Chapter 123.1 Such A Horrible Death (1/2)
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Indestructible God King Chapter 123.1 Such A Horrible Death (1/2)

Career and family balance? In the unfortunate event of someone dying, they could at least have ten thousand pounds of spirit stones to leave their family secure! Such a huge sum of wealth was unimaginable for commoners living in cultivation towns. If that person survived till the end, they would be able to gather even more wealth, just like the Chen Clan’s ancestors!

Netting ten thousand pounds of spirit stones, whether the person lived or died!

She Tianba’s five hundred pound offer was nothing in comparison!

“Wang Ke, you are lying! Go straight to hell, you and your Accidental Death Insurance! Lying bastard… You took my money last time, and now you’re targeting the rest? You must be dreaming! How can you expect them to risk their lives for you without paying them?” She Tianba cried out, oozing hatred.

Wang Ke stared back at him and rebutted, “Hmm? Clan Lord She, you’re saying some nasty things. Why do you say that I’m not paying? I’m offering an Accidental Death Insurance plan worth five hundred pounds. Do you think the insurance plan doesn’t cost money?”

“Bullsh*t. It’s just a useless piece of paper. It’s the same thing as the financial products you sold us previously! When the time comes, only you get to say what goes!” She Tianba fired back.

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But Wang Ke did not concede. “Who said this paper is useless? My God Wang Company has the massive God Wang Tower; do you think it’s all for child’s play? Immortal sect disciples from the entire Ten-thousand Great Mountains bought insurance plans because they trusted my company; why do you accuse me of being a liar? Do you really think you’re smarter than all of them?” Wang Ke answered back in disdain.

“I don’t care. We can only take your word for it, and I don’t believe it…! She Tianba said coldly.

“Did I ask you to believe me?” Wang Ke chided, “Just look at you! When did I say I was going to recruit you? Humph, you want to know about my God Wang Company’s credibility? Everyone, let me show you. Don’t just go blindly following rumors!” Wang Ke said.

He waved a hand to the teahouse employees, who brought out numerous calligraphy pieces.

“This is…?” Everyone felt curious.

Each of the works read “God Wang Company — Reliable and Trustworthy!” along with some smaller words.

“Do you see that? These were written by my senior apprentice-brothers from the Heavenly Wolf Sect! You weren’t personally there to witness the event, that’s why you might not believe it right off the bat. I don’t blame you for that. But, do you at least recognize the handwriting or the signatures? Anyone?” Wang Ke asked seriously.

“Ahhh, that’s Murong Luguang’s handwriting, the Heavenly Wolf Sect’s eldest apprentice-brother. I’ve seen it before; it really is his handwriting. You can also feel his grasp of the sword from his brush strokes! It can’t be wrong, I guarantee it!” one of the clan lords cried out in surprise.

“And those belong to Tie Liuyun, his second apprentice-brother!”

“That one! I know the person who wrote that! He stayed in my inn before; I’ve seen it. That’s the aura, I’m very sure!”

“I know that one too…!”




Many clan lords recognized those handwritings.

Meanwhile—She Tianba looked at those words with a black face.

God Wang Company — Reliable and trustworthy?

Why? Why does the Heavenly Wolf Sect support Wang Ke to this degree? To even be willing to write such degrading words?

Wang Ke continued with his spiel, “See that? I’m not going to take out more. These well-wishes written for me are just to set your minds at ease! My God Wang Company is a big enterprise; credibility is crucial! Everyone, the insurance plan worth five hundred pounds is here; those willing, please come and register. Follow me into the mortal zone to earn big time when the time comes! This will also help in alleviating your worries for your families back home! That is how you can really be yourself in the mortal zone! You shall fully enjoy the thrill of making money!”

Many were obviously moved.

“Can we buy your insurance plans separately?” someone asked all of a sudden.

“Buy separately? Sure! My God Wang Company can accommodate you. Buying separately is definitely welcomed!” Wang Ke answered.

“Really?” that person asked in surprise.

“Of course! Each plan lasts for five years! I’m sure you already know this. Not only those getting hired by me can purchase the insurance plans; even those hired by She Tianba can buy them!” Wang Ke explained.

“What? Those hired by She Tianba can buy your insurance too?” The crowd was shocked by the news.

“That’s right! God Wang Company’s aim is purely business oriented. It doesn’t get involved in any kind of conflict. If you buy, we sell!” Wang Ke explained.

