Chapter 136.1 Zi Bufan (1/3)
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Indestructible God King Chapter 136.1 Zi Bufan (1/3)

Qing Capital—in a courtyard!

Tong An'an and ten bald men dressed in black robes were spying on another courtyard from afar.


Tong An'an smacked that baldie on the back of the head.

“Chapter Lord, why’d you hit me?” that bald man asked in frustration.

“Don’t you know that the demonic sect is looking for me? All of the demonic disciples in the Qing Capital are all under Zhu Hongyi’s command! They will go after our throats once we make an appearance!” Tong An'an reminded them with a stare.

“Chapter Lord, you are the one on the wanted list, not us…!” The bald man covered his head, feeling wronged.

“Bullsh*t. Doesn’t Wang Ke know that we’re traveling together? He’ll figure out that I’m here the moment he sees you. Besides, he’s surrounded by demonic disciples; are you dead sure you can take him out successfully? Or do you want to suffer again like last time in the Zhu Cultivation Town?” Tong An'an said.

“Last time?” The baldies shuddered.

“Take it slowly, wait a little longer; we just have to keep our eyes on Wang Ke. Parlor Lord Zi Bufan will arrive in the capital shortly!” Tong An'an said with narrowed eyes.

“Parlor Lord Zi is really coming?” a bald man said in surprise.

“That’s right. Parlor Lord Zi knows that something he’s looking for is here, in the capital!” Tong An'an looked at the nearby courtyard with determination in his eyes.

At the courtyard in question—



Wang Ke and a few demon leaders were playing Mahjong, while Zhu Yan was tied up by the side with a black face.

Damn it. You want to play Mahjong? Go ahead! Why do you have to tie me up?

“Brother Wang,” a demon said with a frown, “Zhu Yan kept saying bad things about you. Just tying him up is not enough; shall we gag him too?”

“I’m telling the truth!” Zhu Yan cried out anxiously, “I heard loud and clear when Wang Ke spoke to those righteous disciples. He’s one of them! He’s a Deputy Hall Lord of the Heavenly Wolf Sect! Why don’t you capture him! Why have you tied me up!”

Zhu Yan was indeed speaking truthfully, yet everyone chose not to believe him. Wang Ke is a disciple of the righteous faction? Are you blind, or are we blind? Do you think Parlor Lord Zhu can’t differentiate whether he’s righteous or not? And what about the Demon Sovereign? You, a small fry who just joined the demonic sect, are able to see through Wang Ke? What the crap are you talking about!

“Forget it,” Wang Ke shook his head and said, “Zhu Yan helped me a lot in the past; I know he’s struggling in his mind and wants to vent his frustration. Let him shout; no one believes him anyway. Let him be our entertainment! He always makes trouble for everyone and likes to interrupt our Mahjong! Let’s leave him tied up for a while longer!”

“Brother Wang, you really are an amiable person! Not the least intimidating, even after becoming a Branch Lord! We are truly fortunate to have met you!” a demon said with a smile.

Haha, thanks for kind words. It’s nothing!” Wang Ke said, before asking with a frown, “Just one thing, what Zhu Yan said just now... Third Parlor Lord Zi Bufan is coming to the Qing Capital?”

The demon explained, “I’m not very sure about this news, but Zi Bufan does have a grandnephew who leads a military clan surnamed Zi; that’s the one rivaling your Wang Clan. Parlor Lord Zi supports her grandnephew completely and wants him to become the new emperor! She’s determined to wrest control over the capital!”

“Oh?” Wang Ke raised an eyebrow.

It means that someone will soon fight with my big cousin-brother!

“I’m pretty sure this is why Zi Bufan sent Zhu Yan to the capital. Alas, Zhu Yan only knows how to make trouble! And he brought it on your head, Brother Wang!” another demon said, shaking his head.

The demon seated in the opposing seat warned, “Zi Bufan might come personally, considering that her plan was disrupted by Brother Wang. You must be careful if she does, Brother Wang!”

“Zi Bufan? Will she disregard her image and make a personal visit?” Wang Ke said, feeling perplexed.

There’s no way I can fight back if an Astral Infant cultivator comes in person!

“Disregard her image? Sigh, she won’t relent whenever she’s determined to get something! Moreover, Brother Wang, you also blew her fuse!” the demon beside him said softly.

“Oh?” Wang Ke was shocked after hearing that. “When did I blow her fuse?” he asked.

“It’s not you, it’s your subordinate; the new Chapter Lord of Divine Dragon Island, She Qingqing!” that demon whispered.

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“What do you mean?” Wang Ke was stunned.

“You still don’t know anything about it?” That demon was shocked.

“Know what?” Wang Ke asked.

He smelled the strong fragrance of gossip.

“Parlor Lord Zi Bufan is interested in Parlor Lord Zhu Hongyi! She wooes him tirelessly, but she fails every time! And now, Parlor Lord Zhu is with She Qingqing; there’s even less hope for Parlor Lord Zi as it is!” the demon explained, “Parlor Lord Zi has a well reputed fame as a beauty in the demonic sect. It’s a pity; she’s been rejected by Parlor Lord Zhu lots of times! Her hopes were further dashed now that Zhu Hongyi’s beloved turned into a demon!”

Wang Ke: “..................!”

“She Qingqing is your subordinate; wouldn’t Zi Bufan hate you too? Do you know why Zi Bufan is so determined to get the Great Qing Empire? It’s all because the Great Qing Empire used to be under Zhu Hongyi’s protection! Zi Bufan had also helped him protect the empire back then. Come to think of it, I think Zi Bufan wants to keep the empire as part of her memories with Zhu Hongyi! She wants her grandnephew to rule over the empire so that she can keep those memories!” The demon continued, “She Qingqing works under you, and your Wang Clan is going to snatch Zi Bufan’s precious memories. Tsk tsk, Brother Wang, you need to be careful! If I’m not wrong, Zi Bufan will surely come after you soon!”

Wang Ke: “..................!”

He suddenly remembered his Revered Teacher mentioning that Tong An'an attempted to assassinate him back in God Wang Tower, following Zi Bufan’s orders. She wants me dead? Will she let me off easily now that she knows the Wang Clan is under my command?

Wang Ke ended his Mahjong games on a worried note, since he then learned about the love triangle between Zhu Hongyi, She Qingqing, and Zi Bufan.

He rushed back to the royal palace once the game rounds ended; Zhang Zhengdao greeted him.

“Wang Ke, you really went out to play Mahjong with demons and stayed for the entire afternoon?” Zhang Zhengdao looked at Wang Ke.

“Your eyes look weird! I only played a few rounds; what’s the big deal?” Wang Ke looked at Zhang Zhengdao, clearly puzzled.

“You are the weird one! They are demons! Disciples of the Demonic Sect! Can’t you see? The demonic and righteous factions can’t stand the sight of the other! Why didn’t they eat you!” Zhang Zhengdao was still gazing at Wang Ke in disbelief.

“Okay, enough talk! I have a task for you!” Wang Ke said.

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