Chapter 123.2 Such A Horrible Death (2/2)
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Indestructible God King Chapter 123.2 Such A Horrible Death (2/2)


The escape-artist Zhang Zhengdao—who could even outrun Astral Infants—already had his eyes on She Tianba. How could he allow the unreasonable attacker to get near Wang Ke? He immediately held She Tianba in a tight lock.

The latter could no longer move.

“Wang Ke, smash him with your God King Seal!” Zhang Zhengdao cried out.

Wang Ke obliged.


Wang Ke smacked She Tianba’s head with the God King Seal; a bright red light illuminated the entire Gongyi Teahouse. She Tianba’s body shook before he passed out.

“Thank you, Clan Lord Wang, for dealing with She Tianba on our behalf!” the clan lords said.

“You are welcome, everyone!” replied Wang Ke and waved his hands.

“Clan Lord Wang, look, we even have the proofs of debt here; could you open She Tianba’s storage bag and hand us our money?” one of the clan lords urged.

Wang Ke was no longer who he used to be; none of the clan lords dared to cause a ruckus in his presence. They had also seen Wang Ke’s ten flying swords; acting recklessly was completely out of their minds.

“Hmmm, I don’t think it’s a good idea. Is it?” Wang Ke frowned.

Damn. I’m the one who knocked him out; why should you guys benefit from that?

“Clan Lord Wang, my clan members will accept your recruitment. We would be using the money we recover from She Tianba to buy your insurance. How’s that?” another clan lord suggested.

“Oh? You want to use all the debt money to buy my insurance plans?” Wang Ke was surprised to hear that.

“That’s right. I’m a man of my word!” That clan lord nodded.

Other clan lords fought to voice their agreement. “Us too!”

Wang Ke came to a sudden realization about why they offered such an arrangement—

They were afraid of She Tianba! He could bully them later if they claimed their money while he was knocked out, considering his new Golden Core breakthrough. He might even destroy their entire clans; the game was not worth the candle, but they were also reluctant to renounce the money owed.

Might as well use that money to buy Wang Ke’s insurance! And so, Wang Ke would become everyone’s scapegoat, while they would end up with insurance coverage! It was just a matter of sending clan members to war. They could claim ten thousand pounds of spirit stones for every insured member who died!

What an awesome way to make money!

And so, all the clan lords expressed their willingness to buy the insurance plans with She Tianba’s debt money.

Wang Ke hesitated, though.

He wanted to take She Tianba’s money for himself, but that would give him a bad reputation. I need to be mindful about my reputation now that I have a company. The money taken from She Tianba with everyone present would be seen as dirty. That would be bad for the company's image.

But the clan lords can help me launder this money!

I’m not the one who touched She Tianba’s money. I was only acting as a witness to protect the interests of a weaker group! This virtue of mine is such a rare treasure! It will also enhance and publicize my company’s image!

“All right then, I shall do you justice today!” Wang Ke agreed.

“Thank you, Clan Lord Wang!” The clan lords were excited as they expressed their gratitude.

Under everyone’s eyes—Wang Ke searched through She Tianba’s clothes and took out a storage bag.

After opening the storage bag, he found some of She Tianba’s daily items and a pile of spirit stones. A hundred and fifty thousand pounds.

“How about that?” The clan lords were surprised.

“She Tianba’s conscience resurfaced? He really prepared the money?” someone asked in surprise.

“Let’s not care about that. Take out your proof of debt; let’s settle every case in an orderly manner. Quick!” a clan lord reminded everyone.

“Okay!” And so, the clan lords busied themselves with distributing the money.

“Register every operation!” Wang Ke instructed the Gongyi Teahouse’s shopkeeper.


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Soon after, all the clan lords took their fair share of spirit stones before handing them over to the shopkeeper. They were smiling as they registered their names, and they bought insurance plans according to the amount of spirit stones they got back.

And everyone was happy!

Each clan recovered their money and used it all to buy Wang Ke’s insurance. A hundred and fifty thousand pounds of spirit stones were all laundered and entered Wang Ke’s pocket.

At the same time—those willing to be hired were moved when they saw the major clans buying double insurance plans per person, and so they followed suit, so that they could later claim twenty thousand pounds.

Gongyi Teahouse’s backyard was immediately filled with happy chattering.

Meanwhile—the fainted She Tianba was carried out of Gongyi Teahouse.

He woke up sometime later.

He was confused as he observed the familiar room.

“Why am I home?” She Tianba muttered, feeling lost.

One of his clan members answered, “Clan Lord, we found you outside Gongyi Teahouse. A few clan lords were standing right beside you; they told us that all debts were cleared. They used all the money to buy Wang Ke’s insurance plans and asked you not to hound them over it. The money is in Wang Ke’s hands! If you want it, go ask Wang Ke!”


She Tianba jumped up.

“Where’s my storage bag?” She Tianba cried out in shock.

“It’s here! Clan Lord Chen asked me to hand it to you, saying that the other things in your bag were left untouched!” said the She Clan member.

She Tianba quickly searched his bag.

He stood rooted to the ground for a while.

Everything was still there, except for the hundred and fifty thousand pounds of spirit stones the Parlor Lord had given him for recruitment funds. There were extra items inside: proofs of debt which added up to hundred and fifty thousand pounds. These are the proof of debts I handed out?

The money is gone? All gone?

“Wang Ke, you robbed me!” She Tianba roared.

Another clan member said, “Clan Lord, Wang Ke sent men over to pass a message. He said that you acted rashly and wanted to kill him; he had no choice but to knock you out. He didn't touch one bit of your money! Not even a single pound! The clan lords took it! Go and ask them for it!”

Wang Ke didn’t take my money?

She Tianba’s face was black as a pot. Wang Ke didn’t take the money, really? The clan lords took it? First of all, the clan lords were only taking back the money I owed them; there’s no way I can argue against that. I can only blame myself for borrowing from them. Now, to go and ask them to give me back the money? How? They already gave the money to Wang Ke!

A hundred and fifty thousand pounds of spirit stones ended up in Wang Ke’s hands after being passed around! But Wang Ke didn’t take it from me? Who the hell is supposed to answer for this?

Should I blame Wang Ke for knocking me out? But he said he wouldn't have knocked me out if I hadn’t tried to kill him, and he didn’t take the chance to kill me. So, am I supposed to thank him for returning evil with kindness? Am I the one to blame?

She Tianba sat there, thinking long and hard about that debt conundrum and who was to blame.

He was at a loss, not being able to reach a clear conclusion. It is obvious that all the money went into Wang Ke’s pockets. But why! Why can’t I blame it on Wang Ke? Why?

A man in black entered the hall at that moment.

“She Tianba, I heard you shouting while I was cultivating just now. What happened?” the man asked.

She Tianba couldn’t find the words to answer.

“The Parlor Lord gave you a hundred fifty thousand pounds of spirit stones to hire two hundred Innate Stage cultivators! Have you made any progress? How many have you recruited, and how much have you spent thus far?” the man questioned.

She Tianba’s face was alternating between green and purple.

“Let me warn you. The Parlor Lord entrusted this mission to you! Although I’m not touching your funds, I have the right to make sure you're not squandering it! I was given the authority to supervise you! Now, let me have a look at your accounting logs!” the man in black demanded.

She Tianba: “...............”

I haven’t recruited a single soul and the money's gone!

The worst is, I can’t pin the blame on anyone for the lost money!

Wang Ke? He didn’t take any money from me!

The clan lords? They only took back what I owed them and they used it to buy insurance plans!

Who should I blame? The money died such a horrible death! How? A hundred and fifty thousand pounds!

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