Chapter 152.1 My Wife and I Had A Strong Marriage (1/2)
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Indestructible God King Chapter 152.1 My Wife and I Had A Strong Marriage (1/2)

The crowd lit campfires inside the Demon Suppressing Temple and started dyeing their clothes.

Wang Ke and Monk Jie Se chatted. The more that talked, the more Wang Ke felt that the monk had weird views on life. Why would anyone recommend people to commit suicide so readily? Didn't monks say that saving someone's life is worth more than building a vast temple? Why are you thinking about asking people to die?

"Zhu Yan, kill yourself! Convert yourself to Buddhism! Be a virtuous and good person!" Monk Jie Se kept trying to persuade Zhu Yan.

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The latter put up a black face. It was the third time Monk Jie Se had attempted to convince him. Damn it, I would smack you to death if I could overpower you!

"You should ask him first if you want me dead. Now, I'm his… I'm his…!" Zhu Yan pointed at Wang Ke, but had trouble completing the sentence.

He wanted to say he was Wang Ke's disciple. But if the monk thinks that Wang Ke is a demon, both would end up stuck there, suppressed by the monk. Disciple? I can't say it!

"I know. You’re wearing mourning clothes meant for children; you must be his son. The one inside the coffin is your mother?" said the monk with a nod.

"Your mother! Damn it!" Zhu Yan jumped in anger.

Your monkish head must be filled with water! I can't say 'disciple,' so you think I'm his son?

"He's just our godson!" Wang Ke explained.

Zhu Yan stared at Wang Ke. Damn you, taking advantage of me again?

"Godson?" Monk Jie Se was a little surprised.

"You can think of it that way! Master, please go back to your scriptures if there's nothing else. We will leave as soon as the rain stops. Let's just mind our own business, okay?" Wang Ke asked.

"But, aren't you a Heavenly Wolf Sect's Deputy Hall Lord? Why did you take a demon as your godson?" the monk questioned with a frown.

"That's the thing, I already cut ties with him! I'm going to deal with him next!" Wang Ke explained.

"Deal with him? Doesn't the Heavenly Wolf Sect deal with the demons by killing them straight away? Or am I mistaken?" the monk asked with a frown.

"Master, this is my family's problem. Are you going to step in and meddle with my family matters?" Wang Ke asked back.

"Ohh, my apologies. I'm too used to crunching through things to understand them thoroughly. The Buddha once said, 'If I don't suffer, who will?' If I don't understand things clearly, how will I be able to enlighten the people of the world?" the monk explained.

Wang Ke's cheek twitched in annoyance. What a nagging bore! Damn it, why am I wasting my breath with him! Am I nuts for chatting with you?

"Master, you are right," Wang Ke stepped aside and said, "Do carry on and chat with Zhu Yan. Sorry for disturbing you. Please!"

If you want to nag, go pester Zhu Yan. Leave me alone

Monk Jie Se turned his eyes toward Zhu Yan; the latter sucked in a mouthful of cold air.

"Ma... Master, is it because you’ve been here for too long that you’re feeling too bored?" Zhu Yan asked in frustration.

Monk Jie Se put his palms together and said sternly, "Buddha is merciful. I only want to enlighten you!"

"Why don't you go and enlighten Wang Ke instead. Stop coming at me, please? I don't feel like killing myself right now! I'm not talented enough to gain insights from your Zen teachings! You should talk to Wang Ke more! Look, his wife is in the coffin, dead as a doormat! He must be going through a lot of grief. You should try to console him!" Zhu Yan urged.

Since I can't beat you, I can at least drive you away!

The monk turned toward Wang Ke again after Zhu Yan's prodding.

Wang Ke was shocked. Why is trouble coming my way again?

"Wang Ke, I agree with Zhu Yan. Don't dwell on your sorrow for too long. A dead person cannot return to life; you should move on!" said Monk Jie Se to persuade him.

"The Master’s right. I’ve already moved on. I’ll find myself another wife once I bury the coffin!" Wang Ke nodded.

Monk Jie Se: "...........................!"

