Chapter 4.2: Do You Believe I’ll Rip That Off You? (2)
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Gaining A Husband After a Memory Loss (BL) Chapter 4.2: Do You Believe I’ll Rip That Off You? (2)

It was like a bucket of ice water had been dumped on him. All the happiness he had over Shang Jing buying the product he endorsed evaporated to nothing.

He Jiang mocked, “Fine, you can go naked after showering.”

Shang Jing looked down at the clothes he was wearing. Having gone through the ordeal of the car accident, parts of his pants were torn while his shirt was in no better condition.

Does He Jiang mean he did not have even a single piece of his clothing at his house?

Trying to play the bachelor to the end?

Even normal couples would leave at least a set of clothing at their other half’s home as backup.

They were already married and of the same gender too. Keeping a few pieces of his clothing would not have raised any suspicions.

A douchebag will always be a douchebag.

Shang Jing: “I’ll go grab two sets of pajamas.”

Judging from the size of the shopping mall, it would be easy to find a few articles of clothing.

He Jiang scanned their surroundings. They were standing right next to his cardboard cut-out. It was too eye-catching. A few people had already stopped to stare at them.

He grabbed Shang Jing’s wrist and walked towards the exit. “Not buying.”

Shang Jing: “Then what am I going to wear?”

He Jiang: “Nothing.”

Shang Jing squinted his eyes and stared at He Jiang incredulously. Had he always been the petty kind of husband who would never shop with his wife and only date in parks?

He was only left with five hundred yuan. That was not even enough to get a full set of outfit from the mall. To make the most out of what he had, he could only check out the flea market.

Of course, him wearing clothing from a flea market would not affect the film emperor’s branded customized clothes.

While he was dragged out of the supermarket, he fleshed out his divorce plans.

The dairy was not exaggerating at all. He Jiang’s control over money was tighter than he thought. It was practically impossible to live on those little bits of fats leaking through the cracks between his fingers.

Meanwhile, He Jiang did not know what Shang Jing was frowning over and was not interested to know.

Never attempt to understand your ex-boyfriend’s mental activity. You will become unfortunate.

He pushed Shang Jing into the passenger seat and quickly pulled out of the car park. When they were safely on the road, he dialed Lin Lin’s number.

“Send over a few sets of clothing in Shang Jing’s size, and some daily necessities.”


Shang Jing whipped his head over to look at He Jiang. His eyes glittered like the night sky.

Yay, he’s going to have clothes to wear!

He Jiang focused on the road while answering Lin Lin’s questions. “Shoes and everything else.”

“1.79 meters.”

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“It’s 1.8 meters,” Shang Jing leaned closer to the phone and emphasized. This was something very important to him.

“Fine, 1.8 meters.” He Jiang glanced at him. Thinking about how he was procuring clothes for this ungrateful brat after he refused to tell him his address, a wave of newfound anger bubbled up in him. Just nice, Lin Lin was asking him about Shang Jing’s underwear size. He smirked, “Get the small-sized ones for him.”

This had not been left unnoticed by Shang Jing’s sharp ears. He immediately scooted closer to He Jiang’s Bluetooth earpiece and shouted, “I wear size large! XL size!”

Shang Jing was almost fully leaning on He Jiang, his eyes full of eagerness.

He Jiang did not comment. “Oh.”

Feeling underestimated, Shang Jing added stubbornly, “That’s right, I want the largest size.”

He Jiang: “Did you hear that? Lin Lin, he wants the largest size.”

Refusing to lose, Shang Jing craned his neck to echo his agreement. “Mm!”

Lin Lin: “...” Are they playing house?

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