Chapter 151.1 Put Down the Murderous Weapon and Become a Buddha on the Spot! (1/2)
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Indestructible God King Chapter 151.1 Put Down the Murderous Weapon and Become a Buddha on the Spot! (1/2)

Outside the Demon Suppressing Temple!

The temple was perfectly restored to the dilapidated form it once had; Wang Ke was greatly worried.

Is this place haunted?

Who was the one who restored this wreck of a place? That person must be nuts! If you want to repair it, fine! Why restore it back to the exact run-down state it had when I last saw it? Why?

And what’s with the wooden clapper sounds coming from inside?

Zhu Yan paused his footsteps instinctively upon hearing the wooden clapper. He thought the place was empty; the fact that someone was inside surprised him. A monk?

"Amitābha, it's an honor for this lowly temple to have guests. Dear almsgivers, please come inside; the rain is getting heavy!" said a voice from inside the temple.

It was the voice of a young man, brimming with energy. They knew not whether the man was a friend or a foe. Wang Ke's face looked a little grim.

"Clan Lord, it's a monk dressed in red! Ahh, he's coming out!" one of his men said. Then they saw a young monk in a red cowl walking out at a slow pace. He held onto a red-beaded bracelet, his eyes sharp and dominating. His eyes alone belied his unordinary nature. Wang Ke felt a little distressed.

The young monk scanned the whole group; his look made everyone anxious, as though they were being exposed.

"Amitābha. I am a lowly monk from the Blood Temple! May I know where all of you are from and where are you headed?" the red-cowled monk asked with a smile.

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The smile seemed amiable but hidden within it was an instinctual hostility. A murderous intent even!

‘Blood Temple’ ...Wang Ke's eyes glowed when he heard the name.

The four top-tier immortal sects in the Ten-thousand Great Mountains were the Heavenly Wolf Sect, the Golden Crow Sect, the Great Yin Demonic Sect, and the Blood Temple.

The Blood Temple is considered one of the most powerful sects among the righteous faction. We are on the same side! I can try to gain his favor!

"Hahaha, greetings to you, Blood Temple master! I am from the Heavenly Wolf Sect, currently the East Wolf Deputy Hall Lord. I have a token to prove my identity!" Wang Ke said with a smile as he took out his token.

"Oh? A Deputy Hall Lord from the East Wolf Hall?" The red-robed monk received the token, a little surprised. He nodded after inspecting the token carefully, then returned the token to Wang Ke.

“This token does belong to the Heavenly Wolf Sect's Hall Lord indeed. I apologize for my inappropriate manners!" The red-robed monk bowed slightly to follow etiquette. The hostility Wang Ke had sensed from the monk disappeared by then, and he felt relieved.

"Master, you are being too courteous. My name is Wang Ke; we would like to enter and take cover from the rain. So sorry to disturb you!" Wang Ke said with a smile.

"You don't have to call me 'Master.' Just call this lowly monk 'Jie Se', my monastic name!" the monk replied, smiling.

"Jie… Se? Ohhh... What a good monastic name!" Wang Ke commented with an awkward look.

I know people who were given the wrong name, but never have I known anyone with the wrong nickname! Uh no, I mean, monastic name! His name means ‘to abstain from lust.’ Could it be that he…?

“Everyone, please come in!" Jie Se invited them warmly.

Wang Ke instructed his subordinates, "All the ladies, ensure you are well covered! Can you be more aware of the situation? Move away! Don't get in the Master's way!"

"Understood!" His subordinates responded before carrying the coffin into the temple. Zhu Yan was completely silent at the moment, not daring to utter a single word. He concealed his demonic Qi, fearing that Monk Jie Se might find out he was a demon at any moment.

"Master Wang, I notice you care a lot about the person inside the coffin… Since you got in, you’ve seemed worried that the coffin might be hit when handled. Why is this so?" Jie Se asked curiously.

Wang Ke was stunned. This monk is paying this much attention to me? He's taking in all the little details of my body language?

Wang Ke asked curiously, "Master, you haven't heard my name before?"

"This little monk has been guarding this old temple for a very long time and has not left even once; I'm not familiar with the things happening outside! That must be why I haven't heard of your name before!" Jie Se nodded.

Wang Ke had a doubtful look on his face. You’re bluffing! The temple was bombed to pieces last time we were here; we didn't see you back then, yet you tell me you’ve guarded the place for many years?

