Chapter 155.2 Almighty Dragon (2/2)
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Indestructible God King Chapter 155.2 Almighty Dragon (2/2)

"Besides, the blood demon entered She Tianba's body and granted him many benefits!" Wang Ke pointed at She Tianba and continued to plead for his case, "Master, he is the ultimate culprit! I'm a virtuous person that would not even take for himself what others lost! Look, your Demon Suppressing Temple is damaged, and it's none of my business. And yet, I instructed my subordinates to repair it for you. I'm a good man! The bad guy is him, She Tianba! It was all because of him!"

Monk Jie Se fell silent for a short moment, realizing that Wang Ke made a lot of sense; then, he shot a cold look at She Tianba.

She Tianba was stunned. This shameless Wang Ke.

He then chuckled coldly. "Wang Ke, no matter how you try reasoning your way out of this, it's useless! Humph, I brought an old friend of yours; surprised?" She Tianba chuckled.

"An old friend?" Wang Ke was at a loss.

Did you come all the way here just for a warm reunion? Did I mistake your intentions?

"Snake King! I found him! Wang Ke is here!" She Tianba shouted.


A massive snake head emerged from a nearby hill.

Once the head was in the air, the sinister serpent looked as tall as a five-story building. And in the blink of an eye, the mighty reptile dashed to reach the entrance of the Demon Suppressing Temple.

"Over there! Wang Ke’s there!" The exhilarated She Tianba pointed at Wang Ke.


The Snake King also roared in excitement while staring fiercely at his nemesis. Wang Ke shattered his inner core, and the grudge between the two was irreconcilable. After that, the giant snake was also embarrassed because the Demon Sovereign punished him. It was finally time for vendetta.

Wang Ke's heart sank a little when he saw the massive Snake King, then he glanced toward Monk Jie Se.

He realized that the monk looked calm and completely unafraid.

He's not afraid? That's good!

"Snake King! Shouldn't you be on Divine Dragon Island? What brings you here?" Wang Ke shouted with a frown.

"What brought him here? Me, of course! Zhu Yan informed me where the Snake King's den was and that he hates you; that's why I invited this old friend of yours to come get you. Hahahaha! Are you happy to see your old buddy?" She Tianba burst out laughing.

Wang Ke's face turned grim. He turned to look at Zhu Yan and asked, "Zhu Yan, seriously! Are you that bored? Why do you always have to find trouble for me? No wonder they call you 'troublemaker!' How many times has it been today? I must be getting eight lives of bad luck because of watching over you!"

Zhu Yan's face froze, then he rebutted angrily, "Who needs you to watch over me?"

But Wang Ke snapped back, "If I didn’t, you would have died already!"

"Humph, Wang Ke, you better deal with the Snake King first! Watch over me? You can't even watch over yourself now!" Zhu Yan said with a stare.

Zhu Yan was more than willing to see Wang Ke dead at that moment. But the only issue was that She Tianba had chosen both the wrong time and place. She Tianba, you must be nuts! Of all times, you had to choose now? If Wang Ke dies, Monk Jie Se and the Heavenly Wolf Sect disciples will turn to target me! What would I do then? Forget it. I will run away the moment they start fighting.

Wang Ke secretly took out his enchanted artifacts to protect himself against the Snake King. Just when Zhu Yan was preparing to run—he saw the Snake King's furious eyes suddenly turn toward him.

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"Sniff, sniff"

The Snake King smelled something. His eyes started glowing all of a sudden, and he immediately slithered toward Zhu Yan.

Zhu Yan immediately felt uneasy so he cried out, "Snake King, what are you trying to do? Wang Ke is over there! Right there! Why are you coming after me?"

"Dragon Qi? You have draconic ley line aura? Not even a human emperor would have such a pure and condensed dragon Qi. Unless... Unless they ley line dragon is inside you?" said the excited Snake King.

"What... What are you doing?" Zhu Yan had a strong premonition.

The Snake King's eyes glowed green as though seeing through Zhu Yan's belly and locating the sealed dragon.

"For real? It is! You have a ley line dragon in your belly? Hahahaha! Awesome! I can repair my inner core if I consume the gold dragon, then I will break through to the Astral Infant Stage! Hahaha, roar! Come to me now!" said the Snake King in a sinister tone.

