Chapter 150.2 The Creepy Demon Suppressing Temple (2/2)
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Indestructible God King Chapter 150.2 The Creepy Demon Suppressing Temple (2/2)

Inside a great hall within the Heavenly Wolf Sect.

Murong Luguang looked at Mo Sanshan with an extremely frustrated face.

“Hall Lord Mo, you must be joking with me, right? Wang Ke is the Divine Dragon Branch Lord? And Zhang Li'er is infatuated with him? He took hits for her sake?” Murong Luguang questioned for confirmation with eyes full of anger.

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“I know you’re angry; you are Zhang Li'er’s fiance… Who would have thought this would happen? I always felt that Wang Ke had cast some sort of wicked spell on Zhang Li'er; or else why would she act that way, blindy chasing after Wang Ke? Now the evidence is making things clearer… Wang Ke joined the demons and was appointed as a Branch Lord; he must have used some demonic spell on her!” Mo Sanshan hinted at him.

“Hall Lord Mo, do you think I’m that gullible?” Murong Luguang said angrily.

“Why would I lie to you? Paper can’t prevent fire from spreading; the news will reach your ears soon. There’s no need to lie to you about this! A pity; Zhang Li'er is still oblivious that she was struck by some evil spell. Wang Ke is now acting in league with the demons!” Mo Sanshan said.

“Impossible! Impossible!” Murong Luguang loathed the idea.

“If you don’t believe this, why not go and take a look yourself? Surely you know the news about Great Qing’s ex-emperor Zhu Yan’s demonization! Right now, he’s under Wang Ke’s command; he is now Wang Ke’s disciple! Our men are monitoring them in secret. Why see it with your own eyes?” Mo Sanshan suggested with a smile.

Murong Luguang’s face was black as coal.

“Most importantly, Zhang Li'er is under a spell! I remember you saying that you would marry her for sure. But now…! Wang Ke might get her ahead of you!” Mo Sanshan said while laughing.

“Bullsh*t! I dare him to try!” Murong Luguang roared.

“They’re on the road. My men are watching; do you want to take a look?” Mo Sanshan offered.

“Where?” Murong Luguang asked angrily.

“I will send someone to lead the way. I won’t be going; Wang Ke is the East Wolf Deputy Hall Lord, after all. Let this matter be settled within the East Wolf Hall!” Mo Sanshan said.

Murong Luguang snorted coldly before he left the hall, following the subordinate Mo Sanshan arranged to show him the way. They quickly left the sect in pursuit of Wang Ke.

While looking at Murong Luguang’s back as they left, Mo Sanshan had an expectant look on his face. “Murong Luguang, I will entrust you with making a big scene! Haha!”

Mo Sanshan followed them in secret as he spoke.


In a forested mountain range.

A funeral procession passed through the forest, all clad in mourning attire. Some of the men were carrying a coffin.

Wang Ke walked at the forefront with a fake mustache and a frown.

Zhu Yan walked up to him from the back of the procession.

“Wang Ke, what’s the meaning of all this? Why do we need to be dressed like this?” Zhu Yan felt irritated.

Wang Ke answered, still frowning, “I have this unshakable feeling that someone is watching us! Someone is following us!”

“Ah?” Zhu Yan was shocked by the response.

Could it be that someone noticed the markings I left for She Tianba?

“That’s why I had everyone disguise themselves to fake a funeral procession!” Wang Ke explained, “This will help us escape danger when necessary!”

But Zhu Yan’s face twitched, “How does this help us escape?”

“It’s not for you to worry; just walk along. Also, don’t laugh and joke with the passersby. Are you not aware of your identity?” Wang Ke stared at Zhu Yan.

“What’s my identity?” Zhu Yan asked with staring eyes.

“You are dressed to mourn! These clothes are for the sons and grandsons of the deceased! So, you are in charge of mourning!” Wang Ke explained.

“Bullsh*t. I’m not going to mourn; why don’t you do it?” Zhu Yan stared at him.

“Can’t you see? All of us are playing different roles. I went as far as to wear a fake mustache! The one inside the coffin is my deceased wife! You are part of a play; you should at least know your character role! As for my character, he will just keep his sorrow buried within his heart!” Wang Ke continued to explain.