This monk is so creepy!

"Oh, the one inside the coffin is my wife. So please, let us respect the dead; please don’t show interest in her!" Wang Ke reminded the monk.

That took the monk by surprise. What... What do you mean?

Interested in her in what way? Why would I be interested in a dead person?

He suddenly remembered Wang Ke's words before the latter stepped into the temple. The ladies in the group seemed to be avoiding him, while giving him dirty looks, as though he were a pervert.

Monk Jie Se: "...........................!"

What kind of a person do you think I am?

"Master Wang Ke, I'm afraid there's some misunderstanding between us. The Chief Monk gave me this monastic name; he was considering the four major evil desires in life! Drunkenness, lust, greed, and anger! And so, my apprentice-brothers and I were named Jie Jiu, Jie Se, Jie Cai, and Jie Qi! I got the name Jie Se! But I am an upright person!" Jie Se tried to justify himself.

But Wang Ke felt rather strange. Why go out of your way to explain this much? I don't really care! You are giving yourself away by trying so hard to explain!

Jie Se felt helpless as he saw Wang Ke's distrusting eyes.

And the next moment—Monk Jie Se's eyes widened as he said, "Since you don't believe me, I shall not pretend anymore! Humph, why is the Heavenly Wolf Sect mingling with demons?"

"That’s the spirit! Speak like this and everyone will feel more at ease! You and your forced mannerisms really give me the willies!" Wang Ke laughed and relaxed.

Wang Ke's relief surprised the monk, who was about to burst into a rage.

Zhu Yan squeezed his face to signal Wang Ke to be on guard. Wang Ke, you are nuts! He found out! He knows I'm a demonic disciple. Why are you still being so carefree?

"You’re not afraid?" The monk looked at Wang Ke in surprise.

"Afraid of what?" We are both part of the righteous faction! Why can't we talk things out in the open? I'm standing next to a demon, that much is true. But I'm not a demon; what will you do to me?" said Wang Ke in all bluntness.

Although he spoke in such a lighthearted way, he still remained vigilant as he faced the monk. Most importantly, he knew almost nothing about the latter.

"Wang Ke, this is all your fault!" Zhu Yan shouted before immediately bolting away.

Damn it, you belong to the righteous faction; of course you’ll be fine! I'm the unlucky one here! The monk won’t stop to slay a demon like me! I'm dead!

"Ehh, don't run!" Wang Ke called out to him.

Don't you see I'm playing mind games with the monk and probing for more information about him? Why the heck are you running?

"Demon, how dare you! I knew that you weren't a human the moment I saw you. I'll make you show your true colors!" Monk Jie Se cried out.

The monk then flicked a finger, and a bead flew out from his hand. The bead expanded in midair and crashed heavily into Zhu Yan's back.


A beam of red light lit up the Demon Suppressing Temple. Next, Zhu Yan shrieked in pain before he fell to the ground and vomited a mouthful of blood.


The bead returned to the monk's hands after the act, and reconnected with the other beads. Meanwhile, Zhu Yan was badly injured, with black smoke rising from his body; that gave Wang Ke a huge fright. Oh no, I really hope the gold dragon inside his belly doesn't get agitated. We will all die if the beast decides to explode.

"Monk Jie Se, stop!" Wang Ke cried out immediately and prevented the monk from getting closer.

"Humph. You, a Heavenly Wolf Sect disciple, protecting a demon?" Monk Jie Se mocked.

"Who said I'm protecting him? He’s a demon I captured. How dare you try to snatch him from me without even asking? You must be too obsessed with getting virtue merit!" Wang Ke shouted.

Monk Jie Se frowned.

"Also, haven’t you noticed his belly? If the thing inside him is unsettled... Can you compensate for this? Doesn't the Blood Temple teach you guys to have a merciful heart? How can you do such a thing?" Wang Ke continued reprimanding the monk.

"His belly?" Jie Se looked at Zhu Yan, wondering about the thing hiding within.

Zhu Yan was also terrified that the gold dragon would explode. He immediately started to gently rub his belly after vomiting blood, all to comfort the gold dragon.

Monk Jie Se was shocked by what he saw, "Isn't he a man? Why is he with child?"

Zhu Yan froze when he heard that. Me? Pregnant?

Wang Ke was also shocked, "Master, are you abstaining from lusting over women, or is it men?"

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