Chapter 4.1: Do You Believe I’ll Rip That Off You? (1)
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Gaining A Husband After a Memory Loss (BL) Chapter 4.1: Do You Believe I’ll Rip That Off You? (1)

Shang Jing darted back into the car in record time.

That was close. If He Jiang had not given in, he would have knelt down to beg for forgiveness. After all, his life was more important.

Ten meters down the road, the car did a perfect swerve and stopped in front of the underground entrance to the supermarket.

It was a small-scale shopping mall that held a supermarket on the first level, a food street on the second, and a variety of shops and boutiques from the third level onwards.

Probably because of the rain, the number of cars entering the car park was minimal. He Jiang and Shang Jing were the only two passengers in the lift.

Shang Jing pushed a floor request button. Level 2, beside the button was a food symbol. He Jiang’s eyes faltered, he pulled his cap lower over his face.

That was unexpected. Shang Jing had expected him to fly into a rage.

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However, any doubts he had quickly dissipated in face of the food aroma wafting towards them. Shang Jing involuntarily swallowed his saliva.

Just then, two young girls carrying large cups of steaming hot oden walked past them. Each cup contained more than ten sticks of the delicacy, looking especially sumptuous.

Instinctively, he walked in the direction from where they came from. Before he placed his order, he turned around to look at He Jiang.

He Jiang had already succumbed to his fate. He squeezed in behind Shang Jing and scanned the QR code to make payment.

As expected, Shang Jing’s thick bandages and dashing looks had drawn attention to the duo.

But thanks to the mask and cap He Jiang had on, most attention was still focused on the unconcealed Shang Jing, preventing the situation He Jiang had feared most.

Shang Jing's attention was still focused on the food in the food vendor’s hands. When it was his turn, he flashed a megawatt smile and stretched out both hands to receive the food. “Thank you so much.”

Seeing how polite yet pitiful he was, the vendor happily decided to add two more sticks of quail eggs to his order.

Shang Jing: “You’re the best.”

He Jiang: Tsk. Baring his fangs at me while showing so much gratitude to others.

Next, the two of them made their way to the supermarket on level one. The hair care section usually entertained lesser guests. However, there was no guarantee they would not be approached by fans.

Shang Jing chewed on a quail egg. His mood had turned for the better after getting something in his stomach such that even the horrible He Jiang looked more tolerable. “Do you want to try some?”

He Jiang: “No, hurry up and get what you need.”

Shang Jing racked his brains to recall the brand of the shampoo he wanted to get. “I want the lavender scented one, help me look for it.”

He Jiang frowned. “Can you get something else?”

Shang Jing insisted, “That’s the one I want.”

He Jiang looked at him and pointed to the most eye-catching rack in front of them. It was supposed to be packed full of shampoo but because it was a bestseller, there were only two bottles left.

Shang Jing walked towards the rack nonchalantly. However, after seeing the shampoo packaging, he froze up.

It’s endorsed by He Jiang?!

And why is his photo all over the bottle?!

The second impact came when he looked at the price tag. He could immediately feel his heart aching.

Over a hundred yuan for a bottle of shampoo… There was no doubt, he was definitely a simp.

No wonder the diary had specifically mentioned buying two bottles of it despite him being poor to the point of starvation…

He Jiang had probably rejected cartons of it from the sponsor and I have to spend money to buy it?!

In actual fact, He Jiang was the ambassador for the brand’s entire household and personal care product line. The shampoo was only one of the items amongst them.

Furthermore, he had always thought it looked foolish to have his photo printed on a product and had rejected such promotional tactics. If not for the overwhelming support from his fans to include the markings of their beloved film emperor on the packaging of the newly released lavender-scented shampoo, the brand would not have approached his studio to make the matter a reality. After rounds of discussions, they had decided to launch a batch of shampoo with a limited edition packaging. And to no one’s surprise, within two days of launch, sales of the shampoo had soared to new heights.

Seeing how determined Shang Jing was to buy the shampoo, He Jiang could only interpret it as one of his tactics to please him, what more in such a deliberate manner. He Jiang was amused.

He took the two remaining bottles of shampoo down from the rack and asked, “Can we go back now?”

Shang Jing was still stunned by his past mentality.

On his left was the film emperor himself and on his right was a life-sized cardboard cut-out the supermarket had made as fan service. Being stuck between the both of them, Shang Jing felt a little dizzy.

As his gaze swept over the personal care products, he suddenly remembered something…

He did not have a change of clothes.

His belongings were at his own apartment but he could not remember where.

Should I sound out the location from He Jiang?

Coincidentally, He Jiang had thought of the same thing. He asked, “Where have you been staying recently?”

Shang Jing: “...”

Good lord. It was now confirmed he had been renting an apartment outside.

From He Jiang’s tone, not only was there a high probability he had been moving often due to his inability to pay rent, it had not concerned He Jiang!

Shang Jing: “I’m not telling you.”

He Jiang’s temples throbbed.

Not telling me?

Very well.

Are you planning on moving away right after you recover and cut ties with me?

Are you afraid I will harass you after that?

In that case, why should I still let you live comfortably?

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