Chapter 124.2 Wang Ke’s Retaliation (2/2)
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Indestructible God King Chapter 124.2 Wang Ke’s Retaliation (2/2)

“You must be joking. Wang Ke didn’t offend me, and neither did he snatch your money. Why would I offend him? Even if his identity is suspicious, he’s still the Divine Dragon Branch Lord, personally assigned by the Demon Sovereign. I would be in big trouble if I offended him, and the other demonic disciples know this!” The man in black outright rejected She Tianba’s request.

I’m the one in big trouble if you don’t step in! She Tianba had no more tears to cry.

“But the Parlor Lord has something against Wang Ke too. Didn’t you say he arranged for someone to deal with him?” She Tianba asked.

The man in black replied, “Yeah. But that’s not my mission! The Parlor Lord didn’t order me to deal with Wang Ke! Why should I go through the trouble? My mission is merely to supervise you, and the only thing I can do right now is to go and report since you spent all his money!”

“Why, why!” She Tianba scratched his head in frustration.

While the two left Zhu Cultivation Town—there was a squeak in the sky.


A flock of cranes swooped down and instantly surrounded She Tianba and his supervisor.

“The Golden Crow Sect?” Wang Ke looked shocked.

“Squeak, squeak…!”

Two of the cranes carried Golden Crow disciples.

“What are you trying to do?” She Tianba asked nervously.

“The Zhu Cultivation Town is on lockdown; no one goes in or out. Lift up your hood if you want to leave!” one of the Golden Crow Sect disciples said.

She Tianba was confused. The Golden Crow Sect is locking the town?

The man in black flipped back his hood.

His back was toward Wang Ke and was too far for the latter to recognize his face.

Still, the righteous disciples had no issue with him after showing his face.

“Go, quick; don’t waste our time! Humph!” The two Golden Crow Sect disciples snorted.

And so, She Tianba and the man in black left quickly.

The latter was a demonic disciple; She Tianba was his sole support at the moment, so he didn’t want trouble. They disappeared quickly into the forest.

The cranes soared into the sky and continued encircling the town.

Wang Ke and Zhang Zhengdao looked at each other in dismay.

“Why is the Golden Crow Sect locking the town?” Zhang Zhengdao asked in a daze.

“Go, get two members to test the waters! Also, make sure the two look similar to Zhang Zhengdao and myself,” Wang Ke instructed an employee beside him.

Wang Ke sent out two people soon after, and the cranes immediately swooped down to inspect them. The two clan members returned some time later.

“Clan Lord, indeed, they know you and Zhang Zhengdao are here. They’re only sieging the town because they’re waiting for reinforcements; they’ve already sent cranes to inform Zhang Shenxu!” Wang Ke’s subordinate reported.

“What’s happening? How did they find us?” Wang Ke raised a brow.

“Could it be that... You exposed your location while you were giving your speech?” Zhang Zhengdao asked.

“It’s possible!” Wang Ke frowned.

“Then what do we do now?”

“I can leave any time I want. There are tunnels ready for whenever I wish to leave, but Zhang Li'er is going too far!” Wang Ke said deeply.


“She must be feeling humiliated and angry after she failed to seduce me. She sent out all available manpower to pursue me? Can’t she be more considerate? She will severely interfere with my life if she continues like this! Damn it. Am I going to hide like this all day long?” Wang Ke complained.

“How are you so sure that she’s doing all this because she failed to seduce you?” Zhang Zhengdao asked doubtfully.

“Can there be any other reason? I’m such an exceptional man! All women like me! Still, she shouldn’t pursue me in such a crazy way!” Wang Ke said with staring eyes.

Zhang Zhengdao’s face twitched uncontrollably. You are damn shameless! You really have the gall to say that, huh!

“Zhang Li’er has yet to arrive, but her brother is close? Humph. I can’t let matters rest. I wont’ tolerate such sexual harassment! I must teach them a lesson!” Wang Ke said with determination.

“A lesson? Can you beat them in a fight?” Zhang Zhengdao asked with shock.

I’m the most powerful in the group, yet I can’t defeat them. What lesson can you teach them?

“I can get ready and set up things beforehand!” Wang Ke said as a matter of course.

“Set things up, like a spell array? Do you know how to do that?” Zhang Zhengdao asked.

“Nope!” Wang Ke answered while looking expectantly at Zhang Zhengdao, “Do you? Something like the Demon Slaying Heavenly Lightning Array will do!”

“I don’t know either!” Zhang Zhengdao answered frankly.

Let’s give up on setting up a trap already!

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“It’s okay. We don’t have to use a spell array! Come, follow me. Play along, and I’ll share thirty percent of whatever I get from this!” Wang Ke said.

“Bullsh*t. Give me at least half if you want my help!” Zhang Zhengdao happily said, aiming to extort.

“Sure, half it is! Come, let’s go and set things up. They will be here any time!” Wang Ke agreed.


In the Ten-thousand Great Mountains—at the foot of a mountain.

Ten baldies stood before Tong An'an, each looking anxious.

“Lost? We’ve totally lost them?”

“Chapter Lord. There’s nothing! We searched in all directions, but we can’t find any traces of their escape path!”

“Wang Ke just poofed out of thin air. Searching for him is like finding a pin in the ocean! There’s no way!”




The group of eleven sat on the ground feeling utter despair.

We’ve been through so much. We fell for Wang Ke’s trap just when we were going to catch him with the Dog Nose; now, we have no clue where he is. What should we do?

They sat there, rooted to the ground.

Somewhere nearby—She Tianba was still trying to persuade the man in black as both were walking toward the group’s direction.

“Senior, please. Help me recover the money, please! Or else the Parlor Lord will never let me off!” She Tianba begged persistently.

“Hmm?” Tong An'an became alert.

The man in black was also shocked. They recognized each other right as they were about to fight.

“Tong An'an? Why are you here?” the man in black asked curiously.

“It’s you! You gave me a good scare!” Tong An'an heaved a sigh of relief.

Everyone relaxed their guard.

“Who is this? A new demonic disciple?” Tong An'an asked.

“Him? He’s She Tianba. The Parlor Lord gave him a hundred and fifty thousand pounds of spirit stones to recruit Innate Stage cultivators, but he squandered the money. RIght now he wants me to help him rob others to get his money back. What a joke!” the man in black said in disdain.

“Oh? You lost the money? How pitiful. I’m sure the Parlor Lord won’t let you off!” Tong An'an mocked.

She Tianba: “.......................!”

“What about you? Why are you here?” the man in black asked.

“Us?” Tong An'an’s face turned black. He was at a loss for words.

Still, a bald man next to him answered, “The Parlor Lord ordered us to kill Wang Ke. But damn, we lost him; have you seen him?”

“You want to kill Wang Ke?” She Tianba asked, looking elated all of a sudden.

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