Chapter 124.1 Wang Ke’s Retaliation (1/2)
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Indestructible God King Chapter 124.1 Wang Ke’s Retaliation (1/2)

Zhu Cultivation Town! Gongyi Teahouse’s great hall!

Wang Ke ended his speech; the registration and processing of all the insurance plans were handled by his employees. He sat in an inner hall to drink some tea.

Zhang Zhengdao was looking at him with envious eyes.

Damn this shameless Wang Ke. He hired so many Innate Stage cultivators to fight for him without paying a cent. They even paid him money to risk their lives! He’s getting everything for free! No, not just free; he even got rebates? How can you do that?


Wang Ke drank some tea, and his throat finally received a sorely needed moisture.

“Zhang Zhengdao, how did you come up with the idea of using the God King Seal just now? It really knocked the bastard She Tianba’s light’s out?” Wang Ke asked out of curiosity.

“Don’t you know?” Zhang Zhengdao was surprised by the question.

“Know what?” Wang Ke asked.

“It’s all because of the Dao Jade! It’s an extremely rare treasure! Dao Jade was made into Emperor Seals passed down from emperor to emperor outside the Ten-thousand Great Mountains. It can establish the empire’s auspiciousness and channel merit through it! Suppose it lands in the hands of powerhouses from major cultivation sanctums; they would surely carve a Heavenly Seal able to suppress anything in the world! Smacking someone’s head is child’s play! You only knocked She Tianba out because he’s already reached the Golden Core Stage. He would have lost his head if he were still at the Innate Stage!” Zhang Zhengdao explained.

“Ah? Heavenly Seal? Emperor Seal?” Wang Ke was surprised to hear those terms.

I heard those names in a TV show called ‘Gods of Honor’ back on Earth! Those items were treated as extraordinary treasures in that show.

My God King Seal is a type of Heavenly Seal? It has the power to stun and break people’s heads?

“You really didn’t know about it?” Zhang Zhengdao asked in dismay.

“I didn’t. But I still don’t understand; you said that the so-called Heavenly Seal and the Emperor Seal can suppress anything in the world… How come I don’t feel anything!” Wang Ke said as he sized his God King Seal.

“How should I know? But I’ve seen others channel virtue merit into it. The more merit is infused, the more powerful it will become! Yours is already quite powerful! I thought you knew about it when you chose to use the Dao Jade to make a Heavenly Seal. So you didn’t know about it at all!” Zhang Zhengdao said in astonishment.

“Haha, not knowing is okay; the most important thing is that I have one while others don’t! Haha! I’m so happy!” Wang Ke wrapped his arms around the God King Seal as though he had obtained an invaluable treasure.

The envious Zhang Zhengdao rolled his eyes like a dead fish. Damn, no one makes me angry like you do!

“Wang Ke, you struck it big this time around. How much commission do I get?” Zhang Zhengdao looked at Wang Ke expectantly.

“How did you help me this time?” Wang Ke asked with a stiffened face.

“Me? Didn’t it help you to keep order? And I detained She Tianba for you to hit! How did I not help?” Zhang Zhengdao retorted with a stare.

“Oh, sure. I’ll work some numbers and pay you a security fee!” Wang Ke nodded.

“Bull crap! I want a commission. How much can the security fee amount to!” Zhang Zhengdao objected.

“But the thing is, you didn’t sell any insurance plan, did you? I was the one who made the whole deal! Didn’t you see? My throat went dry!” Wang Ke said before he took another sip of his tea.

“Then what about me?” Zhang Zhengdao said.

“Be patient; I’ve only given you an example. There are seventy-two cultivation towns, you can go there too! I gave you a long and thorough demonstration; you guys should know how to make the deals already, right?” Wang Ke looked at Zhang Zhengdao and the shopkeeper beside him.

The shopkeeper nodded his head.

“Career and family balance?” Zhang Zhengdao said in a daze.

“Right! You must fire up the atmosphere. Also, remember to make yourself appear as a successful person who became very wealthy; only then will people believe in you!” Wang Ke explained.

“You’ve earned more than ten million pounds of spirit stones, that’s why they believe you. But, do I have that?” Zhang Zhengdao asked, feeling lost.

