Chapter 151.2 Put Down the Murderous Weapon and Become a Buddha on the Spot! (2/2)
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Indestructible God King Chapter 151.2 Put Down the Murderous Weapon and Become a Buddha on the Spot! (2/2)

Monk Jie Se shot Wang Ke a stare, "Wang Ke, didn't you say that I can’t unsettle what's inside his belly? Look at him nursing his belly, like he's trying to comfort a baby!"

"Oh, I think we misunderstood each other! Please don't be angry, Master! I didn't expect you to attack so suddenly! We are all civilized people; can't we just mind our own potatoes? We will leave immediately when the rain stops. You do your own thing; let's not get into each other's way. Okay?" Wang Ke suggested.

Monk Jie Se looked at Wang Ke with mixed feelings. He said, "Fine!"

Wang Ke waved a hand and said, "See, Master? You’re easy to talk to! I'm sure it was all a misunderstanding just now! Master, please!"

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"Amitābha." Monk Jie Se nodded. Although courteous, he was still looking at Zhu Yan with unrelenting eyes.

"Master, do you slay demons often?" Wang Ke asked.

"No. I have never killed anything before!" Monk Jie Se shook his head.

"Never killed? Then how come you had such a strong murderous intent?" Wang Ke asked.

"That's not murderous intent. It's just that I can’t tolerate demons running amok!" Monk Jie Se shook his head.

"You can't tolerate demons? And yet you don't kill? What would you have done to Zhu Yan if I hadn’t intervened?" Wang Ke asked curiously, pointing at Zhu Yan.

Zhu Yan also turned around and looked at Monk Jie Se in fear.

"The Blood Temple focuses mainly on enlightening demons. We will first suppress them and then try to enlighten them, letting them know that the ocean of suffering has no end. The only way to find land is to turn back! The best outcome is when we convert them into monks!" Monk Jie Se said.

"Enlightening them? You mean brainwashing them so they become monks? But aren't they still demons? Their bodies remain the same!" Wang Ke asked.

Jie Se placed his palms together and said, "Put down your murderous weapon and become a Buddha on the spot!"

But Zhu Yan said disdainfully, "What do you even mean by that? How many demonic disciples have you enlightened? Why don’t you try me if you’re that good! See if you can erase my demonic nature!"

Zhu Yan was emboldened upon hearing that the monk didn’t kill.

"Does someone have a saber?" Monk Jie Se looked at Wang Ke.

"Uhh, I do have one. Master, are you going to show us how you enlighten a demon? Here you go! Let me see what you mean by 'Put Down Your Murderous Weapon and Become a Saint Right Now!'" Wang Ke took out a saber and passed it to the monk. Monk Jie Se felt the blade's tip before turning his eyes to Zhu Yan. He said, "Come. This is for you!"

"For me? What do I do with it?" Zhu Yan was stunned.

"You are a demon and have already committed boundless killing iniquities. Don’t you know that each life is invaluable? The Heavenly Dao doesn’t tolerate demons feasting on humans. That's why…!" The monk nagged as he tried to persuade.

Wang Ke's eyes were wide open as he looked at the monk. What a nag! Talking big with all those lofty principles; is he trying to annoy demons to death?

Indeed, Zhu Yan could no longer withstand the lecture after two hours passed; his face twitched in annoyance.

"Master, I know everything you said. I am a demon, and I know that demons harm others… But I had no other choice! I can't even control myself when the craving strikes. What do you think I should do?" Zhu Yan asked impatiently.

"Put down the murderous weapon and become a Buddha on the spot!" Monk Jie Se repeated himself as he handed Zhu Yan the saber.

Zhu Yan felt dazed while holding the saber, "What do you mean? I just drop this saber and I’ll stop being a demon? I’ll become a saint, right here and now?"

"No. Since you know the harm a demon does and realize your mistakes after hearing my teachings, you may cut your neck to take your own life!" the monk explained.

"Cut my neck? Take my life? You’re asking me to commit suicide?" Zhu Yan cried out in disbelief.

