Chapter 125.2 Too Awkward For Me! (2/2)
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Indestructible God King Chapter 125.2 Too Awkward For Me! (2/2)

Zhang Zhengdao was silent for a short while before nodding and saying, “Sure. I can help you with this. But I need to cover my face so that they won’t come after me in the future. And whatever you profit from this, I want half!”

“Deal! Wait here. I will go up and sleep!” Wang Ke said.

“Okay!” Zhang Zhengdao nodded.

A teahouse employee walked up to him and handed the Lightning Whips.

“Clap, clap!”

Following Wang Ke’s claps, the ceiling of the secret chamber flipped over again and the massive bed was once again visible. Wang Ke and his employee leaped up, then the ceiling flipped back into position. And so, Wang Ke left the secret chamber and returned to his room.

“Clan Lord, I shall take my leave first!” the employee said before leaving the room.

Wang Ke tidied the bed a little and was getting ready to rest.

“Zhang Li'er? Zhang Shenxu? Humph. No matter which of you shows up, I will teach you a good lesson!” Wang Ke muttered to himself while looking forward to seeing it happen.

Meanwhile, Zhang Zhengdao was getting the hang of using the Lightning Whips back in the secret chamber.


“What’s wrong with these Lightning Whips? Why do they shock me as well? Ouch! Ahh!” Zhang Zhengdao cried out in shock.

The entire place was pitch dark, and Zhang Zhengdao grew extremely frustrated.

“Wang Ke, you bast*rd. You didn’t tell me the Lightning Whips would leak electricity!” Zhang Zhengdao raged.

Still, he was alone at the moment, and could only swallow his grievance.

“You didn’t make clear that these artifacts also shock the user. My cut needs to be larger!” Zhang Zhengdao said angrily.

I must extort more money from Wang Ke, or else I’d be suffering for nothing!

Zhang Zhengdao hid in a corner and spread the whips across the entire chamber while grumbling.


Wang Ke was waiting for his assassin, while Zhang Zhengdao was waiting to profit from the whole situation! The two waited silently.

Right around midnight, the Golden Core diggers dug a tunnel all the way from the She Clan and reached the Gongyi Teahouse.

Tong An'an looked at the ground before him.

“Chapter Lord Tong, this should be it!” She Tianba whispered.

“His room is right above us?” Tong An'an asked.

“That’s right! I sent men to confirm just now. Wang Ke is inside the room right above us! He’s resting inside!” She Tianba promised.

“Good. That’s good. We’ve dug quite deep to avoid alerting him. Let’s dig upwards slowly now. Be careful!” Tong An'an ordered.

“Right away!” his bald subordinates responded.

“I will keep watch outside!” She Tianba returned to the place they came from to monitor the situation from outside.

Meanwhile—Tong An'an and his men continued their gradual upward dig. Some loose earth fell and Tong An'an stopped all of a sudden.

“This isn't right, we’ve reached the end? There should be more distance to cover!” one of the surprised bald men asked.

Tong An'an thought about it for a while and replied, “It should be a cellar beneath Wang Ke’s room.”


“It’s all right. Let’s make a hole and enter through there; then we will strike Wang Ke down before he even realizes we’re here!” Tong An'an said softly.

“Understood!” the baldies responded.

Soon, they dug a hole big enough for a man to fit through. Tong An'an and his men used it to enter the alleged cellar.

Of course, that was no cellar; it was the trap set by Wang Ke to catch Zhang Shenxu.

The chamber was pitch black. Zhang Zhengdao hid in a corner and held his breath. He held on to the Lightning Whips tightly and waited for the ceiling to flip and the invaders to fall.

He had waited for too long and he was starting to feel drowsy; there was no sign of anyone coming from above yet. However, some noises were coming from the center of the chamber.

And then there was light from a fire coming from beneath.

Zhang Zhengdao had already spent a long time in that pitch dark environment, so he could clearly see many men in black entering through a hole.

What’s happening? Zhang Shenxu and his juniors dug a tunnel? They know that Wang Ke’s room is rigged, so they came from deeper underground? Is it now a battle of both wits and power?

Intruders climbed up one after the other.

Tong An'an had used a bright light in the tunnel, so their eyes had yet to adapt; none of them had noticed Zhang Zhengdao was there.

They only started observing their environment after every one climbed up.

“Ahhh, I stepped onto some ropes?” a bald man said in frustration.

“Shhhh! You’re being too loud! Ahh, I stepped on a rope too!” another bald man said in shock.

“Light another torch!” Tong An'an instructed them.

Light another? I’ll be exposed by then! Zhang Zhengdao could wait no longer.

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He activated the Lightning Whips with full force, which were sprawled all over the chamber.

The whips’ length could be extended; that was why Wang Ke had already stretched them all over the chamber. Zhang Zhengdao channeled a full measure of energy into the whips, which entangled everyone in the chamber like countless vines.

It felt like a massive net that enveloped Tong An'an and his men.

Tong An'an had never expected to walk into a trap, especially after being so careful. This... This is not scientific!


“Oh no, it’s a trap!” 

“We fell for it!” 


The group of Golden Core cultivators screamed.

“Electrocute!” Zhang Zhengdao shouted.

“Zap, zap! Crackle, crackle!”

Overwhelming electrical currents shot through the whips all of a sudden, as Zhang Zhengdao channeled at full capacity.


Tong An'an and his men shrieked in pain as the powerful electrical shocks gnawed at them through the constricting whips.

Meanwhile, Zhang Zhengdao himself was shaking due to the lashes’ backfire.

“Ahhh, numb. I feel numb! Ahhh, numb!” Zhang Zhengdao also cried out in shock.

He was merely affected by the leaked current, but Tong An'an and his men were receiving the full brunt and shrieking in pain.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” Tong An'an and his gang cried out in agony.

“Ahhh, nuuuuummmmb!” Zhang Zhengdao was also screaming.

He really regretted agreeing to the task right then. The leaking electricity was growing in intensity, but he dared not stop; the bunch of intruders would be set free if he did. It would be my turn to suffer if I stop!

“Wang Ke, come, quick! I feel so numb. Quick!” Zhang Zhengdao shouted.



I’m numb!”




Loud noises came from inside the secret chamber.

Above the chamber—Wang Ke was resting on the massive bed with an annoyed face.

“What the hell is Zhang Zhengdao doing? I told you to lay in ambush carefully and not make a sound, but now you’re making a ruckus. All that crackling and shouting! I told you to get ready for an ambush, not dance to a disco! Can’t you be more reliable!” Wang Ke muttered to himself as he sat up in frustration.

So much noise is coming from beneath the bed! How am I going to lure Zhang Shenxu into the trap? The atmosphere in this room is just too awkward for me!

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