Chapter 138.2 I Prepared a Room for You (2/2)
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Indestructible God King Chapter 138.2 I Prepared a Room for You (2/2)

“Parlor Lord!” She Tianba and the rest cried out in shock.

Parlor Lord, how can you do this? Aren’t you here to kill Wang Ke? How can you just accept such a lowly bribe? Where’s your endurance in the face of temptation?

“You guys wait outside. Keep quiet and wait until I come out!” Zi Bufan ordered.

“Ah?” She Tianba was appalled.

You... you... I didn’t know you were such a kind of Parlor Lord! You wanted to kill Wang Ke just a moment ago, but now you can’t hold back any longer since Wang Ke prepared a room with a gigolo for you? Too anxious to go in? Hell, why!

“Understood!” Zi Bufan’s subordinates acknowledged her command.

And so, Zi Bufan walked into the hall alone.


Wang Ke helpfully shut the door and stood guard.

She Tianba was filled with rage. How did things turn out this way!

“Wang Ke, don’t tell me you cast some kind of razzle-dazzle spell on her!” She Tianba shot Wang Ke a death stare.

“I didn’t! What spell?” Wang Ke asked.

“Then why did Parlor Lord Zi listen to you…? Just, how...!” She Tianba refused to accept what had happened.

“Because Parlor Lord Zi is at the Astral Infant Stage! She can scan this place with her mind and know what’s inside!” Wang Ke explained.

“But, but...!” She Tianba was lost for words.

She scanned the room, leaving her enemy be while she meets up with a gigolo? How obscene must the room be!

Wang Ke saw that the newly arrived demons were keeping Zhang Shenxu hostage. “Hmm? Zhang Shenxu? How did you capture him?” Zhang Shenxu was left unconscious on the ground.

“Heh, I must thank you for this! Remember the underground chamber in your Gongyi Teahouse, back in the Zhu Cultivation Town? I was exempted from punishment since I brought Zhang Shenxu with me; I had previously lost her hundred and fifty thousand pounds of spirit stones!” She Tianba said proudly.

“You weren’t the one who captured Zhang Shenxu? It was me... on that day... Oh crap!” Wang Ke looked anxious.

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“Oh, crap? Why?” She Tianba asked in astonishment.

“You... Why did you bring Zhang Shenxu to the capital! That means Zhang Li'er is looking for him, and Mo Sanshan will say that he doesn’t know where her baby brother is... She will surely come after me again!” Wang Ke said anxiously.

“Isn’t that a good thing? Hahaha, Zhang Li'er shall vent her anger on you! You will have to suffer the Golden Crow Sect’s wrath!” She Tianba burst out laughing.

“Bullsh*t! What wrath!” Wang Ke snapped back, “It took so much effort to get Mo Sanshan to explain things clearly to her so she would stop wooing me. Now she has an excuse to keep at it again!”

“Uhh? Whh... what? Zhang Li’er? The Golden Crow Sect’s eldest disciple? Wooing you?” A demon next to She Tianba was flabbergasted.


At this moment—the door behind Wang Ke was swung open.

“So fast?” She Tianba looked at the hall’s entrance in astonishment.

Zi Bufan walked out with a black face, followed by Zhu Hongyi.

“Parlor Lord Zhu?” Zi Bufan’s demons were shocked.

Wasn’t Zi Bufan having fun with a gigolo? How come it’s Zhu Hongyi?

We imagined the wrong thing all along?

“Zhu Hongyi, what do you mean? Are you so reluctant to spend a little time with me?” Zi Bufan asked Zhu Hongyi with staring eyes.

“I’ve said my piece, making it as clear as possible. I don’t want to leave any room for Qing’er to misunderstand us!” Zhu Hongyi replied.

Wang Ke took a closer look at Zhu Hongyi and immediately retracted his gaze. Whatever the demons wanted to say, they also swallowed their words… All because they saw a pair of red colored lips printed on Zhu Hongyi’s cheek.

Damn, they only spent a moment inside the great hall. They could tell that something indescribable had just happened.

Zi Bufan had a grieving look, though, while Zhu Hongyi had a blank and stubborn look on his face. It was obvious that the latter didn't want to continue, and he immediately went outside to prove his innocence.

“Zhu Hongyi, you, you...!” Zi Bufan was on the verge of exploding.