"That's right. You have no Buddha nature. I taught you for so long; if you attained any insights, you would eliminate a demon for the sake of the world, right here and now! You shall enter the Western Paradise after you slay the demon by killing yourself and becoming a Buddha when the saber touches the floor!" the monk explained.

"Tss~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~!" Wang Ke hissed, sucking air with clenched teeth.

That was Wang Ke's first time to understand what ‘Put down the murderous weapon’ phrase meant!

After the demon committed suicide, the murderous weapon would fall, and he or she would become a Buddha in the Western Paradise! Indeed, dying would take them to paradise!

"Clang!" Zhu Yan forcefully threw the knife to the ground.

"You... You’re crazy! Who would commit suicide willigly? Something must be wrong with me, to stay quiet all this time and listen to your nattering! To heck with becoming a Buddha!" Zhu Yan jumped in anger.

"Demon! How dare you spout such blasphemy against Buddha!" Monk Jie Se glared at him.

A powerful aura pressed Zhu Yan's knees to the ground. Only at that moment did the latter remember how powerful the monk was. There was no way for him to retaliate!

"Master, Master! Calm down, please. He's just dumb! Don't be angry!" Wang Ke tried to calm the monk down.

The effort paid off, if only a bit. The monk suppressed the anger in his heart and nodded. "Sigh, you’re right. I have yet to master the Buddhist principles so I failed in convincing him to repent. I also broke the law for not controlling my anger!"

"Uhh!" Wang Ke was stunned.

Zhu Yan's face also twitched. The aura pressed him down dissipated, and he immediately hid behind Wang Ke.

"His name is Zhu Yan?" Monk Jie Se looked at Zhu Yan expectantly, "I think I didn't speak enough about Buddha's principles to you. Why don't we try again? Shall we start over from the beginning?"

"No, no way! I'm not going to listen to your nagging! I will never kill myself. Give up on trying to convince me!" Zhu Yan rejected in frustration.

"Hmm, the Blood Temple? I heard your temple has remained in isolation. Is it because you keep all those batches of captured demons inside, lecturing them nonstop? You wait until they can’t withstand it and kill themselves, then you head out again to find new batches?" Wang Ke asked in shock.

"We don’t annoy them! We merely persuade them to repent!" Monk Jie Se explained, "To put down their murderous weapons and become Buddhas on the spot! To quickly convert to Buddhism and rescue the world from its suffering! Also, not every monk is as patient as me! Many of them kill demons directly; they have forgotten our mission to enlighten demons. All lives are equal; how can we kill others? I'm the only one insisting on enlightening demons!"

Wang Ke had a weird look on his face. I knew it. You’re the only crazy one!

"Master, why are you staying in this old temple?" Wang Ke wondered.

"The Chief Monk said a blood demon was being suppressed under this temple. Chaos will ensue in the Ten-thousand Great Mountains if the demon escapes! I'm guarding this place to enlighten the blood demon. My mission will be completed the day the blood demon is enlightened!" the monk explained.

"A blood demon? Being suppressed under this temple? And you’re enlightening him every day?" Wang Ke asked.

"That's right. It’s been many years now!" the monk replied.

"And you have never left this place before? Nothing has ever changed in this old temple?" Wang Ke asked doubtfully.

The temple was restored to the exact same state of disrepair as it was before I blew it up! Even the broken Buddha statue is exactly the same.

"Yes. I’ve never left this place before. This temple has never changed! A blood demon is being suppressed underneath it! It's a pity. I’ve tried to enlighten this demon every day for so many years, but nothing has happened yet!" The monk heaved a grieving sigh…

But Wang Ke looked doubtful. I think you are insane, though… Did the Blood Temple’s Chief Monk send you here because he's worried that you might become troublesome for others? You’re so obviously lying! I didn’t see you last time I came here! And yet you claim to have never left the… Nonsense!

Wang Ke stepped back a bit, out of instinct. I better keep some distance from this crazy guy!

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