Chapter 136.3 Zi Bufan (3/3)
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Indestructible God King Chapter 136.3 Zi Bufan (3/3)

The would-be emperor put on a serious look. I’m reporting to my ancestral aunt right now; who dares to interrupt?

“Ancestral aunt, let me go and take care of it!” the man said respectfully.

Zi Bufan sipped her wine and said curiously, “Let him come in and speak. What’s the bad news?”


Soon, an official was summoned into the hall.

The official became terrified when he saw Zi Bufan in the main seat, surrounded by a throng of demonic disciples dressed in black.

“Can’t you see I’m talking with my ancestral aunt? What’s all this ruckus?” the man in an emperor’s robe asked.

“Your Majesty, all twenty cities under our grasp revolted at the same time!” the official reported anxiously.

“What? They revolted all at the same time?” The aspiring emperor said in disbelief.

That official explained in a hurry, “Yes, the will of the Great Qing’s former emperor was made known to the entire empire! It says that the throne will officially be transferred to the Wang Clan in the Qing Capital. They also declared that all other military clans are considered rebels! Any clan able to defeat the rebels shall be greatly rewarded. All the clans in each major city responded to the call and began to revolt!”

The virtual sovereign shouted, “The Great Qing Empire? The Great Qing Empire is gone! Where did the will of the previous emperor come from? Who is spreading the news? Who would believe such a thing!”

“It’s real! We just received the news!” the official continued in a bitter tone, “Those elderly officials from the imperial court are fully supporting the Great Qing’s continued reign. The ex-emperor Zhu Yan wrote an imperial edict to announce the transfer of his throne. His father also left a will! It states that the Great Qing Empire is to be ruled by Wang Ke, and Wang Ke transferred his throne to his big cousin-brother!”

“What... What the hell? Wang Ke? Big cousin-brother?” The man clad in emperor garb was greatly confused.

Zi Bufan stopped drinking her wine and gasped in surprise. “Wang Ke?”

“Yes, Wang Ke is in the capital. From what we’ve heard, this is what happened…!” the official briefly described the situation.

“Impossible. That’s impossible! All those officials from the imperial court… Are they all nuts? Why are they willing to support the Wang Clan’s reign, while also keeping the empire’s current name? What the hell are they trying to do?” the would-be emperor’s robe shouted, clearly in shock.

The official continued with an anxious tone, “Those old officials look ready to give up the ghost, but they used to be core officials in the Great Qing Empire. They had the greatest power! Their students and followers are all over the empire; they could simply send out some letters, and all those officials and clans we pacified will turn and listen to them instead! They used to have the widest network!”

“How... How…?” The would-be emperor muttered in despair.

The official continued, “We are now marked as rebels. Those who received imperial orders and letters from those old officials have turned to their side! It’s all because the Wang Clan in the capital holds the moral high ground! And now, all twenty cities are in chaos!”

“Army. I still have an army! Suppress the revolt, quick!” the ‘emperor’ ordered anxiously.

“It’s no use,” the official said with a heavy heart, “There’s mutiny in the army! We formed our forces by hiring powerful people and prominent clans! Our mid-tier commanders used to serve for the Great Qing, and now all of them are willing to serve the Great Qing once again! Also, those students and followers of those old officials are geniuses from our allied clans! Right now they are fighting for merit in all our army camps!”

“Impossible. Impossible! I conquered the greatest territory; how can it be gone overnight? Impossible!” The ‘emperor’ roared in anger.

“The revolting army is aiming to cut down all rebels for contributions and awards! Your Majesty, what should we do now?” the official asked.

What should they do? There was nothing their aspiring sovereign could do.

“Ancestral aunt, please help me!” The ‘emperor’ looked toward Zi Bufan anxiously.

The latter narrowed her eyes.

Great Qing Empire? The Wangs replacing the Zhus to reign over Qing?

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“Zhu Yan, you took benefits from me, but what the hell have you done based on what I asked of you? Humph! Your ancestral uncle is heartless; you’re no better!” Zi Bufan said with a chilling voice.

“Parlor Lord, I thought you sent someone to kill Wang Ke… How did he manage to appear in the capital?” a demonic disciple asked.

“Tong An'an, that useless bum! He used to be very efficient, but he hasn’t reported ever since he went to get Wang Ke!” Zi Bufan snorted coldly.

Little did she know that Tong An'an had already confronted Wang Ke multiple times. It was just that he seemed fated to do so with the worst timing!

“Ancestral aunt, destroy their leader and the gang will collapse. Why don’t… Why don’t you send a group of demonic disciples to the capital and exterminate the Wang Clan?” the ‘emperor’ suggested.

“Master Zi, that may be a rash decision! If we do take action, the righteous faction will investigate and trace it all the way to you! They will come for your head using your meddling with the Mortal Zone’s order as an excuse,” said one of the demons.

The would-be emperor froze. The righteous faction would come to kill me? You must be joking!

“Forget it then,” the latter said, “Ancestral aunt, didn’t you say you sent someone to hire Innate cultivators from the major cultivation towns? Why aren’t they back yet? Quick, send those newly hired cultivators to destroy their clan and say I was the one who gave the order. If not, at least use them to suppress the revolt.”

Zi Bufan frowned a little before looking at the black-robed man.

“Please forgive me, Parlor Lord; I was about to give my report, but Master Zi stepped in,” the man in black said, “I went to the Zhu Cultivation Town with She Tianba. He was confident that he could gather two hundred Innate Stage cultivators. I was too careless, though; he spent all your money and nobody was hired!”

Zi Bufan glared at the man in black, while the man clad in emperor garb really wanted to kick him to death. Bast*rd!

All the money's gone, and nobody was hired?

“It was all because of Wang Ke! Wang Ke is behind this!” the man in black quickly added.

“Wang Ke again?” Zi Bufan was doubtful.

“It was like this…!” And so, the man in black recounted the events back in the Zhu Cultivation Town.

“Wang Ke caused all this?” Zi Bufan asked with a chilling voice.

“Yes, and She Tianba!” the man in black added.

Zi Bufan sat in her master armchair with a frown, falling into deep thought.

The little emperor knelt before Zi Bufan and begged, “Ancestral aunt. You’re the only one who can help me now! Please help me, ancestral aunt!”

“Let’s go; no more waiting. Let’s go to the capital right now!” Zi Bufan said.

While she stood up—another man in black rushed into the hall.

“Parlor Lord, She Tianba is back; he brought someone that you want to see!” the person reported excitedly.

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