Chapter 140.1 Worry Not, It’s My Denture! (1/2)
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Indestructible God King Chapter 140.1 Worry Not, It’s My Denture! (1/2)

“Why? Are you backing down? Aren’t you going to save Zhang Li'er? You don’t even dare take one of my strikes?” Zi Bufan looked at Wang Ke and mocked him.

Wang Ke’s face turned black. I’d be cremated on the spot if I received one hit from you. Of course, I wouldn’t dare!

“Parlor Lord Zi, why make things difficult for a fellow woman?” Wang Ke said with a helpless smile.

“Humph, you don’t even dare to face me, so stop with the hero act! Being the coward that you are, yet you have the gall to say you like her?” Zi Bufan said coldly.

But Wang Ke quickly responded, “Parlor Lord Zi, I believe there’s a misunderstanding here! I don’t like her!”

Zi Bufan: “..........................!”

“She is the one who likes me! It’s just that I can’t bear to see her die like this. I hope you don’t get the wrong idea!” Wang Ke emphasized.

Zi Bufan: “..........................!”

“I have to add, she is going through the same thing you’re experiencing, an unrequited love! A woman who could deeply empathize with you... Can’t you show her some mercy? Any mercy granted would be just like being merciful toward yourself!” Wang Ke tried to persuade further.

All the demonic disciples glared at Wang Ke. Damn, this Wang Ke is awfully bold! Where did he find the mettle to speak to Parlor Lord Zi like that?

“You don’t like Zhang Li'er? Then what’s with all the nonsense you spouted just now?” Zi Bufan asked.

“Because my situation is the same as that of Parlor Lord Zhu!” Wang Ke explained.

Zhu Hongyi looked even more annoyed. Stop pulling me into this!

“Oh?” Zi Bufan was puzzled.

“Let me put it this way. Your life or death will depend on someone else's decision if your fate ever resembles that of Zhang Li'er! Do you think Parlor Lord Zhu would do nothing in such a case? Of course not! That’s why. If you want to blame me, you should blame Parlor Lord Zhu first!” Wang Ke pushed the blame onto Zhu Hongyi.

The latter’s face was black as a pot. You shameless Wang Ke! Stop it!

Zi Bufan turned to look at Zhu Hongyi with a slight frown. If I were to be in danger, would Zhu Hongyi also rescue me?

“Humph. Wang Ke, the condition remains the same. I will spare her if you survive one of my strikes; how about that?” Zi Bufan restated her condition coldly.

Wang Ke’s eyes widened. Of course not! I’m not a fan of immolations, especially mine!

“Parlor Lord Zi,” he asked, “On account of Parlor Lord Zhu’s face, could you have someone else to deal me that strike?”

Zhu Hongyi shot Wang Ke a stare. Can you stop using my name for your own agenda? It’s my face, not yours! Why are you using it so freely?

All the demonic disciples also looked surprised; it was their first time seeing someone daring to bargain with Zi Bufan. You think this is a marketplace?

Wang Ke’s words seemed to have moved Zi Bufan’s heart, or she would have simply ignored him. If one day I’m captured, would Zhu Hongyi beg for my life so desperately?

Her heart wavered, perhaps because of how much Zhu Hongyi meant to her.

“Okay then. But it won’t be just one hit if someone else is selected!” Zi Bufan said.

“Uhh?” Everyone looked at Zi Bufan in surprise. The haggling worked?

“Not just one hit?” Wang Ke looked at Zi Bufan with a frown.

“She Tianba, weren’t you trying to kill Wang Ke? You’ll be the one to hit him!” Zi Bufan said.

“She Tianba?” Wang Ke’s heart was elated.

Not even Murong Luguang’s punches can kill me; a new Golden Core fighter like She Tianba is definitely weaker.

“Me? Parlor Lord, you’re asking me to hit Wang Ke?” She Tianba jumped out, exhilarated.

“That’s right. You, a Golden Core Stage First Level! Let’s go with a hundred palm strikes!” Zi Bufan said.

“A hundred? Parlor Lord Zi, I’m merely at the Innate Stage!” Wang Ke protested.

“You’re unwilling? Then…!” Before Zi Bufan could finish her sentence—

Wang Ke leaped in front of She Tianba and cried out, “Come at me! She Tianba! Aim at my chest!”

Zi Bufan: “..........................!”

Wang Ke was just acting humble, not expecting Zi Bufan to grant such an awesome offer. Of course, faking reluctance was in order.

She Tianba looked at Wang Ke doubtfully.

Wang Ke shouted at Zhu Hongyi, “Parlor Lord Zhu, please bear witness! Parlor Lord Zi has assured that she will release Zhang Li'er after I take a hundred strikes from She Tianba!”

“Wang Ke, you’re only at the Innate Stage, right?” Zhu Hongyi asked doubtfully, “She Tianba is already at the Golden Core Stage. Can you handle it?”

Wang Ke replied seriously, “It’s all right, Parlor Lord Zhu; I’ll deal with this on my own. Just being a witness should be easy for you, right?”

