Chapter 140.2 Worry Not, It’s My Denture! (2/2)
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Indestructible God King Chapter 140.2 Worry Not, It’s My Denture! (2/2)

And so, She Tianba completed his fiftieth strike and was gasping for air. Wang Ke continued to vomit blood and then climbed back up again.

Since Wang Ke was standing on uneven grounds, the vomited blood gathered in one of the hollows and formed a small pool.

A pool of blood?

Damn it. That should be all the blood inside a normal person!

Why is Wang Ke still okay?

“No way. There’s something wrong with the blood!’ Zhu Yan raised the alarm.

A few demonic disciples quickly walked up to inspect the blood pool.

“It really is human blood! Mixed with essence! It’s blood essence!” the demons reported.

Everyone fell into silence.

“I was born with a lot more blood than others, got a problem with that? Come again, She Tianba! There’s fifty strikes left!” Wang Ke shouted at She Tianba.

The latter’s face twitched as he shook his already numb right hand.

He then switched to his left hand.



Wang Ke vomited another mouthful of blood.

All the demonic sect disciples looked at Wang Ke with widened eyes. Is your mouth a fountain? You’ve vomited so much blood with all those hits already, yet you make it look like child’s play. The hollow on the ground is already filled with your blood!

“She Tianba, are you going easy on him?” Zi Bufan asked.

“I... No I’m not! I’m using my full strength!” She Tianba answered anxiously. He was fully aware that she had basically ordered him to kill Wang Ke, but the guy had yet to fall, even after receiving all those strikes. Him not using his full strength would be like face-slapping Zi Bufan directly; she would definitely not let him off.

“Cough, cough. Parlor Lord Zi, please do not blame She Tianba. He’s trying his best; it’s just that my skin is thicker, and I think I can’t hold on for much longer. I might die with the next move!” said Wang Ke in an effort to help.

She Tianba, “.......................!”

Oh, now I have to thank you for explaining things to her?

Wang Ke had no choice either. I have to help; what if she changes her mind and chooses someone else to finish the deed? I have to keep the act until the hundredth palm strike. This is getting difficult.

“Die, Wang Ke!” She Tianba raised his palm against Wang Ke again.



Wang Ke vomited; there was a blood arc in midair, which landed in the pool of blood.

“Wang... Wang Ke!” the Golden Crow Sect disciples cried out in shock.

A few emotional ladies among them even wiped their tears and said, “I’m jealous of Eldest apprentice-sister! Sniff, sniff!”

Seeing that Wang Ke was not getting up, Zi Bufan asked with a frown, “Wang Ke, are you really willing to give your life up for Zhang Li'er?”

The question made Wang Ke jump up like a spring, surprising the onlookers, making them think that he was playing dead.

“Parlor Lord Zi,” Wang Ke said as he approached She Tianba, “Please don't misunderstand me; I already have a girlfriend! I have no feelings for Zhang Li'er; she is the one who can’t bear to let me go. Don't sully my innocence, I beg you!”

Zi Bufan was annoyed by Wang Ke’s lively rebound, while the Golden Crow Sect’s disciples were moved by Wang Ke’s determination.

“I’m sure Wang Ke doesn’t want to burden our senior sister’s heart!”

“That’s for sure. Look at him! How much blood he’s vomited already, yet he’s still trying to set a clear division between them! He doesn’t want her to feel sad for him!”

“We’ve misunderstood him all along!”




The energetic Wang Ke immediately realized he was in the wrong mode and immediately showed a crestfallen face, extremely weakened. He then limped toward She Tianba.

“Wang Ke, you... You...!” The latter looked at Wang Ke, beads of sweat covering his brow.

Your pretense is too obvious!

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“Don’t worry. I looked lively just now since I’m on my last leg; it’s called the last brilliance before death. Come, carry on! You haven’t finished your hundred strikes!” Wang Ke urged him sincerely.

She Tianba: “.......................!”

“Quick, what are you waiting for?” Wang Ke prompted him again, impatiently.

She Tianba, the face of frustration, waved another palm strike at him.



The same scene again? Blood spilled all over?

Damn, why does Wang Ke have so much blood to vomit?

No one could wrap their head around what happened to Wang Ke; only Zhu Hongyi had noticed some details. There was something in Wang Ke’s mouth whenever he was sent into midair.