Back in the crowd—She felt a jumble of surging feelings. What does Wang Ke mean? Aren’t you helping the military clan backing you? Why are you allowing them to be recruited by me?

“Clan Lord She, you promised me six hundred pounds of spirit stones; I accepted your offer and was willing to go with you… Could you give me that money upfront?” said one of the Innate Stage cultivators.

“Hmm? Didn’t we have an agreement? I will give you half when we’re about to set off; the other half will be given when you’re officially drafted. Right?” She Tianba reminded him.

“But, I want to buy an insurance plan! I can buy one with a hundred pounds more, if you pay me now!” the Innate cultivator urged.

She Tianba’s face twitched uncontrollably. Wang Ke was merely a swindler in his mind. No matter how convincing, I’m not going to believe in that bullsh*t insurance.

What do you think you are doing? Telling me in my face that you’ll buy Wang Ke’s insurance plan? I’m spending six hundred pounds on hiring you, then you turn and give five hundred to him?

“Nope. We had a deal!” She Tianba insisted.

“Don’t tell me you have no money! You’re just duping us onto going to the battlefield?” The cultivator’s face stiffened.

“Who is duping who? I have real spirit stones; Wang Ke only has a piece of paper. Who’s the one duping you guys?” She Tianba raged with angry eyes.

Wang Ke refuted, “She Tianba! You can talk all you want, but I’m not going to let you off if you slander me like this! What do you mean by ‘piece of paper’? Why don’t you try and bring out a piece of paper and see if anyone recognizes its value? Mine is insurance! Five thousand pounds per plan, and I’m offering it for only five hundred pounds to my fellow townsmen. You are slandering my good conscience!”

“Conscience my *ss! Are you sure you have a conscience? Yours is a useless piece of paper!” She Tianba roared back.

“Your offer is the one that’s useless. You hire people to risk their lives, yet you’re dragging your feet to pay them! He’s already agreed to follow you into war and risk his life, why not pay him already! Pay him! Didn’t you say that you’re not suckering them into going to war? Why don’t you pay him!” Wang Ke replied with a stare.

“Yeah, She Tianba. I showed you some courtesy and chose you because you offered six hundred pounds! If not, I would have turned to Wang Ke!” the same cultivator added with a black face.

“I have money! But I’m never going to give it to Wang Ke!” She Tianba said viciously.

One of the clan lords stepped up and said, “You have money? She Tianba, you still owe us money! Aren’t you going to pay us back?”

“Wang Ke is the one who cheated me off your money!” She Tianba retorted.

“Clan Lord She, you are out of line here. Look, your proof of debt is in my hands; it has your signature on it. We don’t care whether Wang Ke took your money or not; you are the one responsible to pay us!” that clan lord said angrily.

“That’s right; I brought mine too. She Tianba, give me back my money!” another clan lord chimed in.

“She Tianba, don’t even think of getting away without paying! You can’t even take out six hundred pounds of spirit stones; don’t tell me you’re going to leave us hanging!”

“Clan Lord Wang, you need to set this straight!”




A bunch of clan lords took the opportunity and clamored along—

After all, She Tianba’s power really startled their hearts, and thought that it would be harder to get their money back once they left the teahouse.

Wang Ke and Immortal Zhang could help in pressuring the man to behave. That was the best time to ask for their money.

“I had already told you. Wang Ke is the one who swindled away all that money!” She Tianba raged.

“Bullsh*t. She Tianba, how dare you slander me on my own turf? I haven’t settled the scores with you, and yet you keep at it? You don’t have money to hire people, so you accuse me of lying? I’ll stop being courteous if you keep on like this!” Wang Ke stared back at him.

“Stop being courteous? Wang Ke, how many times have you dragged me into trouble? And here you are, spoiling my plans once again; I think you are the one who is sick of living!” She Tianba roared.

“Be careful, Clan Lord Wang!” the surrounding cultivators warned—

But She Tianba pounced on Wang Ke straightaway.

Wang Ke was too alert to be caught unaware. Ten flying swords immediately appeared around him, which indirectly showed off his wealth and made many feel envious. Of course he could afford to fight with multiple flying swords now that he was filthy rich.

“Flying swords? Useless. I’m already at the Golden Core Stage!” She Tianba moved like lightning, aiming to weave through Wang Ke’s swords to catch him.

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