Chapter 3.3: Trying To Be Difficult (3)
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Gaining A Husband After a Memory Loss (BL) Chapter 3.3: Trying To Be Difficult (3)

The sun was setting and it was starting to drizzle. The group quickly packed up their stuff and made their way home. He Jiang, too, was no exception. After removing his makeup and changing his clothes, he walked towards his car. He had a property in the vicinity that he often stayed in when he was in the city.

Seeing that, Shang Jing quickly dived into the front passenger seat of the car. Lin Lin, who saw the encounter from a distance, let out a deep sigh.

Even though He Jiang loved driving, he had never allowed anyone in his car before.

Earlier in the day when she wanted to tag along with him to the hospital, she had also had to drive her own car.

Shang Jing slouched in the seat lazily. He had no energy left to pick a fight with He Jiang.

He was hungry.

Since the car accident, he had not eaten anything other than taking a few sips of the ginger tea.

Oh, and had an IV drip.

He Jiang looked at Shang Jing through his peripheral vision. This person had put up such a pitiful front in the hospital but when they were on set, he had been so energetic. Now that they were alone in the car, he was slouching energetically like a whole different person. He was definitely a better actor than him.

There was a deafening silence in the car.

“You seem to be…” He Jiang tapped his fingers on the steering wheel before continuing, “... very different today.”


Shang Jing’s eyes widened and his mind went into overdrive.

Where did I go wrong? Has he found out I’ve lost my memories?

No, I cannot let that happen. I need to do something…

He had to quell He Jiang’s suspicions.

Shang Jing thought back to the shameful content of the diary, wanting to pick out one or two actions that seemed more acceptable to him to copy.

However, the more he thought about it, the more unnatural his expression became. Saying ‘Hubby, I love you’ regardless of the time and place was still out of his league.

Suddenly, a bright light in the distance caught his attention. It was the light from a supermarket. Inspiration hit him.

He straightened himself and pointed at the supermarket. “I have run out of shampoo at home. I need to go get two bottles.”

“I want to get the xx brand shampoo,” Shang Jing emphasized. The latest entry in the diary had mentioned the need to buy shampoo and had even specially mentioned the brand. That must be his favorite brand of shampoo.

He Jiang looked at Shang Jing in astonishment.

The corners of Shang Jing’s lips turned upwards ever so slightly.

I’m so scheming. Heh.

Since he was going to stay over at He Jiang’s house, there was no need for him to buy his own shampoo. But by saying so, not only was he implying that he was only going to stay there temporarily, it would also lower He Jiang’s inhibitions against their cohabitation.

If he were to express his wishes to stay there for a long period of time, He Jiang would definitely think of ways to chase him away. In contrast, if he was only staying there temporarily until he recovered, He Jiang would most likely be the man and tolerate it…? After all, he was his secretly wedded wife.

However, He Jiang had no signs of braking. Monotonously, he said, “Not going.”

With his head still in those thick bandages, Shang Jing would be the center of attention wherever he goes. To visit a supermarket with him in his condition, he was practically asking to be swarmed by hordes of fans. He Jiang could still tolerate it but what if they knocked Shang Jing over and worsened his injury?

He was already not smart, to begin with.

Shang Jing, on the other hand, had already planned everything. When they were there, he would first get a roasted sausage to fill his stomach. He salivated. But the reply from He Jiang had forcefully pulled him out of his sweet dream.

What did he say? He’s not going?

Does he think I’m still that obedient wife from before?

Shang Jing wound the car window down.

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He Jiang ordered coldly, “Close it.”

The rain is wetting the bandages on your head, you dummy.

Shang Jing: “No, if you don’t go to the supermarket, I’ll start shouting for help…”

Before he could finish his sentence, He Jiang had shut the window and locked it using the central controls.

“Shout then.”


He wants to starve me to death!

Shang Jing was both hungry and angry. Not knowing when his next meal would be, he huffed and puffed, causing his usually pale face to flush a shade of red.

But He Jiang did not seem to be bothered by it, at least it seemed to be so on the surface.

It is just buying shampoo. What kind of evil have I committed for not buying it? You aren’t even going home today.

What kind of lousy temper is that? Do you think that I will tolerate it?

A hungry man is an angry man. Especially since today was the first day of his uprising, Shang Jing was determined to ensure the day ends off with a bang!

If he could not even get He Jiang to go to the supermarket, how would he get rid of the humiliation he had suffered as a simp?!

“Stop the car! I want to go to the supermarket!” Shang Jing shouted. However, it was a mere outburst of emotion that had little deterrence power.

Of course! Vexed as he was, would he really dare tamper with the steering wheel?

Seeing Shang Jing’s face get redder and redder, He Jiang tapped the steering wheel anxiously while maintaining a poker face.

How could you be so difficult despite your injury! If you get a headache tonight because of constricted blood flow, don’t beg me to send you to the hospital.

As Shang Jing’s tantrum progressed, He Jiang stopped the car along the roadside and unlocked the door. “Get out,” he ordered.

Without any hesitation, Shang Jing pushed the door open and stood on the sidewalk in the rain.

Without a word, without any attempt to go to the supermarket, he just stood there, exchanging glares with He Jiang.

Under the night sky, every second felt longer than usual. Time seemed to have frozen into an oil painting.

Both men glared at each other through the car window. One was as obstinate as a mull, one was fierce as a tiger ready to pounce.

Shang Jing acknowledged, He Jiang’s glare had scared him. But he could not retreat now. He had to know where He Jiang’s bottom line was to plan his subsequent actions. It would not do him good to accidentally cross the line someday while being unnecessarily difficult.

What better opportunity to test it than today? He would never have the same victim treatment again.

If He Jiang really left him in the rain and drove off…

The rain moistened the area soundlessly. Some of them landed on Shang Jing’s eyelashes and rustled as he blinked. His eyes sparkled in the night sky as they wept with resentment.

He Jiang gripped the steering wheel tightly and blamed his eyesight for being too good. The raindrops that fell onto Shang Jing’s bandages and those that lingered on the tips of his eyes had not gone unnoticed by him.

Any longer and the destination would have to be changed to the hospital to get his dressings changed.

“Get in.” He Jiang leaned over to push the passenger door open. “Don’t make me repeat myself.”

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