"What? You, you, you’re going to eat me? I'm Zhu Hongyi's ancestral nephew! Didn't you say you wouldn't eat me?" Zhu Yan protested with fear.

"I am afraid of Zhu Hongyi, but I won't be anymore after I eat you and break through to the Astral Infant Stage. Draconic ley line! Hahaha, I didn't expect to gather such a bountiful harvest outside the Miasmic Sea this time around! Roar!" The Snake King cackled.

"No, don't!" Zhu Yan cried out as he ran into the old temple in horror.

"See, I told you, Zhu Yan, you are a troublemaker to the bone! You were the bringer of bad luck all along! Damn it, I must be so damn unlucky, to be forced to wipe your ass every time!" Wang Ke chided him with a stare.

He then turned around and said to Monk Jie Se, "Master, this beast will destroy your temple once again! Aren't you going to take care of it?"

"Little monk, whoever stands in my way shall die!" The Snake King move toward them in a fearsome manner.

"Little monk, you dare block the Snake King's way? You should hide quickly to avoid an unwarranted calamity!" She Tianba laughed out loud arrogantly.

The thirty-meter-long snake overshadowed the group of humans with an intimidating look, as if about to smash the temple to pieces with his head.

Monk Jie Se gave the Snake King a chilling look as he took a step forward. "Humph, futile shenanigans!"

The monk made a thrusting palm motion as he shouted, "Almighty Dragon!"

"Roar!" The Snake King opened his jaws and charged at them.


A deafening explosion made everyone's ears ring.

Next, a glowing-red gigantic palm appeared near the Snake King's head.

The massive impact sent the serpent flying away into the air like a cannonball; the hapless serpent crashed into a tall mountain, far in the distance.

Wang Ke and She Tianba's eyes widened in disbelief. Damn, a one-hit KO?


The Snake King was also unable to believe he had been pummeled by the monk.

Next, Monk Jie Se soared into the sky and stood in midair.

"What the... Flight Steps? So you’re an Astral Infant cultivator!" Wang Ke was shocked by what he saw.

Never could he have imagined the nagging mule of a monk was that powerful. He could send the Snake King flying with just one palm strike!

"She Tianba, you lied to me!" the Snake King roared angrily from a valley far away.

Freaking hell! You told me I could easily deal with Wang Ke if I came here! But why didn't you tell me there was an Astral Infant cultivator beside him?

She Tianba was also dumbfounded. I thought he was just an ordinary little monk! But he's an Astral Infant? Crap! I'm also fused with the blood demon he was guarding! I'm so dead!

"It's not my fault! Zhu Yan lied to me!" She Tianba shouted to push the blame away.

He ran back to the forest as he shouted.

But the monk looked at She Tianba with intimidating eyes, "How dare you try to run before my eyes, demon!"

Seeing his plan fall to pieces, She Tianba was in great distress. Why is the monk keeping such a close watch on me!

This won't do. I’ll be in big trouble if he keeps targeting me!

"Snake King, don't run! Wait for me!" She Tianba rushed toward the massive serpent.

Monk Jie Se pursued them with a frosty glare.

The Snake King and She Tianba were only at the Golden Core Stage; neither could escape Monk Jie Se's grasp.

"None shall escape! You beast, I'm going to make you show your true colors!" the monk shouted powerfully...

But his prey were not dumb, either. Do you expect us to stand here and wait for you to come at us? You must be kidding!


The Snake King spat out a dense cloud of poisonous miasma which loomed over his surroundings.

"Almighty Dragon!" Monk Jie Se let out a battle cry once again.

A ray of crimson light could be faintly seen coming out of Monk Jie Se's body, which looked like a red dragon descending from the sky. Followed by a dragon's roar, it charged into the poisonous miasma.


A loud explosion was heard, followed by the Snake King's painful shriek.


Loud noises were heard coming from that valley, likely caused by the Snake King flailing in pain. Other than the poisonous smoke, the others could only see countless bits of rock and dirt being swept up into the sky, while trees exploded to pieces. No one could have a clear sight of what was happening.

Wang Ke looked toward that valley with eyes full of shock, "Tssss~~, even a lunatic can reach the Astral Infant Stage nowadays? Should I quickly pack up and leave?"

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