“Calm down, Parlor Lord Zi! Calm down! Let me try persuading Parlor Lord Zhu!” Wang Ke cried out in shock.

Zhu Hongyi, what the hell are you doing? You’re here as our mediator to help me convince her. I’ll be the one to suffer now that you got her angry!

“Parlor Lord Zhu, didn’t you promise me to talk things over nicely with Parlor Lord Zi? Why are you being difficult?” Wang Ke asked anxiously.

Zhu Hongyi replied with a stare, “Wang Ke, you don’t know the situation. Don’t you meddle in this!”

Wang Ke: “......................!”

How is it that I don’t know what’s going on? Do you think I’m too blind to see the lips printed on your cheek? Do you think I wouldn’t know about it? And even if I didn't, you shouldn’t make her angry! I’ll get in trouble if she starts being unreasonable due to rage!

Zhu Yan, She Tianba, and all the demons were as quiet as mice. After all, no one would dare to speak recklessly while two Parlor Lords were in conflict.

Still, Wang Ke had to do it since it would affect his clan’s safety. But what am I supposed to say about the mess between the two of you?

Should I persuade Zhu Hongyi further? I can’t do that… What if he just leaves! What should I do? I should probably try to pacify her first.

Wang Ke chose to persuade Zi Bufan first, “Parlor Lord Zi, Parlor Lord Zhu is still taking some time to think things through. Don’t take it to heart, don’t be angry! Really, I understand how Parlor Lord Zhu feels! Please be patient!”

He couldn’t offend either side; he had to please both sides somehow.

“What do you understand?” Zi Bufan said coldly.

Wang Ke continued, “I know your feelings for Parlor Lord Zhu. All of us can see, but Parlor Lord Zhu is still unable to overcome the hurdle in his heart! Please be patient!”

Zhu Hongyi felt embarrassed, seeing that Wang Ke was speaking in his favor. After all, he had agreed to help, but in the end…

“You haven’t experienced this before! How dare you persuade others to be patient?” Zi Bufan said with a stare.

Wang Ke tried comforting her, “Who told you I haven't? It is precisely because I’ve been through such a thing that I know what Parlor Lord Zhu is thinking! Parlor Lord Zi, your relentless actions are suffocating! I know you love Parlor Lord Zhu, but there are many ways to love. He’ll end up becoming horrified if you drive him into a corner! I had such an experience before! I know his thoughts the best!”

“You? You’ve had this experience before?” Zi Bufan asked with a frown.

Zhu Hongyi also looked at Wang Ke doubtfully. Are you for real? I’m suffocating? It’s not that serious? I only wanted to avoid any misunderstandings for Qing’er’s sake.

Wang Ke sighed and continued, “Yeah, I recently went through the same situation. I have a girlfriend, and a woman laid eyes on me while she was away; I won’t name this lady to protect her privacy… I can only reveal that she’s a peak Golden Core cultivator sought after by many. But somehow—or it’s possible that I’m too handsome in her eyes—she went after me like crazy! But her ways to approach me are suffocating me! I am terrified of her now!

“Hmm?” The pair looked at Wang Ke doubtfully.

“Wang Ke, are you misunderstanding something?” Zhu Hongyi asked with a weird look.

“Humph, Wang Ke, you are merely an Innate cultivator… a peak Golden Core woman is crazy for you? Who are you trying to fool?” Zi Bufan said disdainfully, “Why not let her come out in the open? Which peak Golden Core warrior could be that blind, pursuing an Innate Stage like you?”

Just when Wang Ke was about to continue—

“Squeak! Squeak!”

Crane calls could be heard from afar, and everyone looked up.

“Golden Crow Sect disciples?” a demon said in shock.

“Their leader is Zhang Li'er, their sect’s eldest disciple?” another demon observed with surprise.

“You... are you a fortune-teller?” Wang Ke asked, looking at Zi Bufan in shock, “You spoke, and she showed up?”

“What did you say?” Zi Bufan looked at Wang Ke in a daze.

Wang Ke immediately threw curses at She Tianba. “I know. She’s surely here for Zhang Shenxu. Oh no, She Tianba, it’s all your fault! I had already asked someone to clarify things with her. But you! You provoked her into looking for me again!”

She Tianba: “...............”

How am I related to any of this?

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