Zhu Hongyi nodded with a slight frown before looking toward Zi Bufan, as though complaining about the latter’s overboard conditions. But she merely responded with a pout, waiting for Zhu Hongyi to give in. Unfortunately for her, she was met with silence, which made her feel rather uncomfortable.

“Humph. She Tianba, go ahead!” Zi Bufan ordered angrily.

Right before She Tianba moved—Zhu Yan warned, “Parlor Lord Zi, you guys need to be careful. Wang Ke has protective artifacts!”

“Hmm?” Everyone looked toward Zhu Yan.

“She Tianba, remember what happened back at the Zhu Cultivation Town? I punched Wang Ke so many times, and he wasn't even injured once! The same happened on Divine Dragon Island, Tong An'an punched him but nothing happened to him! I’m sure he has some artifacts on his person!” Zhu Yan’s voice was filled with hatred as he tried to expose Wang Ke.

“Protective artifacts?” Everyone looked at Wang Ke with a frown.

Wang Ke was shocked; he then turned to look at Zhu Yan with gratitude. I really have to thank him for reminding me! It wasn’t a problem fooling Tong An'an back then... But now, if I remain uninjured after receiving a bashing from She Tianba, both Zi Bufan and Zhu Hongyi will suspect me! I can’t have him stop halfway! I need to hold on until the hundred palm strikes are dealt!“Zhu Yan is right. Everybody hold on, let me take off my protective gears!” Wang Ke immediately ran back into the hall; he returned after making some rearrangements.

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“Okay. I took off all my protective artifacts. She Tianba, you can start now!” Wang Ke said.

Everyone was puzzled. Wang Ke doesn’t want us to know what his artifacts are? That’s why he went into the building to take them off?

“Wind Divine Palm!” She Tianba’s palm landed on Wang Ke’s chest.

The prowess of a Golden Core Stage cultivator like him was so horrifying that the palm strike sent out a powerful gust.

All the demons felt nervous for Wang Ke’s sake, knowing that he was merely at the Innate Stage.


She Tianba’s palm landed powerfully on Wang Ke’s chest.


Wang Ke spat a mouthful of blood, which painted the ground where he stood. He was pushed back many steps before he finally steadied his footing.

“Haha, Wang Ke! How’s that? Do you still want to save Zhang Li'er?” Zi Bufan said in ridicule.

Wang Ke’s face turned red; he twirled his tongue inside his mouth before saying, “Cough, cough, I can still take it. Continue!”

Wang Ke walked back to the original position, his words conveying the pain he was “enduring.”

“She Tianba, continue!” Zi Bufan commanded mercilessly.


She Tianba’s second palm strike reached Wang Ke.


Another mouthful of blood was sprayed onto the ground. Wang Ke was forced back many steps, with a pathetic look.

“I’m okay. Come, continue!” Wang Ke said as though weakened.



Another mouthful of blood came out from Wang Ke’s mouth as She Tianba sent him flying backward.

The hostage Golden Crow Sect’s disciples could no longer bear to see it.

“Wang Ke is even willing to risk his life to save our Eldest apprentice-sister?”

“Although I don’t know why he’s mingling with demons, Wang Ke is truly righteous and faithful! No wonder our Eldest apprentice-sister is so in love with him!”

“Who said that our Eldest apprentice-sister is in love with him?”

“Senior apprentice-brother, stop lying to yourself. If there wasn’t anything between the two, why would Wang Ke risk his life to save her?”

“Could it be... Could it be real? Was Wang Ke telling the truth? Eldest apprentice-sister, she......!”

“There’s no way Wang Ke would be a match for our Eldest apprentice-sister!”

“Bullshit! Tell me then, who could be a match? Wang Ke is giving his life for her!”

“Yeah, I definitely can’t do what Wang Ke is doing right now!”

“If someone would do the same for me, I would give him whatever he wants from me!”

“Our Eldest apprentice-sister wasn’t in the wrong by falling in love with this man!”




The Golden Crow Sect’s disciples muttered among themselves. They were moved by Wang Ke’s persistence.

The most frustrated person was She Tianba at the moment. Why! I’m already using my full strength… How can Wang Ke still stand up? Why!

“Boooom!” The eighteenth hit.


Wang Ke vomited another mouthful of blood and flew backward. But then, he climbed back up with much difficulty once again.

“Why? Why! How can Wang Ke still climb back up? Ancestral uncle, tell me! Does Wang Ke still have a protective artifact on him?” Zhu Yan asked anxiously.

Zi Bufan looked at Wang Ke as though looking at Zhu Hongyi taking one strike after another for her own sake. She was overwhelmed with emotions by the scene, not paying much attention to the details.

Only Zhu Hongyi took notice!

Wang Ke vomited one mouthful of blood after the other, adding up to eighteen times already. An ordinary cultivator in the same Innate realm would have already passed out due to blood loss… Why was Wang Ke’s face in such ruddy health?

“Again, She Tianba. Did you skip your breakfast?” Wang Ke roared with a reddened face.

“Damn you, Wang Ke. Die!” She Tianba aimed his palm at Wang Ke once again.







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