Chapter 136.2 Zi Bufan (2/3)
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Indestructible God King Chapter 136.2 Zi Bufan (2/3)

“What task?” Zhang Zhengdao asked curiously.

“You, escort my second cousin-brother and a few hundred children to find them teachers at the Dragon Gate Assembly!” Wang Ke said.

“Why?” Zhang Zhengdao was puzzled.

“Zi Bufan, a demonic sect’s Parlor Lord, will soon arrive in the Qing Capital and come after me. It’s no longer safe here! All the kids following my second cousin-brother had good potential; they can’t just die here! I really can’t protect them if something happens!” Wang Ke explained.

“Zi Bufan is against you? How did you offend her? You’re as good as dead! Why don’t you leave too?” Zhang Zhengdao was shocked by the news.

“What will happen to the Great Qing Empire if I leave? It took my Wang Clan so much effort to inherit the throne! I can’t let it go to waste like that!” Wang Ke said solemnly.

“So you want to stay behind to keep the empire’s control away from Zi Bufan’s hands?” Zhang Zhengdao asked in astonishment.

“Yeah!” Wang Ke answered frankly.

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“How can you be so thick-skinned?” Zhang Zhengdao shot back at him, “ She’s an Astral Infant cultivator! A slap is all she needs to kill you! And you took her Lightning Whips; do you really think that your fart essence Qi is invincible?”

“Are farts all you can think of?! Just leave as I asked. If you’re unwilling, forget what I said. Stay with me and we’ll face her together!” Wang Ke replied.

Zhang Zhengdao’s face froze. Zi Bufan is coming for you. Why would you want me to stay? I don’t want to die!

“Eh, forget it. I shall wait for you at the Dragon Gate Assembly!”

“Works for me. Take good care of my second cousin-brother and his kids!” Wang Ke nodded.

The latter waved a hand to summon his second cousin-brother, who nodded eagerly at Wang Ke’s every command.

“Wang Ke, you’re really not leaving?” Zhang Zhengdao asked again.

“Leave, quick!” Wang Ke urged him.

Of course, Wang Ke wasn’t going to leave. Once he finished his Mahjong matches, he asked those demonic disciples to send a letter to Divine Dragon Island requesting She Qingqing’s presence. Why should I suffer because of your cliche love triangle?

Damn it. I have a backup plan if Zi Bufan dares to cause trouble!

It’s not quite appropriate for Zhang Zhengdao and the others to see my back up, though.

“No, I mean, you’re not safe here!” Zhang Zhengdao pressed on.

“Uhh, since when are you concerned about my safety?” Wang Ke asked in a daze.

“I mean, can’t you write a will first? That way I can inherit the whole shebang after you die!” Zhang Zhengdao requested bashfully.

“Get lost! I will make sure I won’t die before you do! Get lost now!” Wang Ke kicked Zhang Zhengdao away.


Outside the Zhu Cultivation Town, on a mountain top—

Zhang Li'er stared at a bunch of Golden Crow Sect disciples.

“My brother’s gone, just like that?” Zhang Li'er asked furiously.

“We’ve searched for a long time, but we haven’t found him! Eldest apprentice-sister, did you find anything related to the Heavenly Wolf Sect?” a junior asked curiously.

Zhang Li’er replied angrily, “Mo Sanshan, that old bast*rd! He only met me once, then he hid in his sect and refused to see me again! He also said he was deceived by Wang Ke. But how can that be possible? He's the West Wolf Hall Lord; what did Wang Ke lie to him about? That nonsensical geezer! What the hell is in his mind all the time! How dare he say that I’m infatuated with Wang Ke? Bullsh*t!”


“I don’t think Mo Sanshan knows where my brother is. Only Wang Ke knows!” Zhang Li'er said seriously.

A Golden Crow Sect disciple reported, “Wang Ke? That fox-like fella is long gone; we caught one of his subordinates. The bad thing as he claims to know nothing, no matter how we grill him! Maybe it’s true! Or he just has a really tight-mouth!”

Then Zhang Li'er asked, “Have you asked all my juniors in charge of intel?”

“Yes!” a junior answered, “One of them helped out in our investigation and found that all the employees sent out from the God Wang Company were hiring Innate Stage cultivators to fight wars in the Mortal Zone. They’re paying with insurance plans!”

Zhang Li'er gasped in astonishment. “With insurance plans? That useless paper can be used as money? Wang Ke must be nuts! He wants people to risk their lives without getting paid? Who in his right mind would be willing!”

“Uhhh, he already recruited a huge number of Innate cultivators. Many people were happy to join him!” that junior added.

Zhang Li'er: “.............................!

“Eldest apprentice-sister, this is really strange. Is Wang Ke behind this personally?” the junior asked.

Zhang Li'er remained silent for a short while before she nodded, “That’s right; he’s behind all of this. Keep a close watch on them and see where those hired cultivators are headed. We must find my brother!”

“Understood!” the juniors answered.

Zhang Li'er was pursuing Wang Ke for her personal vendetta, but she could not stay calm anymore, now that her brother was missing. She even thought of overturning the God Wang Tower to force the enemy to appear, but she didn’t do it because his cultivation was too weak; he wouldn’t know a thing about the tower from such a long distance.

And so, she waited restlessly.

At that moment—the first wave of hired Innate cultivators from the Zhu Cultivation Town made their way to the Qing Capital in the Mortal Zone. Meanwhile, numerous cranes were spying on them from the sky.


Mortal Zone! Inside a hall—

A woman clad in a purple robe sat down in the master armchair while holding a glass of wine. She was dressed to the nines, looking beautiful and charming, but none of her subordinates dared to look at her. Only a man wearing emperor’s clothes dared to stand closer to report.

“Ancestral aunt, don’t worry. The army of my Zi Clan has already subdued twenty cities; there may be some unrest, but everything is within my control. Soon, I will take over the Qing Capital! All to bring glory to you, my ancestral aunt!” said the excited man.

“You have yet to conquer the empire, and you’re already wearing the emperor’s robe? Aren’t you getting too far ahead of yourself?” the lady in purple asked.

But the other’s giddy momentum continued, “I have you around, ancestral aunt. What can the other military clans do? They are nothing!”

The lady in purple warned the other, “Humph. Do you know how many spirit stones I spent to help you take over the empire? Don’t you ever look for me again if you fail me! I, Zi Bufan, will not tolerate such humiliation!”

“Ancestral aunt, I promise you. Everything is in my control!” The man in emperor garb guaranteed confidently, “I have the greatest territory at the moment. Once the Innate cultivators you hired in cultivation towns get here, I will swiftly move to conquer the whole empire within half a year!”

Zi Bufan looked at her ancestral nephew and was about to nod in satisfaction—

“Oh no, your Majesty! Bad news!” an anxious cry was heard coming from outside the hall.

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