Chapter 139.1 Falling in Love with the Wrong Person! (1/2)
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Indestructible God King Chapter 139.1 Falling in Love with the Wrong Person! (1/2)

Outside the Qing Capital!

A squad of cranes swooped toward the royal palace, carrying Zhang Li'er and her other fellow disciples on their backs.

A Golden Crow Sect's disciples reported excitedly, “Eldest apprentice-sister, a trustworthy source reported that the Innate warriors hired in the Zhu Cultivation Town have arrived in the Qing Capital. Also, my crane caught sight of Wang Ke; he’s in the capital as well!”

“You found him? Good. Quick! I want to see that my brother is safe!” Zhang Li'er urged.


The cranes flapped their wings and entered the capital’s airspace.

“Over there. Wang Ke is right there!” a fellow disciple pointed in surprise.

“Senior brother Shenxu? That’s Senior brother Shenxu! What happened to him? He passed out?” another righteous disciple said in shock.

“Eldest apprentice-sister, hold on. Those are demons! Ahh, are those Zhu Hongyi and Zi Bufan? Two Parlor Lords of the demonic sect!” another Golden Crow Sect disciple cried out in fear.

“Squeak!” The cranes immediately stopped mid flight.

Two Parlor Lords and a huge gathering of demons? How did things turn out like this?

Zhang Li'er looked toward the open square in the royal palace. Wang Ke, Zhang Zhenxu, and a demon mob? With two Parlor Lords of the demonic sect? What should I do?

Run? But my brother is there! What will happen to him if I run?

“Eldest apprentice-sister! What should we do?” a junior begged for guidance.

She had a conflicted look, then gave her brother a reluctant look in the end.

“Retreat, quick! Let’s return to the sect and get help from our Sect Lord and the elders. Quick!” Zhang Li'er commanded.

She wasn't a reckless person. Given her ample experience, she knew fully well that charging into the demon horde would be futile; rescuing her brother would be nigh impossible and she could even die. Such actions would be outright foolish, even if driven by her love for her younger brother.

The only thing she could do at the moment was to call for reinforcements!


All the cranes suddenly turned around and sped away.

From a far vantage point—Zi Bufan narrowed her eyes and chuckled in a chilling tone. “Since you guys are already here, why do you think you can leave? Everyone, on my command! Capture every single one of them!”

“Yes, Parlor Lord!” all the demons responded.


The demonic disciples took out their flying swords and pursued the cranes.

The latter had already created some distance, though; it would be difficult to catch up with them.

“Running? Really? Don’t even think about it!” Zi Bufan chuckled mockingly, “You have escaped one time too many throughout these years, but no one’s going to save you this time!”

She took to the skies as she spoke.


Countless dark clouds appeared all of a sudden around Zi Bufan, covering the sky and traveling swiftly toward Zhang Li'er, looming over the latter and her group shortly after.

“Oh no! Quick! Defensive formation!” Zhang Li'er cried out.

“Formation!” The juniors gathered around the latter, and a stream of flames was shot into the dark cloud above them.

“Heavenly Violet Net!” Zi Bufan’s voice descended from the clouds.


A thousand lightning bolts exploded, reaching down from the dark clouds and shooting toward the Golden Crow Sect disciples.

The formation’s flame clashed with the lightning bolts.


A blinding radiance flashed in the sky. All the people in the capital were able to feel the shockwave; they were terrified.


Zhang Li'er’s cry of pain was heard coming from the flames. Next, the Golden Crow Sect’s formation burst open; cranes fell from the sky, enveloped by lightning and flames. It was quite the miserable sight to behold.

“Go, disperse and escape, quick!” Zhang Li'er shouted.

There was an insurmountable difference between the Golden Core and the Astral Infant Stage; no matter how clever Zhang Li'er’s tactics were or how many enchanted artifacts she had, she would only be on the losing end when facing an Astral Infant cultivator. She had indeed made trouble for Mo Sanshan previously, although back then it was more of him not wanting to retaliate as they both belonged to the righteous faction.

The fact was that Zhang Li'er was helpless when facing Zi Bufan. All her fellow disciples were also in bad shape, but the worst was that they couldn't escape, even after dispersing—the demonic disciples had already caught up and surrounded them.


Lightning bolts continued to strike from the dark clouds. All the Innate cultivators who had just arrived in the capital looked with admiring eyes.

Meanwhile, in the royal palace’s open square—Wang Ke looked conflicted.

Even though it was Zhang Li'er who had tried to seduce him—and even though he couldn't reciprocate—he could not bear to simply watch such a beautiful and relentless suitor die before his eyes!

Sigh! I’m still too soft-hearted!

Wang Ke turned to look at Zhu Hongyi and asked, “Parlor Lord Zhu, could you help me persuade Parlor Lord Zi to let Zhang Li'er go?”

“Hmm? Why? She’s a righteous disciple!” Zhu Hongyi looked doubtfully at Wang Ke.

“Uhh, fine. I shall not hide it from you anymore. Actually, the lady I was speaking of just now... the one who has been crazily trying to woo me... It’s her!” Wang Ke replied helplessly, “Look, I can’t just watch Zhang Li'er die!”

“You are saying that Zhang Li'er is wooing you, mad like?” Zhu Hongyi’s face twitched.

Zhu Hongyi thought that Wang Ke was only bluffing when he told them his story about the Golden Core woman aiming for him. But now it sounded more implausible for Zhu Hongyi after the identity reveal.

“Yeah! You see? You and I are the same kind of people! Sometimes, it’s just too heavy a burden being this handsome!” Wang Ke sighed.

Zhu Yan and She Tianba were nearby—their faces twitched in annoyance. Damn, you being handsome is a burden? Can you not be so shameless? Handsome, my *ss!

“Wang Ke,” Zhu Hongyi said, “Don’t joke with me! Zhang Li'er is the Golden Crow Sect’s eldest disciple. She’s a righteous disciple!”

Wang Ke replied, “I know! But so what? I was just like you when you were younger! Back then you were a demonic Parlor Lord, and She Qingqing was a righteous sect’s Hall Lord! But that didn’t stop the neverending love between you two!”

Zhu Hongyi looked a little frustrated after such a reply. How can that be the same? Qing’er and I were together before we joined the immortal sects. Yours is an unacceptable and wretched relationship! Not even that, I think you’re just bluffing!

“Moreover, I have a girlfriend already. She’s Princess Youyue!” Wang Ke said, “As you know, she’s the child of a demon and a righteous disciple! There’s no distinction between the righteous and the demonic when it comes to love!”

All of Zhu Hongyi’s subordinates gave Wang Ke weird looks.

Damn. Demons crave to consume righteous cultivators’ blood essence, and the righteous cultivators want to slay demons to claim virtue merit! It’s always been like this! The righteous and the demonic are irreconcilable! How come you speak as though the difference is trivial? And people from the two sides can date each other? Loving and killing each other? Consume the other after a date? Or kill the other after a date?

“Don’t speak such nonsense; my case is different from yours! Besides, Zhang Li'er is such a proud person, how could she be infatuated with you?” Zhu Hongyi asked solemnly.

“What’s wrong with me? Parlor Lord Zhu, are you looking down on me?” Wang Ke asked with a stare.

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