Chapter 155.2 Almighty Dragon (2/2)
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Indestructible God King Chapter 155.2 Almighty Dragon (2/2)

"Besides, the blood demon entered She Tianba's body and granted him many benefits!" Wang Ke pointed at She Tianba and continued to plead for his case, "Master, he is the ultimate culprit! I'm a virtuous person that would not even take for himself what others lost! Look, your Demon Suppressing Temple is damaged, and it's none of my business. And yet, I instructed my subordinates to repair it for you. I'm a good man! The bad guy is him, She Tianba! It was all because of him!"

Monk Jie Se fell silent for a short moment, realizing that Wang Ke made a lot of sense; then, he shot a cold look at She Tianba.

She Tianba was stunned. This shameless Wang Ke.

He then chuckled coldly. "Wang Ke, no matter how you try reasoning your way out of this, it's useless! Humph, I brought an old friend of yours; surprised?" She Tianba chuckled.

"An old friend?" Wang Ke was at a loss.

Did you come all the way here just for a warm reunion? Did I mistake your intentions?

"Snake King! I found him! Wang Ke is here!" She Tianba shouted.


A massive snake head emerged from a nearby hill.

Once the head was in the air, the sinister serpent looked as tall as a five-story building. And in the blink of an eye, the mighty reptile dashed to reach the entrance of the Demon Suppressing Temple.

"Over there! Wang Ke’s there!" The exhilarated She Tianba pointed at Wang Ke.


The Snake King also roared in excitement while staring fiercely at his nemesis. Wang Ke shattered his inner core, and the grudge between the two was irreconcilable. After that, the giant snake was also embarrassed because the Demon Sovereign punished him. It was finally time for vendetta.

Wang Ke's heart sank a little when he saw the massive Snake King, then he glanced toward Monk Jie Se.

He realized that the monk looked calm and completely unafraid.

He's not afraid? That's good!

"Snake King! Shouldn't you be on Divine Dragon Island? What brings you here?" Wang Ke shouted with a frown.

"What brought him here? Me, of course! Zhu Yan informed me wher

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Novel Notes

Dear IGK readers, 

It's been one and a half years since I started IGK, and I think it's safe to say now that it's not doing well. 

After some careful thought and discussion with my wife, I have come to the decision to stop working on IGK and focus on my other commitments, e.g., my studies and other part time works.

The last chapter I will publish will be 192.2.

Thank you for your supports thus far, especially my dear patrons! Sorry to disappoint those who love this story very much. I've really been enjoying it so far and I do feel reluctant to let it go, but circumstance calls for it.