“Storage bangle? He shrunk it?” Zhu Hongyi muttered to himself in surprise.

He immediately remembered how Wang Ke had helped She Qingqing overcome her demonic addiction back on Divine Dragon Island. He had also “coincidentally” gotten his hands on many jade boxes containing blood essence!

He’s not spilling his own blood! He was vomiting his ‘leftover’ blood essence! Just now, when he entered the hall, it wasn’t to take off any protective artifacts; he used the chance to transfer blood essence into that storage bangle and hide it under his tongue.

No wonder he seemed to have developed a lisp; it was because of the item hidden under his tongue. The blood you vomit each time is the blood essence you prepared inside that storage bangle?

Everything is just an act?

Zhu Hongyi’s eyes widened, lost for words.


Wang Ke vomited a bowlful of blood and fell right into the blood pool. The Golden Crow Sect’s disciples could no longer bear to look; some of the female disciples were moved to tears.

Wang Ke got back up again and again, all thanks to a few more of the “last energy burst before death,” and walked back up to face She Tianba weakly.

She Tianba’s limbs felt drained of all strength as he gasped for air; he was overly fatigued after all those blows. He felt a sense of despair as Wang Ke climbed out of the blood pool and faced him again.

“Why? Why aren’t you dead yet?” Zi Bufan looked at Wang Ke in astonishment.

“Parlor Lord Zi, don’t ask me! You should ask Parlor Lord Zhu!” Wang Ke answered her with a weak voice.

“Ask me?” Zhu Hongyi muttered to himself in frustration.

“Parlor Lord Zi, I’m sure if Parlor Lord Zhu would go to such lengths if he were in the same situation. This and more, until you were safe!” Wang Ke said.

Wang Ke had no other choice. Parlor Lord Zi was a very powerful cultivator after all; it wouldn't be easy to bluff his way out of that predicament. He could only use love to warp her rationality, numbing her brain with flights of fancy related to Zhu Hongyi’s wholesome love for her.

The trick was working, as Zi Bufan’s turned her attention to Zhu Hongyi again; her eyes were exuding tenderness and love.

“She Tianba, quick. Quick! Go for the last one! Hurry up! One more and I will croak. Quick!” Wang Ke urged anxiously.

She Tianba’s face twitched in frustration. My limbs are already spent, why haven’t you died yet? And you’re urging me as though you’re selling me something! Should I be hitting you, or should you be hitting me?



“Hurry up!”



Sparks flew before She Tianba’s eyes as he smacked Wang Ke’s chest with all his remaining strength.


Wang Ke flew backward while his mouth sprayed blood profusely.

It was different this time, though. His last spills had only been bowlfuls of blood; but now, he vomited enough to fill a basin.

Wang Ke realized his gaffe. I was too excited and bit too hard! The entire box of blood essence broke and exploded! I can’t hold all the blood in my mouth!

Still in midair—Wang Ke knew that trouble was coming. He looked at the basinful of blood sprayed onto the ground with frustrated eyes; the whole effect was like heavy rain!

“Waaah!” All the demonic disciples were shocked.

“How... How could he vomit that much blood?”

“There are jade shards mixed in the blood? Why is Wang Ke vomiting jade shards along with the blood?”

“All that blood can fill a basin… How did he do that?”


Everyone was flabbergasted.

Wang Ke was quick to pick up the pieces from the jade box as soon as he touched the ground, then hid them in his pocket.

“My denture cracked! It’s made of jade! Don’t worry, I’m all right. I’m all right!” Wang Ke announced nervously.

“Denture?” the demonic disciples asked with astonishment.

By then even fools could notice that something was off about Wang Ke. How could he vomit that much blood? And so much of it in the end… Does he think we’re stupid?

“Wang Ke, you dare deceive me?” Zi Bufan glared at Wang Ke.


Wang Ke’s body shook, and a wave of air exploded from within his body, splattering blood in all directions.

“His cultivation had a breakthrough?” Zhu Hongyi muttered with widened eyes.

“Again? This again?” Zhu Yan remembered his own experience as he stared at Wang Ke.

“Innate Stage Level Seven?” Wang Ke muttered to himself with an appalled face.

So, I still can’t avoid this tribulation!

She Tianba—on the ground, gasping for air—looked up and saw how Wang Ke’s cultivation advanced. His rage was such that he ended up fainting, foaming at the mouth.

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