Chapter 152.2 My Wife and I Had A Strong Marriage (2/2)
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Indestructible God King Chapter 152.2 My Wife and I Had A Strong Marriage (2/2)

"Master, please stay out of my family matters!" Wang Ke said with a frown, "If you’re too bored, you can talk to Zhu Yan about committing suicide! My wife and I had a strong marriage, and I will not tolerate anyone's slander. We will be on our way as soon as the rain stops!"

You and your wife had a strong relationship, and you don’t tolerate any slandering about you two… And that's why you’re already considering remarriage? Indeed, the matters between men and women are things monks like us cannot understand!

"Amitābha" was the only thing the monk could say to Wang Ke.

After that, the monk suddenly turned to Zhu Yan with a serious look, and the latter's face froze. Are you trying to persuade me to kill myself again?

But before the monk said a word—he was surprised by a newcomer, "Hmm? Someone’s coming despite such heavy rain?"

"Wang Ke, come out!" someone outside shouted.


The voice was so loud that everyone's ears ached.

"Wang Ke, here's an enemy for you, haha!" Zhu Yan laughed in excitement.

"For me? Impossible! I'm such an overly kind person who makes friends everywhere I go. How can there be someone coming to find trouble with me?" Wang Ke asked with a frown.

Zhu Yan's face twitched. You? Kind? Pure crap!

"Clan Lord, they are members of the Heavenly Wolf Clan! The one in the front is Murong Luguang!" one of Wang Ke's men said.

"Murong Luguang? Why is he always coming after me? And he came all this way looking for me?" Wang Ke walked out of the temple with a frown.

His subordinates followed along; monk Jie Se trailed behind them out of curiosity. Only Zhu Yan was shocked; he was cautious, choosing to remain sheltered inside the temple.

Murong Luguang was standing in the rain outside the temple, with a dozen of his junior brothers. He was unleashing his essence energy to repel the raindrops.

"Eldest apprentice-brother, it's really Wang Ke!" a junior brother said when he saw the latter.

Wang Ke was also puzzled. "Eldest apprentice-brother, how’d you find out I was here?"

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"Humph; that's none of your business. Answer me, are you the Great Yin Demonic Sect's Divine Dragon Branch Lord? Are you in league with the demons?" Murong Luguang asked coldly with a hand on his sword.

"What? You’re a Branch Lord in the demonic sect?" Monk Jie Se was shocked, anger showing in his eyes.

The monk’s reaction caught Murong Luguang and his juniors' attention. Where did this monk come from?

"I am the East Wolf Deputy Hall Lord from the Heavenly Wolf Sect! Master, if you don't believe me, you can ask them. Moreover, I've shown you the token! Can you please not pour oil on the fire?" Wang Ke said to the monk, feeling frustrated.

"But…!" the monk said, frowning.

I can't shake the feeling that something’s off.

Then Wang Ke asked, "This is a friendly discussion amongst members of the Heavenly Wolf Sect. You, a Blood Temple monk, want to meddle with our internal affairs?" Wang Ke asked, also frowning.

Monk Jie Se lowered his voice and asked, "Are you sure this is friendly?"

It was obvious that internal matters were off limits.

But Murong Luguang and the others looked at the monk curiously. He's from the Blood Temple?

"Wang Ke!" Murong Luguang asked threateningly, "You haven't answered my question! Are you a Branch Lord in the demonic sect and have dealings with demons?"

"Eldest apprentice-brother, why are you asking this?" Wang Ke asked, showing a puzzled look.

"Wang Ke, if you have been demonized, Eldest apprentice-brother has the authority to slay you for the sake of the righteous faction!' said a junior standing behind Murong Luguang.

Still, Wang Ke shot him a stare. "Who are you? I'm the East Wolf Deputy Hall Lord, and I'm here speaking with your Eldest apprentice-brother. Who gave you permission to speak? Know your place; you are just an ordinary junior. How dare you reprimand a Hall Lord? Do you even know the rules?"

"You!" That junior's face immediately froze. He swallowed whatever he was about to say.

Wang Ke looked back at Murong Luguang and said, "Eldest apprentice-brother, what sort of question is that? We are all eradicating demons! We all have our own ways; why should I report to you?"