“Nonsense! The two of you are playing husband and wife, so that makes me your son?” Zhu Yan asked angrily.

“This is all because you were desperate to snatch this set of clothes! No one forced you!” Wang Ke answered him.

Zhu Yan: “.................!”

“Wang Ke, listen very carefully. I will not obey your orders. As for the Dragon Gate Assembly, I’ll be the one to decide whether I’m going or not!” Zhu Yan threatened.

“You’re not going to the assembly?” Wang Ke stared at him.

“Humph, you promised my ancestral uncle to take me there, but I didn’t promise anything!” Zhu Yan reasoned proudly.

“Aren’t you afraid your ancestral uncle might smack you if you don’t listen to me?” Wang Ke asked.

Zhu Yan froze.

Wang Ke looked at Zhu Yan and asked, “Moreover, there’s a time bomb inside your belly. That gold dragon may explode at any moment. Who will remove it for you if you don’t go to the Dragon Gate Assembly? Are you planning on exploding as you stroll down the street?”

And Zhu Yan’s face sank. Damn it! Why am I so unlucky!

He compromised and asked in frustration, “But, at least we shouldn’t be in such a hurry! We have been walking nonstop for ten days and nights! When can we rest?”

Wang Ke answered as he pointed forward, “I’m familiar with the place ahead of us. Over that mountain, there’s a small river. The place is flat and dry, suitable for settling down and getting some rest! We will get there soon!”

“You came here before?” Zhu Yan asked.

“Yeah, there’s a Demon Suppressing Temple, which is quite old and desolate. It’s located in a good environment, though it’s already been bombed! But it shouldn’t be a problem for us to rest and resupply!” Wang Ke said.

The Demon Suppressing Temple…

That was the place where Wang Ke and Zhang Zhengdao disguised themselves while trying to save Princess Youyue. Wang Ke filled his face with pimples while Zhang Zhengdao turned himself into an old lady. They encountered She Tianba in the end, with the latter dying after an intense battle, exploding to pieces; the Demon Suppressing Temple also collapsed because of that. A blood demon’s seed entered She Tianba’s body and revived him shortly after. The place was etched into Wang Ke’s memory.

The funeral procession climbed the mountain, and Wang Ke suddenly stopped, seemingly rooted to the ground.

“How... How is this possible?” Wang Ke was appalled.

“Clan Lord, there’s a temple over there! The plaque says ‘Demon Suppressing Temple’!” reported one of his subordinates.

“Wang Ke, didn’t you say the temple had collapsed due to an explosion? Why does it look fine?” Zhu Yan asked curiously.

“I don’t know either. Did She Tianba rebuild it? It looks the exact same as last time…” Wang Ke was confused.


Suddenly—they heard a loud thunder, which was followed by a heavy downpour.

“Clan Lord, it’s raining. Shall we find shelter?” another subordinate asked worriedly.

Wang Ke looked at the sky in shock.

This is so creepy! The sky was clear just now! How come rain comes down with thunderclouds the moment we see the temple? Is it a haunted place? Wang Ke wondered as he looked up at the sky.

He then looked ahead with mixed feelings at the old temple. The appearance of the Demon Suppressing Temple is too freaky. Should we take a look?

“What are you waiting for? Let’s go!” Zhu Yan urged as he ran toward the temple to hide from the rain, “It’s only a temple; what’s there to be afraid of? If you think it was rebuilt by She Tianba, the less you should worry! It’s a thunderstorm; we might get struck by lightning at any moment! Come on!”

Since Zhu Yan had reached an agreement with She Tianba earlier on and then heard that She Tianba was related somehow to the place, it seemed reasonable to wait for his partner there.

Wang Ke: “..................!”

Wang Ke could only ask the group to be on guard. And so they carried the coffin toward the Demon Suppressing Temple.

Once reaching the entrance, Wang Ke stopped because he could see fire inside the building. He also heard the sound of a wooden clapper.

Someone’s voice came from inside the temple. “Amitābha. It’s an honor for important guests to visit this lowly temple. My guests, please come in and take cover from the heavy rain!”

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