Chapter 139.2 Falling in Love with the Wrong Person! (2/2)
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Indestructible God King Chapter 139.2 Falling in Love with the Wrong Person! (2/2)

“I’m not looking down on you. It’s just that... I can’t believe what you’re saying,” Zhu Hongyi said.

“Why can’t you believe me? You don’t think I would put my integrity at stake for a joke?” Wang Ke asked with a frustrated frown.

Zhu Yan and She Tianba’s faces continued twitching as they listened. Do you have integrity to speak of?

Wang Ke continued with a complaint, “Parlor Lord, my original plan was to have She Qingqing over to solve this issue for me; she would have settled the whole situation already if she were here. But you insisted on coming! Look, you can’t help me resolve Zi Bufan’s grudge against me. And now, I’m just asking for your help to save someone. You just have to say the word and it will be done, but you refuse to help! Then, how?”

Zhu Hongyi stared back at him and said, “Don’t use Qing’er against me!”

“I…!” Wang Ke felt anxious.

This Zhu Hongyi is really petty. You have to remember I’m your wife’s superior! Such a small favor, yet you refuse to help out… Just you wait. I’m going to make it difficult for your wife and have her torture you at home. Humph!


Lightning bolts were spreading across the sky like fireworks. And soon, the battle was over.

None of the Golden Crow Sect disciples could escape; all were badly injured and captured, including Zhang Li'er.

Zi Bufan went personally after her and knocked her out with sheer power.

The tied-up Golden Crow Sect disciples cried out miserably, “Eldest apprentice-sister!”

They wiped us out completely?

Oh no, it’s over for us!

“Hahaha, how fortunate! My men failed so many times to capture Zhang Li'er, and now she just delivered herself to me! How effortless! This is the best day to consume all of her blood!” Zi Bufan said excitedly.

A Golden Crow Sect disciple raged weakly, “Zi Bufan, how dare you try to kill my eldest apprentice-sister! Do you know who she is? My entire sect will come after you for revenge!”

“I too was a Golden Crow Sect disciple too before I was demonized. Of course, I know her identity! Why else would I try to capture her so relentlessly? As to revenge against me? So be it; get your Sect Lord to come here! Hahahaha!” Zi Bufan burst out laughing.

“You… You… How dare you…!” The Golden Crow Sect disciples felt overwhelmed by anxiety.

Wang Ke’s jaw dropped to the floor. What? Zi Bufan was from the Golden Crow Sect? Then she was demonized?

“Congratulations, Parlor Lord!” the demonic disciples said.

Zi Bufan felt satisfied. She turned to look at Zhu Hongyi. “Humph!”

She was still angry because of what the latter had done just then.

“Parlor Lord Zi, almighty and powerful! How admirable!” Wang Ke walked up to her with a smile.

“Heh, little guy. Trying to lick my boots now?” Zi Bufan chuckled coldly.

“No, no! I’m being honest!” Wang Ke said with a bitter smile, “I was chatting with Parlor Lord Zhu just now; I wanted to ask him for a favor, but he refused to help me! That’s why I can only come to you personally to ask for this favor. Please pardon me for being thick-skinned.”

“Oh? A favor?” Zi Bufan gave him a puzzled look.

“It’s about Zhang Li'er; could you spare her life?” Wang Ke asked with a helpless smile.

“Oh? Why?” Zi Bufan asked disdainfully.

“Uhh, I told you just now! Actually, you and Zhang Li'er are quite similar!” Wang Ke explained.

“Uhh?” Zi Bufan was astonished.

We? Similar? And you told me just now? What did you say?

“Parlor Lord Zi, Wang Ke claimed that the woman who is delirious for him is Zhang Li'er!” She Tianba said with an awkward look.

“Uhh?” Zi Bufan was stunned.

The group of captured Golden Crow Sect disciples also widened their eyes in disbelief. What? What did Wang Ke say?

“Wang Ke, you must be joking,” Zi Bufan said derisively, “I know Zhang Li'er’s background. Given her status, how would she ever fall for you?”