“You, show him an example! Praise him!” Wang Ke said to the shopkeeper.

The shopkeeper showed Zhang Zhengdao an example, “Congratulations Zhang Zhengdao. Your hard work has earned you a luxurious flying sword after buying your insurance and going to war for merely three months. The new manhood is defined by fighting wars with insurance, which brings balance between career and family. He’s passionate and generous, youthful and energetic. Buy one flying sword, get one enchanted artifact for free, so that the loved ones of those who buy insurance may live a heavenly life!”

The latter’s jaw dropped. Wang Ke’s subordinates are all gifted! Damn, how did I just become a successful person? I’ll hit the pinnacle of my life if I go to war after buying insurance?

“Look, it’s easy! That’s a simple sales technique! And all that was said is true!” Wang Ke said.

Zhang Zhengdao: “...........................!”

Damn, I don’t have a talent for sales?

Another employee rushed into the hall while they chatted.

“Clan Lord, She Tianba and that man in black are leaving town!” the employee said.

“Oh?” His words caught Wang Ke’s attention.

“You sent men to watch She Tianba?” Zhang Zhengdao asked.

“Of course. This She Tianba has tried and failed several times to kill me; don’t you think he wants retribution by now? Of course I had to send people to watch him; what if he schemes against me?” Wang Ke nodded.

“Can She Tianba outscheme you?” Zhang Zhengdao was a little surprised to hear that.

“That’s why I must be on guard!” Wang Ke said, “My spy told me that She Tianba brought back a man in black who is definitely more powerful than him; I need to guard against that person. They left town? This shouldn’t be the case; it’s not like what She Tianba would do. Let’s go and take a look!”

The group of people left the teahouse and relocated to the highest floor in a restaurant. They could faintly see what was happening outside the town’s perimeter.

“Clan Lord, look, over there!” an employee pointed afar and said respectfully.

They saw the man in black walking in front and She Tianba following right behind. The latter seemed to be convincing the former of something; both were moving quickly.

“Hmm?” Wang Ke looked doubtful.

Far in the distance—She Tianba talked relentlessly with the man in black.

“Senior, please listen to me, please! All the money is with Wang Ke. We can take back all the money if we work together. It’s only Wang Ke and Zhang Zhengdao, each of us can take one of them on! Senior!” She Tianba helplessly tried to persuade the other.

The man in black glanced at She Tianba and said, “Stop messing with me! Wang Ke didn't take your money!”

“But, the money really went into his pocket!” She Tianba said anxiously.

“The others gave it to Wang Ke; what has it got to do with you?” the man in black said.

“But the others’ money was taken from me!” She Tianba continued saying.

“You borrowed the money from them; what’s wrong with your creditors taking back their money?” the man in black replied.

“My money, Wang Ke took all my money!” She Tianba raged.

“What Wang Ke took is not your money!” the man in black reminded him.

The man in black intervened just when She Tianba had finally figured out what to do about the debt and robbery dilemma. The two argued as if they were competing with tongue twisters; She Tianba so angry he wanted to flip tables.

My money died such a horrible death! Why did my feet get so itchy and took me to Wang Ke’s place?

“What should I do now?” She Tianba gave up and asked helplessly.

“What is there to do? The Parlor Lord gave you a hundred and fifty thousand pounds of spirit stones to recruit Innate Stage fighters, but you spent it all! I’m going to report this to the Parlor Lord! As simple as that!” the man in black answered seriously.

“I didn’t spend it! I didn’t use it for myself!” She Tianba urged.

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“You didn’t spend it? Didn’t you clear your debts with it? I saw lots of proofs of debt in your hands; do you think I’m blind?” the man in black insisted.

“Bullsh*t. I didn’t; it was all Wang Ke’s doing!” She Tianba was so anxious he felt like vomiting blood.

The senior continued to object, “Wang Ke didn't take your money!”

She Tianba just couldn't make things clear.

“Senior, please. Help me recover that money; we can go to another cultivation town to recruit people. Help me deal with Wang Ke, please! The Parlor Lord won’t spare me if we return like this!” She Tianba pleaded.

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