Damn. Didn't Zhu Yan say that you were mourning? You look the complete opposite!

"Wang Ke, are you already thinking of remarrying even before you bury your deceased wife? Aren't you sad?" Monk Jie Se asked in astonishment.

"Of course I am! That's precisely why I want to remarry!" Wang Ke explained.

The one inside is Zhang Li'er covered in bird feathers! She's not my girlfriend, Youyue is! Of course, I'm going to marry Youyue!

"You feel sad, and that's why you want to remarry? Why?" Monk Jie Se tried working through Wang Ke's reasoning.

"Haven't you heard of it? If you want to walk out of a relationship, you must step into the next one! What's wrong with remarrying?" Wang Ke asked.

Monk Jie Se: "...........................!"

Is that really reasonable?

"Master, you are a monk! You don't understand the matters between two people in love. It's very complicated and deeper than Buddhist teachings. I think you should go back to your wooden clapper and continue studying your own religion! We’ll be gone in a while, so stop asking!" Wang Ke said.

Monk Jie Se was still confused, though; he could not think it through.

"The Buddha taught that lust ends up in nothingness! You are obsessed with women, and you will end up empty! Take heed and give up going after women!" the monk said with a frown.

"You must be joking! I can abstain from anything but women! Men and women naturally correspond to Yang and Yin; we are meant to join and multiply! On my shoulders ride the heavy responsibility given by the Heavenly Dao to give my best for the sake of humanity to thrive. If I were to remain alone like you, wouldn’t I be going against the will of Heaven? Master, the punishment for going against Heaven is to be struck by lightning!" Wang Ke shot back impatiently.

Monk Jie Se's face twitched. Are you saying I’ll be struck by lightning?

Zhu Yan's eyes widened in shock. Only then did he realize that Wang Ke could reason with the crazy monk on such a topic. Indeed, only a freak can deal with another freak!

"As for the lightning strike, I'm afraid you’ll be disappointed, Wang Ke. The one to be struck by lightning is your wife!" said the monk, pointing at the coffin.

"Master, we’re chatting among ourselves; why go and curse the departed? How did she offend you while lying asleep in the coffin?" Wang Ke retorted angrily.

"No, I'm not cursing her; I meant literally. She's going to be struck!" Monk Jie Se explained sternly.

Wang Ke's face blackened. You are the one who'll be struck!

"Haven’t you realized? The sky was clear, and then all these thunderclouds suddenly appeared out of nowhere! Monk Jie Se asked with a grave tone.

Wang Ke replied, "I have. A thunderstorm arrived out of the blue, so we came here to take shelter! Master, you shouldn’t be superstitious! This is a normal climate phenomenon, caused by the clash of warm and moist air circulating!"

"This is not normal. Your coffin is drawing the thunderstorm; the lightning bolts are aiming for the coffin! Your wife, to be more specific! the monk explained.

Wang Ke looked at the monk in total disbelief.

Damn, Zhang Li'er is already going through a lot because of her weird disease making her grow feathers all over her body. And now you’re cursing her, hoping she’s struck by lightning?

"Master, you’re going overboard! Why hasn't it struck her yet, if the lightning bolts are indeed coming for my wife?" Wang Ke questioned in disbelief.

"The time is not ripe! But it should be soon!" the monk answered.

Wang Ke looked at the latter doubtfully. You can't best me in reasoning, so you choose to curse my wife? Damn, this monk isn’t very virtuous!

But Zhu Yan believed the monk. "Wang Ke, who’s in the coffin exactly?" he asked.

Wang Ke shot Zhu Yan a stare and said, "She's your godmother! Damn, Zhu Yan, you really won’t recognize your godmother just because I cut ties with you? Forget it. I’ll act on her behalf and cut her ties with you too!"

Zhu Yan was shocked, immediately realizing he had misspoken. He still had to follow Wang Ke for the time being, and the latter had to protect him. If I antagonize Wang Ke too much and he chooses to leave me behind, I'm going to fall into the monk’s hands!

Indeed, the monk turned and looked at Zhu Yan suspiciously.

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