came from the fiery scene.

Her clothes were burnt to a crisp while feathers grew on her body; of course she needed clothes.

But the words gave Murong Luguang a great shock.

Asleep? Naked! Wang Ke took off Zhang Li'er bangle?

Is there still a need to find excuses for Wang Ke?

He even called her 'wife'!

Innocent? Innocent my *ss!

"Wang Ke, I'm going to kill you!" Murong Luguang roared.

"Eldest apprentice-brother, Eldest apprentice-brother! Calm down! Chill!" The juniors held onto Murong Luguang.

Right after Wang Ke tossed the bangle back to Zhang Li'er, he realized that Murong Luguang was after his life, crimson eyed.

"Eldest apprentice-brother, what are you trying to do? How have I ever offended you?" Wang Ke cried out in shock.

"Amitābha, your Eldest apprentice-brother’s head is green!" Monk Jie Se chimed in once again. (TL: To have green on one's head/put on a green hat means that he became a cuckold.)

Wang Ke: "...................!"

All the Heavenly Wolf Sect disciples: ".......................!"

Everyone turned to look at the monk. The monk is such a nagging meddler, but he's so damn good at summarizing the situation!

Wang Ke stared at the monk and said, "Ptooey! You, monk! What are you talking about? There's nothing between Zhang Li'er and me! Just as there's nothing between my Eldest apprentice-brother and her, either! Why are you trying to sow discord between us?"

"Really! Look! His head does have a green color!" Monk Jie Se explained himself immediately.

Wang Ke looked over and saw how Murong Luguang's hair changed color for real; his formerly black hair was now green.

"This, this… This…!" Wang Ke was dumbfounded.

"Our Eldest apprentice-brother's divine cultivation is about to break through?" a junior cried out in surprise.

Wang Ke looked at Murong Luguang in shock, "Eldest apprentice-brother, are you cultivating a green hat divine cultivation technique? Uhhh no, a green hair divine cultivation? You can break through like this?"

Not only was Murong Luguang's hair turning green, but a green ring of light also enshrouded him, as though a powerful wave of energy were about to burst out from him.

"Ahhhh~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~!" Murong Luguang roared.


Green flames shot out from his body, forcefully pushing the air surrounding him outward and sweeping up a dust storm. The already dissipated thunderclouds started to form again; something had made them reappear.

"Amitābha, looks like your Eldest apprentice-brother will have a bright future!" Monk Jie Se sighed in amazement.

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