Murong Luguang replied with a chilling voice, "If you were demonized… I will cut you down!"

But Wang Ke shot back in a raging tone, "What the hell is wrong with you? Have I offended you or anything? What gives you the right to control how I do things? Doesn't my Revered Teacher know whether I'm demonized or not? Are you going to disbelieve anything I say? So what if I'm a Branch Lord of the demonic sect? I already revealed this to my Revered Teacher long ago; he knows this already! Why must you divulge such confidential matters? You are messing up our clan’s big plans by divulging this prematurely; the plans arranged by my Revered Teacher and myself might go down the drain!"

Well, I have no other choice; let me blow this out of proportions first.

"Ahh?" Murong Luguang was dumbfounded.

"Just like last time! You did the same that time too!" Wang ke said before his verbal abuse continued, "My Revered Teacher obtained a name list of all the demon spies in our sect and was prepared to catch them in one fell swoop! And what did you do? You were obsessed with virtue merit and wanted to snatch it all! What happened in the end, pray tell? You sabotaged my Revered Teacher's plan! The plan was to use the demon spies to fish out all the other demons in the network, but you exposed them all. Worse, you fell for the demons' trick, which allowed the demonic sect to capture and demonize the East Wolf Hall Lord She Qingqing! You have such a lousy precedent… You should have learned from such a harsh lesson! And yet you’re still bumping about so recklessly! Whatever is beyond your understanding you simply jump in rage and make a mess! Are you a three-year-old? Do you really need someone to hold your hand and teach you? Why didn’t you try to confirm facts with the Sect Lord and avoid a second blunder? Huh? Do you know how much you have affected our plans!?"

Murong Luguang looked embarrassed, not knowing what to say.

"Amitābha, Wang Ke. I think he's just passionate about slaying demons. It’s understandable!" Monk Jie Se could not bear to witness the scolding and tried to mediate between the two.

But Wang Ke ignored the monk—more like he had no choice but to play that card.

Murong Luguang is of a one-track mind. I don't know how he traced my steps all the way here, but this proves that my previous hunch was correct; we were being followed. If I don't hit first, I’ll be in huge trouble later!

And so Wang Ke continued, "Eldest apprentice-brother, this is weird. How did you manage to find me? We covered our tracks so carefully! You couldn’t have known that I was here! There must be someone provoking you to act, right? Last time it was Sun Song! Which demon is doing it this time?" Wang Ke asked.

"Mo Sanshan told me about you; don't tell me you think he's a demon?" Murong Luguang replied.

Some distance away—Mo Sanshan stood on a tree and observed in secret. Damn, you just sold me off like that?

"Mo Sanshan? That geezer! I feel angry even at the mention of his name. I took great pains in capturing Tong An’an and his men some time ago. I handed them to Mo Sanshan so he could interrogate them back in our sect… Why would he release them the moment I left?" Wang Ke said in anger.

Far in the distance—Mo Sanshan felt annoyed. Damn, who would have thought that Tong An'an would be so useless! You captured him again in a flash.

"You caught Tong An'an?" Murong Luguang found it impossible to believe.

"Why? Didn't I capture him once in God Wang Tower? Your inability to catch him doesn't mean I can't do it either! Just like I said, you have your ways and I have mine when it comes with dealing with demons! You use brawns; I use my brain. What gives?" Wang Ke asked.

Murong Luguang's face turned black. Are you saying I have no brain? You’re the only one with smarts? Ptooey! Were you really the one who caught him? Nonsense, the Sect Lord did! Damn you!

Wang Ke said, "I think that's enough; I won't say more. We are both Deputy Hall Lords, and we have equal authority! You have no right to interrogate me. Go and find my Revered Teacher if you still have questions! Please go back! Mo Sanshan released Tong An'an behind my back and manipulated you so you would fight me! You should go and investigate him instead! I think he's quite suspicious, since he’s involved in Tong An'an's escape! You should go back. The rain is too heavy. You’ll end up blaming me if you fall sick!"

Murong Luguang: ".............................!"

In the dark—Mo Sanshan: "..........................!"

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