Chapter 4.3: Do You Believe I’ll Rip That Off You? (3)
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Gaining A Husband After a Memory Loss (BL) Chapter 4.3: Do You Believe I’ll Rip That Off You? (3)

The place He Jiang called home was a detached villa with a personal car garage.

Shang Jing surveyed the area silently.

It had adopted a minimalistic and elegant theme with smooth transitions between each room. Every detail was managed intricately with some classical elements infused within.

Shang Jing pursed his lips. This was not a place he was familiar with, it must not be somewhere he had visited before.

He Jiang brought him to a guest room on the second floor and took out a set of bed sheets from the cupboard. Throwing it onto the bed, he ordered, “You can stay here until you recover. After that, get lost.”

Shang Jing did not answer him. He asked, “Do you have towels?”

“Yes,” He Jiang deliberately added, “Soiled ones.”

After surveying the guest room bathroom, Shang Jing noticed it was not equipped with any toiletries. He asked, “Oh, can I shower in your room?”

Shang Jing's directness had shocked He Jiang. “No, you can’t.”

Shang Jing: “But I really want to take a shower.”

He Jiang: “Wait for Lin Lin.”

As expected of Lin Lin, she was very efficient. Within an hour, she had already purchased all the daily necessities Shang Jing would need. “The shoes and clothes would be sent over tomorrow morning.”

On hand, Shang Jing currently had a set of pajamas, towel, underwear, and some casual wear which he immediately threw into the washing machine to wash. By the time he was done with his shower, the washing was done. He casually transferred them into the dryer.

The pajamas were indeed fitting, but the underwear…

Shang Jing pulled at his baggy boxers, feeling a little insecure about his eggies.

Hmph. I’ve fallen into the trap. He Jiang must have done it on purpose.

Lin Lin had really purchased the largest size available. It would even fit a 90kg man easily. On Shang Jing, it looked more like baggy sports shorts than underwear.

This reminded him of an entry from the diary about a quarrel he had with He Jiang. It had mentioned that because of He Jiang’s male chauvinistic mindset, he was not allowed to wear shorts.

He stared at his own underwear as a sly glint sparked in his eyes.

I’m going to wear it all I want. I’ll wear it in front of him too! I’m going to annoy him to death!

Therefore, sparked the incident of Shang Jing sashaying to He Jiang’s room, asking for Lin Lin’s contact details, his long and beautiful legs bare for all to see.

Indeed, seeing Shang Jing’s bare legs upon opening the door had caused He Jiang’s pupils to dilate. Suppressing the urge in his voice, he asked, “What do you want?”

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Shang Jing: “What is Lin Lin’s contact number? There’s something I have to remind her about. It’s regarding the clothes.”

He Jiang recited a string of numbers which Shang Jing dialed.

“Hi, good evening Lin Lin, I am Shang Jing. Um… About my clothes, can I make some requests on the designs?”

“... I am scared of the heat. I like wearing shorts, the looser and shorter they are, the better. Can you get a few more pairs for me? Sorry for the inconvenience. Thank you so much.”

After hanging up the phone, he looked at He Jiang provocatively, gesturing to his nether regions. “Is it ok for me to wear shorts of this length?”

He may not know but the way he was provoking He Jiang was no different from flirting.

He Jiang took a deep breath and tightened his grip around the door frame. His predatory instinct had been activated. Danger glowed in his cold gaze, with a simple hook of his finger, he would be able to drag the unassuming Shang Jing into his whirlpool of emotions.

“You’re looking for death,” He Jiang scolded under his breath. Lifting Shang Jing’s chin with his index finger, he pulled himself closer till their noses were almost touching.

He stared deep into Shang Jing’s eyes and seethed, “Do you believe I’ll rip that off you?”

Shang Jing smiled, like someone who had succeeded in their little ploy.

Ah ha! He’s angry! His male chauvinist characteristics are showing!

But I’ll never give in!

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