Chapter 125.1 Too Awkward For Me! (1/2)
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Indestructible God King Chapter 125.1 Too Awkward For Me! (1/2)

She Tianba furtively took Tong An'an to the Zhu Cultivation Town! His supervisor in black didn’t follow, and She Tianba was fine with it. There was no need to fear the Parlor Lord as long as he could kill Wang Ke and get his money back.

Tong An'an shook his head and replied, “It’s not that easy to catch Wang Ke! He’s as sly as a fox! He’ll surely notice and escape once we show up!”

She Tianba came to a realization. “Ohh... No wonder you asked me to move in secret in black robes!”

“That’s right. Wang Ke has managed to escape my grasp many times already. I know him pretty well! We must lay still and move like lightning to catch him when the time is ripe!” Tong An'an said.


“I believe you have a personal grudge with Wang Ke. He surely left some people checking on your residence! Things should be okay when we go in, but all eyes will be on us once we go out of your property! Wang Ke will run faster than a rabbit once he’s notified!” Tong An'an warned.

“Then what should we do?” She Tianba asked with a frown.

“What is Wang Ke’s exact location right now? You should know that, right?” Tong An'an asked.

“I do. He’s in the Gongyi Teahouse’s backyard! My men are also keeping watch; I even know which room he’s in!” She Tianba nodded.

“That’s good. Lock this room we’re in; don’t let any of your clan members near it. Let’s dig a tunnel together to reach the teahouse’s backyard, then, we’ll pop up in his turf to take him down! We’ll capture him before he can even react!” said Tong An'an.

“Chapter Lord, you... you guys are eleven Golden Core Stage cultivators. You’re so powerful as it is! Why be so careful?” She Tianba asked, baffled by the situation.

“We have to; it’s better to err on the side of caution, especially at this critical moment! He’s already slipped from our grasp many times!” Tong An'an replied.

“How professional! You and your men are so talented, Chapter Lord Tong!” She Tianba nodded in a daze.

“That’s for sure. Make the arrangements now!” Tong An'an said.


Outside the Zhu Cultivation Town, on the peak of a mountain—

Zhang Shenxu saw a junior flying toward him on a crane.

“You found him?” Zhang Shenxu asked with surprise.

“Yes, he’s in the Zhu Cultivation Town! We were worried that he would bolt, so we didn't alert him. What should we do now?” the junior asked with a frown.

“Zhu Cultivation Town? He’s there? Why didn’t I think of that? Damn it!” Zhang Shenxu muttered in frustration.

He had multiple conflicts with Wang Ke; most of them happened in that town. How could I forget about that! No, it’s not that I forgot; I didn’t expect that he would dare go back!

“Return to the Golden Crow Sect immediately and report to my sister! Send word to all those searching to meet me in the Zhu Cultivation Town! We’ll go together to capture Wang Ke, that bastard!” Zhang Shenxu commanded with excitement in his eyes.


“Squeak! Squeak!”

Two cranes carried the two while heading in different directions.


Gongyi Teahouse!

The sky dimmed.

Wang Ke and Zhang Zhengdao sat in a room.

The latter looked at Wang Ke at a loss. “Wang Ke, this is the trap we’re setting as retaliation? A massive bed?”

He didn’t pay much attention when Wang Ke said he was going to set up a trap for Zhang Shenxu, and blindly followed instructions for an entire afternoon. Wang Ke summoned hing just then to show him the trap.

A huge bed? And Wang Ke is sitting on the bed?

“Yeah, this is it!” Wang Ke nodded.

“Are you going to smother Zhang Shenxu with the blanket?” Zhang Zhengdao could not understand Wang Ke’s plan.

“It may not be just Zhang Shenxu; it could also be Zhang Li'er!” Wang Ke shook his head.

Zhang Zhengdao: “............................!”

You said that Zhang Li'er failed in seducing you and that you would retaliate. Damn. So you mean you’re going to retaliate in bed? Aren’t you afraid that Zhang Li'er will kill you? And what if it’s Zhang Shenxu? What are you going to do? You would still use the bed?

“I spent half a day designing this trap. It will work just fine!” Wang Ke said confidently.

“I don’t understand. Your shameless knows no bounds… Do you really think Zhang Li'er wants to sleep with you?” Zhang Zhengdao asked doubtfully.

“Of course, she sexually harassed me, and now she’s relentlessly coming after me. She’ll let her guard down if I lie in bed; any other person that comes would do the same! I will use myself as bait, and they will surely fall for the trap!” Wang Ke explained confidently.

Zhang Zhengdao remained silent for quite a while.

“What’s wrong? What’s with that expression?” Wang Ke asked.

“I’m thinking... What if too many people come? I don’t think your bed is big enough!” Zhang Zhengdao asked with a strange look on his face.

The question stunned Wang Ke a little, but then he immediately understood what the other meant.

“Damn. Do you really think I’m going to sacrifice my virginity? What the hell is in your brain all the time! Don’t tell me you only think about perverted fancies!” Wang Ke criticized his friend with a black face.

“What do you mean then?” Zhang Zhengdao asked.

“Come, try attacking me!” Wang Ke said.

“Oh? There’s something hidden?” Zhang Zhengdao was surprised.

He walked toward Wang Ke as he spoke.


A loud noise came from under their feet as though the floor were crumbling.

The massive bed and the surrounding floor flipped upside down.

“What’s happening?” Zhang Zhengdao cried out in shock.


He fell into a pitch-black pit.


Something like vines crawled over his body and constricted him, then he shook due to waves of electrical shocks.

“Wang Ke!” Zhang Zhengdao shouted.

“Okay, enough; stop channeling. It’s all right, he’s one of our own!” Wang Ke said.

And the electricity stopped.

Wang Ke took out a Luminescent Pearl; Zhang Zhengdao was then able to see he had fallen into a secret underground chamber.

“This is…?” Zhang Zhengdao asked in shock.

“This secret chamber is right beneath my room. Look at the ceiling!” Wang Ke pointed.

The other looked up and saw the massive bed along with the bedside furniture standing upside down.


The ceiling rotated, following a wave of Wang Ke’s hand; the bed and furniture disappeared from Zhang Zhengdao’s eyes.

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“I modified the floor in the room above! Once they step inside the room, I can flip the floor and trap everyone in this secret chamber. Whoever it is, they will fall right into it!” Wang Ke explained confidently.

“And then?” Zhang Zhengdao looked curiously at the vines that were still entangling him.

“These are the Lightning Whips. Have you forgotten? Tong An'an was using these Astral Infant artifacts when we caught him back in God Wang Tower! I placed the artifacts here; anyone who falls to this chamber will be immediately entangled by the whips. No one will escape!” Wang Ke continued explaining.

“Someone operating the Lightning Whips?” Zhang Zhengdao asked, raising an eyebrow.

“That’s right. My subordinates are too weak to utilize their power well; I need you to stay here and activate them when necessary. There are eleven of them; the main one and ten supporting whips. You should be fine, right?” Wang Ke asked.

Zhang Zhengdao looked back at Wang Ke in a daze. Damn. Such a nasty idea, yet you can think of it?

“You are a Golden Core cultivator yourself; it should be a piece of cake for you to deal with a group of Golden Core cultivators with these Astral Infant artifacts.” Wang Ke said.

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