“It’s real, but I rejected her. Hatred grew out of her love for me; she has wanted to kill me for quite some time. That’s her excuse to sway my heart!” Wang Ke sighed.

None of the Golden Crow Sect disciples could believe their ears. What the hell did I just hear?

Indeed, our Eldest apprentice-sister wanted you dead, but is it really like you said? How did it become an excuse? Hatred grown out of love? And all to win your heart?

“I’m sure you don’t know this: she had already taken a bunch of Golden Crow Sect disciples to offer help when I opened my God Wang Tower; she even represented her sect to back my business! After that she entered my office to confess her love for me. It was completely unexpected! Parlor Lord Zi, she’s actually in the same situation as you; she fell in love with the wrong person!” Wang Ke said.

Zi Bufan: “..........................!”

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Zhang Li'er refused to tell her juniors what happened in Wang Ke’s office, but then it somehow rang true, based on the events of that day. But this shouldn’t be so! Our Eldest apprentice-sister has very high standards! She didn’t even set her eyes on Murong Luguang; how could she fall for you?

Zhu Hongyi was also looking at Wang Ke with a black face. Damn, if you want to talk about Zhang Li'er, just say it; why involve me? You even said that she’s in the same situation as Zi Bufan, that they fell in love with the wrong person? Are you trying to use this to criticize me?

“Wang Ke, are you playing me for a fool?” Zi Bufan said in disbelief, “Zhang Li'er is the most favored disciple in all of the Golden Crow Sect. There’s no way she would fall for you! It’s just irrational!”

“Love has always been irrational! Love doesn't need a reason. Just like you fell deeply in love with Parlor Lord Zhu!” Wang Ke replied.

Zhu Hongyi was shooting daggers at him. “Wang Ke, what nonsense are you spouting!”

Zi Bufan looked at Wang Ke doubtfully before glancing at Zhu Hongyi with mixed feelings.

Can that be the same? I fell for Zhu Hongyi because he’s capable, and I love it. How is that the same in your case?

“Parlor Lord Zi, could you spare Zhang Li'er’s life on account of her having the same problem as you? and also on account of Parlor Lord Zhu and myself?” Wang Ke kept on trying.

Zhu Hongyi glared at Wang Ke. Why on my account? What does any of this have to do with me!

Zi Bufan was also looking at Wang Ke doubtfully. Could they really be…

“Heh, why should I even consider your request? Do you know how much effort I’ve invested to capture her? All for the sake of consuming her blood!” Zi Bufan said with a chilling voice, “Why should I listen to you when she’s finally in my grasp?”

Wang Ke frowned a little. My status is too low to convince her! Zhu Hongyi is acting like a log, just standing there and refusing to help! What should I do?

“Parlor Lord Zi, why don’t you put up a condition!’ Wang Ke said after taking a deep breath.

I’ll pretend I said nothing if your condition is too over the top! But, I can give it a go if what you ask is within my capabilities. Once I rescue Zhang Li'er our grudges will be cleared, and our ill fate will be severed.

“Condition? Heh, hahaha! No one has ever dared to rescue anyone I want to kill!” Zi Bufan’s chuckle was chilling.

“May I?” Wang Ke asked expectantly.

“Sure, no problem!” Zi Bufan said in ridicule, “You are such a faithful and affectionate man; how commendable! Much better than some heartless man!”

Wang Ke took a glance at the black-faced Zhu Hongyi. Some heartless man? Is she talking about you?

“Oh? Please state your condition!” Wang Ke said.

Zhang Li’er’s juniors had eyes lit up with hope. Is Wang Ke going to save our Eldest apprentice-sister?

“Very simple in fact. Take a hit from me; I will spare Zhang Li'er’s life if you don’t die. What do you say?” Zi Bufan said.

“Take a hit from you?’ Wang Ke’s face froze.

There would be nothing to fear if you were at the Golden Core Stage. I will even have a breakthrough! But you’re an Astral Infant! There’s a world of difference between the two stages! Can I really take one of your attacks?

My cultivation will surge to reach the sky if you hit me! My turbid essence Qi will also turn black in an instant; wouldn’t I then self-combust on the spot and die?

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