Chapter153.1 Mo Sanshan, The Gossiper (1/3)
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Indestructible God King Chapter153.1 Mo Sanshan, The Gossiper (1/3)

Inside the coffin!

Red feathers grew all over Zhang Li'er's body and enveloped her like a huge cocoon. She had been awake for quite some time but didn't get out of it.

Although feathers could be seen on the cocoon's outer layer, the inside was red as fire. It surrounded her like a fire cauldron.

Once she opened her eyes, she sensed her situation in disbelief.

My divine cultivation is going to advance? This... This is what happens before the astral infant is formed? I've been stuck at the Golden Core's pinnacle for such a long time. How is it that I'm breaking through now? Oh, I got it! It's Wang Ke! He made me so damn angry! The bast*rd! Zhang Li'er thought with angry eyes.

She started seething the moment she thought about Wang Ke. The flame in her feather cocoon intensified as though advancing her cultivation further.

"Wang Ke? He ruined my reputation. Even my juniors are congratulating us for being a couple? Nonsense! There's not even an iota of a thing between Wang Ke and me! Who the hell spread the rumor? Was it Wang Ke? That doesn't sound right. He’s been clarifying that he doesn't like me. It shouldn't be him… but who else can it be? I'm so angry! Ahhh!" Zhang Li'er raged.

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The temperature inside the feather cocoon rose once again, pushing Zhang Li'er's cultivation toward a breakthrough.

At the same time—the extreme heat inside the cocoon somehow turned into an invisible energy that rushed to the sky. Then, dark clouds gathered and thunder clapped, as though a heavenly tribulation were manifesting. A heavy downpour started.

That was when Wang Ke noticed the change in the weather and sought shelter inside the Demon Suppressing Temple.

Zhang Li'er used her cultivation technique unreservedly and was prepared for the breakthrough. Although she was focused on channeling her energy, she could still hear what was happening outside. She didn't care about the casual conversations, but she started caring when Murong Luguang mentioned her. Zhang Li'er was surprised as she listened carefully. Me?


Outside the Demon Suppressing Temple!

"Why aren't you leaving yet?" Wang Ke looked at Murong Luguang, who was still there; the latter had a grim look on his face. Wang Ke admitted to being a demonic Branch Lord and that he worked with the demons. Even so, I can't kill him? Why? Why are you such a shameless man? You’re making yourself sound so justified!

"Wang Ke, I will ask our Sect Lord about your Branch Lord identity. Humph! But, you have to explain this to me clearly! Why did Mo Sanshan say that you’re together with Zhang Li'er?" Murong Luguang replied.

Inside the coffin—Zhang Li'er was stunned. Wang Ke and I are together? What the hell is Murong Luguang talking about?

"Murong Luguang, you must be crazy! Mo Sanshan is suspect, yet you believe what he said?" Wang Ke asked with angry eyes.

"Why doubt him? Humph, Mo Sanshan is the West Wolf Hall Lord, after all; his information must be well-supported by evidence!" Murong Luguang replied.

"Bullsh*t! Can Mo Sanshan do something else other than spreading rumors? How can he say such a thing? How dare he tarnish my reputation without any proof!" Wang Ke chided.

Murong Luguang: ".............................!"

Tarnish your reputation?

Inside the coffin—Zhang Li'er widened her eyes in disbelief. "Mo Sanshan? Why? Why slander me?"

"Humph. Mo Sanshan has already investigated the matter. He personally told me that your relationship with Zhang Li'er is stronger than gold! He also said that you took a hundred palms from a demon to save her!" Murong Luguang said coldly.

"Nonsense! Mo Sanshan is full of it! When have I ever shown feelings for Zhang Li'er? Why does Mo Sanshan like to stir rumors so much?" Wang Ke cried out angrily, "Now, not only the Golden Crow Sect's disciples think I like Zhang Li'er, even the Heavenly Wolf Sect disciples think the same! You guys must be too bored to believe Mo Sanshan's rumors!" said Wang Ke with angry eyes.

Wang Ke's denial made Murong Luguang feel better; his rage subsided to a large degree.

That's right. Why would Zhang Li'er fall for Wang Ke? Mo Sanshan must have been spouting nonsense. But why would he do that?

Back in the coffin—the flames around Zhang Li'er intensified yet again.

So, it was Mo Sanshan all along? The previous time at Zhu Cultivation Town also. This nonsensical geezer, full of slanders against me. When I come out, I'll cut you in two! Zhang Li'er raged.

Little did Wang Ke know that all of her fury was redirected toward Mo Sanshan in such a short moment.

"Wang Ke, are you sure there's nothing between you and Zhang Li'er?" Murong Luguang asked again to confirm.

"Of course there's nothing! What can there be? Zhang Li'er and I are innocent! Don't slander us!" Wang Ke shouted.

Murong Luguang was mollified upon hearing Wang Ke’s words, his anger fully subsiding. But suddenly—Monk Jie Se spoke up, "I can testify to the truthfulness of Wang Ke's words!"

"Hmm?" Wang Ke was stunned.

You’re just a monk! What are you going to testify about? I'm not even familiar with you, and you know nothing about me. Why are you trying to seek attention now?

Could it be that your nagging spirit is back again?

Murong Lugang looked at the monk doubtfully.

"Wang Ke and his wife have a strong marriage! I know his words are sincere, and he doesn't flirt with other women!" said the monk.

"Wang Ke's wife?" That caught Murong Lugang by surprise.

"That's right. His wife is inside this temple; that's why all your speculations are groundless! Amitābha," said Monk Jie Se with a stern tone.

"Wang Ke, you have a wife? Inside this temple? Who is it?" Murong Luguang asked curiously. Who is it?

There's no way I’d say it! I’ll be exposed if I say it!

"Wang Ke, I remember you saying that Princess Youyue is your girlfriend, but her father got between you two and made you part ways! You already got yourself hitched in such a short time?" Murong Luguang asked in disbelief.

“Enough, that's enough. Eldest apprentice-brother, please go back; I still have things to do!" Wang Ke urged.

"Heh! Wang Ke, I don’t believe you! Since I'm here today, I must meet your wife and see what she looks like!" said Murong Luguang.

Wang Ke, you shameless man! Of all the things you said, which is true? Murong Luguang was determined to get to the bottom of it.

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