Chapter153.1 Mo Sanshan, The Gossiper (1/3)
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Indestructible God King Chapter153.1 Mo Sanshan, The Gossiper (1/3)

Inside the coffin!

Red feathers grew all over Zhang Li'er's body and enveloped her like a huge cocoon. She had been awake for quite some time but didn't get out of it.

Although feathers could be seen on the cocoon's outer layer, the inside was red as fire. It surrounded her like a fire cauldron.

Once she opened her eyes, she sensed her situation in disbelief.

My divine cultivation is going to advance? This... This is what happens before the astral infant is formed? I've been stuck at the Golden Core's pinnacle for such a long time. How is it that I'm breaking through now? Oh, I got it! It's Wang Ke! He made me so damn angry! The bast*rd! Zhang Li'er thought with angry eyes.

She started seething the moment she thought about Wang Ke. The flame in her feather cocoon intensified as though advancing her cultivation further.

"Wang Ke? He ruined my reputation. Even my juniors are congratulating us for being a couple? Nonsense! There's not even an iota of a thing between Wang Ke and me! Who the hell spread the rumor? Was it Wang Ke? That doesn't sound right. He’s been clarifying that he doesn't like me. It shouldn't be him… but who else can it be? I'm so angry! Ahhh!" Zhang Li'er raged.


The temperature inside the feather cocoon rose once again, pushing Zhang Li'er's cultivation toward a breakthrough.

At the same time—the extreme heat inside the cocoon somehow turned into an invisible energy that rushed to the sky. Then, dark clouds gathered and thunder clapped, as though a heavenly tribulation were manifesting. A heavy downpour started.

That was when Wang Ke noticed the change in the weather and sought shelter inside the Demon Suppressing Temple.

Zhang Li'er used her cultivation technique unreservedly and was prepared for the breakthrough. Although she was focused on channeling her energy, she could still hear what was happening outside. She didn't care about the casual conversations, but she started caring when Murong Luguang mentioned her. Zhang Li'er was surprised as she listened carefully. Me?


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Novel Notes

Dear IGK readers, 

It's been one and a half years since I started IGK, and I think it's safe to say now that it's not doing well. 

After some careful thought and discussion with my wife, I have come to the decision to stop working on IGK and focus on my other commitments, e.g., my studies and other part time works.

The last chapter I will publish will be 192.2.

Thank you for your supports thus far, especially my dear patrons! Sorry to disappoint those who love this story very much. I've really been enjoying it so far and I do feel reluctant to let it go, but circumstance calls for it.